Waking Up to the Present Moment

Happy Celtic New Year, Happy Halloween, Happy pumpkins, gourds, crisp air, leaves changing colors and dropping to the ground – Happy October!

September came and went like a shooting star! So many folks are commenting on the way time has “sped up” and seems to be taking on a whole new dimension. Being in the moment is more important than ever, as is being willing to allow for the old habits, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors to fall away.

It is crucial that you straighten yourself up, brilliant one. I mean this in the most loving way. The tolerance for compromising our highest good seems to have decreased greatly. You are meant to live life in unbounded awareness established in the present eternal moment. You are meant to live life in innocence and awe – this requires you to let go of positions or a need to be right. Let go of any desires that don’t keep you in alignment with your highest calling/vibration. Be continuously playful. Be humble, ask for help, and be willing to go where the ego is uncomfortable.

I believe in the living experience of Heaven on Earth and for me that means being alert. Some really good news is that keeping present requires far less effort than you can imagine when you have the right tools. It’s a total blast, actually! (Here is a link to my personal practice tools: TheBrightPath.com)

My hope for us all is to live life fully in a state of continual awe and wonder, innocence and joy. It is available to every one of us now. I pray that the tools you need arrive swiftly and that you find the conviction to use them vigilantly. You deserve the benefits it will bring. I feel that Heaven on Earth is just waiting for us to show up – right here in the present moment.

Have fun viewing this video of Narain Ishaya on Living in the Present Moment. Narain is one of my meditation mentors and author of an upcoming book called Chit Happens. I just love how he shares his experience of the notions covered above. As always, it is my honor and pleasure to explore with you – Enjoy!


Rodasi is the manager of the Higher Self Bookstore as well as a Psychic Intuit, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master and Women’s Spirituality Circle leader, a teacher-monk of the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension, and a very lucky Mommy.


A Little Rock Meditation For You

Set the tone for your meditation: A quiet space with a lit candle, comfortable sitting position, alert but restful mind.

Let your awareness come to your breath. Watch the point of inhalation and exhalation. Focus on the breath alone and when the mind wanders to a sensation in your body, a noise, or just outward on thoughts, gently return back to watching the breath. Do this for about 5-10 full breaths.

Let your awareness move to the heart-center. Watch as the emerald green light or the pink light of unconditional love vibrantly pulses with vitality and a soothing, healing energy. As this energy fills you, let the essence completely take you into your Higher Self.

In this place, ask that your medicine stone reveal itself to you. It may come as a whispered voice or appear to you in form. You may or may not have seen it before or heard of it. Once it does reveal itself, ask it to share a secret or two about it’s healing abilities. Ask your medicine stone to tell you anything it wishes for you to know about working with it. Ask it to share with you any message you need at this time.

When you feel complete thank the stone. Re-engage the heart glow energy and then let your awareness return to your breath. Widen the awareness to you whole body. Then go find your medicine stone and begin working with it. Have fun!


The issue is forgiveness. Why to do it, how to do it and when to do it. When is simple. Now.
The how and the why may take a few more minutes.  Mustering the will to make it so?
Not easy. Maybe it is a concept which is just too familiar to us all, in that so many books, and self-
help tapes and spiritual discussion groups advocate forgiveness.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve got it.  And then your mind wanders back to what your heart may have released and starts the process all over again.  Still the why of forgiveness is first about ourselves and then about the person who has hurt us or wronged us or done something unforgivable.

Forgiveness is a cleansing of the mind and spirit which allows us to grow into our true selves without hindrance.  Forgiveness without any logical reason hands us back our own freedom.  Forgiveness is not selfish, but the first reason to forgive is to use
all that time and space in your heart for you.  When you become a fully actualized being,
and forgiveness is one of the steps on that path; then you open yet another gateway for
blessings to come to you.  Of course, it is difficult to make that journey to see a dying
parent when your sibling has said ugly things about you – or any of a number of scenarios
in which you deny yourself taking action which is important to you, using that nasty person
as your excuse.  Yes, I said excuse.   Forgiveness without expectations gives us back our
freedom, but nobody said this was easy.

Deep-down forgiveness releases both of you.  What you do with this
freedom is a discussion for another day.  What they do with it, is out of your control.

I have thought and thought through the years of how to forgive. I keep going over the same ground of what they did, and how I am right on this, and how if only they would change, I could forgive them. And over and over, I come  back to distilling all I have read and thought and been given from my angels and it’s still the essential concept from Louise Hay.  “I am willing to forgive.”
“I am willing to change.”  No need to waste another year trying to justify and convince myself of the value of forgiveness.
Just do it.  Do it now.

