Candle Burning for Beginners – Simple and Effective

Have you ever stopped to think why so many of us even if were not Catholic seem drawn to burning candles? Do you ever stop to think why such a simple act makes us feel so good? Maybe it’s the fact that in the deep, deep past staying near a flame meant safety.The big bad dinosaurs would stay away. Or a little roasting made that wild boar oh so tasty. Fire meant warmth,comfort and life during the Ice Age.

Candle burning is a practice that has thrived through out the ages, Whether it be just lighting one in the dark or an elaborate Full Moon rite complete with cloaks,candles and fancy chants.BUT candle burning doesn’t need a whole lot of fancy to work. Take a red taper candle and if you want to invite sweet love into your life and rub vanilla oil into it. If you just want to invite some hot and heavy use clove oil or a musk that gets your juices flowing. TIP: when someone tells you an oil to use and it makes you barf or sneeze change it to something that works for your sense of smell. The secret of successful candle work is that whatever ingredients you use must appeal to your senses.You must like looking at the candle and enjoy smelling it.

Once you’ve anointed the candle set it aside and let the oil soak in. While it’s doing it’s physical alchemy, think of what you want love to be like in your life. DO NOT picture anyone in particular,simply think of how you want the perfect love to be,what you want it to feel like, the perfect qualities for your love to have. Asking for a tight butt is fine,but include a caring personality to go with it. Once you have remembered the feeling of perfect hugs and kisses so well you can feel and taste them pick up your candle and light it.

As you gaze into the flame for 10 mins or so let all those feelings flow from you into the flame. When you’ve gazed enough, pinch the candle out and give thanks to the flame for carrying your wishes out to the Universe. Do this a little each nite til your candle is gone {so don’t buy a ten foot taper-small is good}

Need money? Green candle if a dark forest green makes you think riches use it. If spring green makes you feel giddy and happy that will work better for you. Christmas always makes me feel rich so just the whiff of cinnamon oil brings abundance to me. If the smell of Joy the perfume makes you feel rich, rub a little onto your candle. TIP: Not too much perfume – it doesn’t burn as clean as oils. Remember how you felt when you made that last car payment. How your baby boys face looked when you gave him the 40.00 white Power Ranger and you were still able to feed him. You are placing the goodness and light of these feelings into the candle and the flame is carrying it all out into the Universe.

Simple quick and powerful never under estimate the power of the candle. Blessings to you all and let burning commence!(the candle not your house – don’t leave it burning while your not there!!!)

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Autumnal Spirit

The changing of the seasons is a time of great celebration.  I am so grateful to those who garden in the spring, and swim in the summer and taste the snowflakes on their tongue with such great joy.  As for me, I invite you to get giddy with the colors, tastes and smells of autumn.

 From time out of time, the fall is the celebration of the harvest and the conscious recognition of going forward in the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.  We have just marked the Fall Equinox and many prepare themselves for the Celtic traditions of Samhain.  What a glorious time to turn our spirits toward becoming one with Mother Earth and gather in that which we need to sustain ourselves well with the gifts of the harvest and the time to nourish ourselves as we prepare once again to rest and receive the going within ourselves. Within the Celtic tradition, we are told the the end of this month, October and the beginning of November is a time of transformation, when the symbolism of the swan is especially important.  And going to the “Medicine Cards” (Sams & Carson) we are told Swan accepted whatever the future would hold, without trying to change the plan of Spirit and in her surrender, found Grace. So as I walk around, bumping into trees ( and they laugh at me, of course) I am remembering to be willing to transform as I bless the bright colors of death, and bless the abundance of Mother Earth, and bless All Of You on the journey through this elegant season.