Lammas, and a Blue Moon

Happy Lammas and TWO Full Moons this Month!

Lammas, or Lughnasad, is a pagan festival for the first harvest of the year – especially wheat harvests and is celebrated on August 1. Break bread with your loved ones and neighbors tonight at your campfire and while you are at it, sing a few songs of gratitude.

The goddess often celebrated here is Ceres(Roman), Demeter(Greek), Mari (Basque, a new one for me) – goddesses of harvest, agriculture and more.  The message is to gather together to nurture and appreciate one another while sharing the first harvest. In your prayers and meditations concentrate on deepening higher awareness, psychic ability, better interpersonal relationships, and doing what is right rather than what is easy. (The Grandmother of Time, Z Budapest, 1989 pgs. 155-160 and from the blog Journeying to the Goddess)

Also, this month we have TWO full moons – the first of which is tomorrow, August 2, known as the Barley Moon and the second of which is August 31 (also known as a Blue Moon because it is the second of two in one month). Enjoy the potentially powerful exploration of these energies this month – commune with the moon by simply sitting in her light and soaking it up or saying a prayer. Gathering with loved ones and setting intentions or releasing old habits, beliefs, energy can be powerful as well. If you choose to align with these energies purposefully, you may gain greater clarity, integrity and powerful intention/manifestation this month and you may discover greater purpose in your daily lives through this raw sense of connection.

Play, explore, pay attention, and have fun!  Peace, Rodasi

Rodasi – Manager at the Higher Self Bookstore, teacher-monk of the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension meditation, Goddess, Wild Weed, and Moon Lover, Reiki Master, Psychic Channel and Tarot Reader


Choose Love

Photo: Unconditional, unsolicited, causeless...amen.
We can talk all night about the choices and the directions and the reasons why and why not, and we end up with that delicious satisfaction of solving all the problems of the world, and still end up with no cream for the coffee in the morning, which is, of course, a disaster of major proportions.

Or we can get very righteous and share our concerns about Mother Earth being torn apart and our own Mother who has mysteriously turned into someone else now that she is dying.   And we can go on drowning in our own lists of what is right and wrong and how on earth can we even figure out what to eat, much less what to believe about the Big Issues, and we still end up staying up too late and getting a headache.

I needed a simpler blueprint.

We can arise each day, with only one choice amidst the lists and the issues
and the appointments we must keep.  Will it be fear or love today?

That’s it.  Each day, my choice is to give in to the fear or go with the love.
And while I want this to be easy, it is not.  However the level of difficulty pales
in comparison to the other option, which is to think myself silly and still not
save the world.  Or get the laundry done either.

Of course, I have been told this a choice which is too simplistic
or a choice which is fraught ( love that word, fraught) with outcomes which
simply can’t be left to chance.

As if.

As if worry and control can teach us how to keep relationships, make
money, lose weight and figure out how to allow our dear ones to die with

I believe in miracle solutions.  I believe in taking a leap up faith.  I have certainly
taken a leap and ended up on the kitchen floor, shaking with fear, and wondering
what in the heck am I doing.  But you either stay on the floor or you get up.
Love leads me back to who I am so I can get up and go on.

There is only one person you can control, and that is you.  It is
still a choice every day:  kill yourself slowly with fear, or live life fully in

There are hundreds of great books to read, CD’s to listen to and trees
to talk with to you help on this journey of making the choice to choose love.
But the first step is to recognize it is a choice and to make that choice a

I figure if I can make coffee every morning and throw on a load of laundry

before I head out to work, then I can take a moment to dedicate myself to love.

Lose the fear, own the love, and live your life.
Let me know how this works out for you.


Solus – Faerie for August 2012

The Faerie Card drawn for August is ‘Solus’ and his presence in this reading blends seamlessly with our Rune Raido.  (Don’t you just love synchronicity!?)

Solus, on one hand, is encouraging us to stand on our own feet and recognize our own wisdom, strengths and to acknowledge and work with our own good qualities.  At the same time, though, he recognizes that we cannot always do everything ourselves.  Solus’ purpose here is to help us make the connections and have insights that will help us accept the messages and support from the other realms and specifically the realm of Faerie.  Acting as a liaison, he will help us to blend with our guides as Rune Raido reminds us to do!

Solus’ presences indicates that something new is being brought into our lives—both by our own efforts and though the help we receive from our guides, guardians and Divine beings that surround us.  Take action, follow your intuition, give blessing and strength to everything that surrounds you.  You are supported in all that you do.

Solus reminds us that we are like arrows fired from a bow, choosing our own direction and soaring into undreamed-of heights…empowered by trust and pure life force.  Embrace your flight.  Soar to the stars and remember to open your eyes and see your spectacular surroundings.  And don’t be surprised to hear the tinkling laughter of the wee Faerie folk as you fly high, soaring into the next leg of your adventure.