“Every time you forgive, the universe changes; every time you reach out and touch a heart or
W. Paul Young, The Shack

In Light & Love,


(Norma Hall Zelenko has been blessed to offer her guided insights through Tarot card readings for nearly 30 years. She does angelic and soul-coach readings as well. Norma’s goal is to connect the inner self with the Higher Self. She is available Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-4. Norma is not only a reader at the store, but also a sales-floor clerk goddess.)

Ehwaz – Rune for September 2012

September is upon us.  As the daylight shortens and the wind blows stronger, we look to the runes to see what’s brewing for the fall.  This month, the rune ‘Ehwaz’ holds its message for us.

Ehwaz is the rune of transit, transition and movement; it can be physical shifts…to new homes, new cities or on a more personal level…new attitudes, new visions, new paths.  These won’t be jarring transitions, but ones of gradual development.  They may have been in the works for a while or they may be just starting to show themselves now.  Drawing Ehwaz shows that our paths are clear of obstacles and encourages us forward on our journey.

Be aware of the messages that you receive regarding these transitional stages.  They may come in the form of a very obvious change or they may be subtle messages.  Again, don’t place expectation on how the transition should unfold, but flow with the change.  If you try and impose your control, you may not get what you are intending.  Ehwaz shows that our path holds its own course in the Universe.  But don’t worry…if you stray off the path, you will find your way back.  It may be the original path you were on, or it may be the scenic route.  Either way, it will be perfect and exactly what you need in this moment.  Just allow yourself to accept the curves and learn from the scenery it offers.

Ehwaz explains its purpose in its symbol of a horse and its rider.  Ehwaz signifies the bond between the two.  Even though a rider and horse both have separate intentions of what path to take; both must work in harmony to move forward.  Just as a rider will guide their horse in the direction they want go; they must be aware of and trust in their horse’s power and experience to carry them safely on that desired path.  Just as you have ideas of how your path should unfold, the universe does also.  You must bond with the energy of the Universe just as the rider bonds with the horse.  Feel and listen to the messages that the Universe sends…loud or subtle.  Develop your own language to be able to communicate with that energy, just as rider and horse learn to communicate with one another.  Tell the Universe what you want and then you, too, must develop your trust in that Universal energy to take you where you want to go.  Let the ride unfold and hold the reins gently.  Let the sway of the energy carry you along smoothly.

Remember, your Heart’s path and the path that the Universe wants for you are one in the same.  When you learn to speak and work together, the flow created can make for one amazing ride.  You are in the perfect place to grab on and enjoy the adventure that is waiting for you.

(ref. ‘The Book of Runes’ – Ralph H. Blum, 1993, compiled by Dawn Baeckeroot, Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Divine Grace Practitioner/Teacher. )

Penelope Dreamweaver – Faerie Oracle For September 2012

For our September Faerie Card draw, please meet Miss ‘Penelope Dreamweaver’.  Penelope is one of the Inspiration Faerie. It is said that Inspiration Faerie like their job, but get really bored with people who don’t pay attention to them.  There is a beautiful support and fusion between Penelope and the Rune Ehwaz.  So, let’s continue our ride and see if we can pick up Miss P’s messages to us.

Ehwaz said that we must connect with the messages that Universe is sending us.  Penelope is one of those messengers.  Faerie contact can be understated and a bit elusive.  So be aware.  She and her band of Inspiration Faerie can pop up almost anywhere and usually in unexpected places.  Does she work with you while you are in meditation, while dreaming you ask?  Absolutely.  But, there may be other times she prefers to pop in…She may dust you with a stroke of inventiveness while folding clothes or doing dishes.  You may get a creative flash while in the shower washing your hair or driving along on a beautiful day.  Pay special attention to these unsolicited insights when they occur.  Write them down as soon as you can.  Daydream upon their possibilities.  Let the excitement of new ideas build up the details.  Penelope will plant the seed, but it is up to you to grab the gift that she offers and expand it.  See where it will lead.

And remember Ehwaz’s message here too…don’t over-control the path this new inspiration is preparing for you.  Nudge it gently, but let it unfold gently and at its own pace and you may be surprised at just how far you are carried into your dreams!

(ref. ‘The Faerie Oracle’ – Brian Froud  / Jessica Macbeth, 1998) compiled here by Dawn Baeckeroot – Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Divine Grace Practitioner/Teacher