The Rock Diva Highlights Herkimer!

Hellooo my favorite Rockhounds and Rockettes!

Seeking a little more clarity in your life? Are you wanting a stronger sense of connection? Then wait no longer I am here! My name is Herkimer (you can call me Herk).

From the tiniest clearest one of me, (size really doesn’t matter) to the largest with black or gold inclusions, I’m da man. I can re-energize any project that seems stagnate and bring all your Chakras back on-line just a hummin’ away!

Just a word of caution:  if your intending to sleep when you go to bed don’t take me with you. But, if you want to travel and experience more visions, put me under the pillow and hang on!

If you feel your ability is to “see”, I help clear up your psychic vision. Clairvoyance will be greatly enhanced. Wondering if past lives are mucking up this one? Just hold me during meditation and I’ll help you access those records. Let me help you fully activate your glorious lightbody. I’ll help you gently and gracefully release old habits and blocks. If you have a lot of electrical interference where you are, spread me around and let me ground that energy for you. I can detoxify your body as well as I do energy fields.

I”m not bragging I just happened to be very highly attuned stone and in this time of such strong energy leaps, I’m ready to smoothly move through it. Reach for me – you won’t be sorry.

With great love and respect; Glow on Earth children – shed your glorious light!


Kafi Gaultier is a Reiki Master who’s touch is blissfully healing, Tarot Reader with a no-non-sense nature and general Rock Diva on-call at the Higher Self Bookstore. Namaste.