(ref. ‘The Faerie Oracle’ – Brian Froud  / Jessica Macbeth, 1998) compiled here by Dawn Baeckeroot – Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Divine Grace Practitioner/Teacher

Raido – Rune for August 2012

In June, we faced our hidden selves and triumphed. And then, July, we moved through those shadows and into the light; light that showed us our outmoded views and lit our path to new gifts.  For August the Rune is Raido and it bolsters us on our continuing journey.  Raido is the rune of Journey, Communication, Union and Reunion and Joy.
Raido is reinforcing the path that was shown to us by Kano’s bright light.  Raido rejoices the union that comes at the end of a journey; when what is above and below are united and of one mind.  We have traveled a great distance in a short time.  But are we complete?  I don’t think the journey ever really ends, and, for me, that’s part of the fun.  I believe Raido is bringing us to the end of a section of the journey and preparing us for the next leg of the adventure.  But, what union is there now, you may ask.
Raido is asking us to remember our inner worth and to remember that we don’t have to rely on solely our own power.  As this stage ends; as we stand on the stepping stone to the next level of exploration, remember we are not alone.  We are always surrounded by our loving guides.  Raido reminds us to be with them, blend with them, seek their guidance and give gratitude for their support.  Rejoice in the union (or reunion) with guides old and new, with your Higher Self and all beings of Divine Love…all of whom wish us well and cheer us along on our path.
Raido also asks that we release expectations.  Drop assumptions of how things should be during this time.  Be in quiet, breathe deeply and ask your cheering section of guides “What constitutes right action?”  Be still, listen, be content to wait; and while you wait, keep on removing resistances to receiving their messages.  Allow yourself to “Allow”!  Be joyful with yourself, with your guides and, as a blended Being, continue on your journey. Open your heart to what the Universe is offering and come many steps closer to embracing your Heart’s Path.

(ref. ‘The Book of Runes’ – Ralph H. Blum, 1993) Compiled here by Dawn Baeckeroot – Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Divine Grace Practitioner/Teacher

Geeeeooo – Faeire for July 2012

The Faerie Card drawn for July is ‘Geeeeeooo the Slooow’. Geeeeooo is the Gnome of the Slow Processes. The water wearing away the rocks, the mountain growing by inches, these are his domain.  Geeeeooo wants to know why you rush around so quickly and miss out on the slow changes around you.  He wonders how we humans can survive if we don’t sit down and watch the sunrise or sunset or the flowers grow.  He doesn’t understand when you say “you don’t have time” to enjoy your life because you are so busy rushing around trying to make things better ‘later’ that you forget about the ‘now’.
You see, this serene little gent beautifully supports Kano’s message of receiving.  He’s telling you to sit back and think a little.  Why are you going so fast and missing the gifts the Universe trying to hand you?  Sit back and think…what kind of stress are you causing yourself when you try and “push the river”?  Sit back and think…is your pace one that you can maintain for the long haul?  Is it relaxed or hectic?  Is everything flying by you in a blur?
Your heart’s path is a rambling, winding stroll.  It cannot be hurried and fit into the timetable by scheduling it down to the minute.  It needs time to develop and you need the time to savor your steps along the path.  Recognize that the smiling stranger, the laughing child and the soaring eagle are all gifts to enhance your experience on your path.  Seize those gifts, treasure them and appreciate the Universe in all its wonder.  Find those gifts every day, and give gifts of your heart every day.  The Universe will sing.

Namaste’ –

Dawn Baekeroot,  Reiki Master and Divine Grace Practitioner/Teacher

(ref. ‘The Faerie Oracle’ – Brian Froud  / Jessica Macbeth, 1998)

Carnelian – Carnie the Magnificent

Come One Come All to the Greatest Show on Earth!

Is this what you feel like in your life right now? Are you the super talented attraction or the freak show? Well, who better to guide you and nurture you through this time than a true carnie (that’s short for Carnelian). Let this wizard of love and courage help you enjoy the bigtop that is your life right now. I know sometimes lately it’s felt as if you’ve been thrown from one disaster to another. Well, I Carnie, the Magnificent can help BIG time.

The secret is to remember that every thought you’re having right now is birthing your future. No one can help you learn to dwell in the present better than I. I will help you ground and anchor yourself in the here and now so thoroughly that all of your tomorrows will be brighter than the sun. As the world changes, we cannot keep doing the same thing hoping to get new results. Allow me to help build up your courage for the new exciting changes ahead. If you’ve been suffering from lower back pain – I can help. (Just remember to cleanse me after really painful episodes.) I will help you find ways to meld your daydreams with reality. My bright orange flavor will brighten up your depressed attitude. If some of your stress is coming from “biggest love of your life,” (aka children) you should pair me with my pink form, thereby bringing in courage, clarity and trust.

Place a piece of me outside your entrance door and forever have an open invitation to abundance. I’m also a close friend to Vitamin D and can help you to absorb more nutrients into your system. Am I a bigtop star or what?! So please don’t sit around in pain or fear when I’m right here, right now, ready and raring to help. Love you bunches, human peoples.

Blessed Be and Be LOVED!!!

Namaste’ – Kafi, the Rock Diva