Letting Go of the Need to Save Everyone

by Marilyn

ceaseless silent prayerMany seriously trying to live out from a place of higher spiritual service and unconditional love are still unknowingly being governed by old programming. This old programming says that it is our job and our duty to “save” everyone who is not living according to our concept of how they ought to be living.  Women in particular have had this belief foisted upon them by being taught that it is their duty to sacrifice themselves completely for the good of their children, husbands, or families, etc.

This idea is promoted by society in general and by organized churches in particular who preach it to be a spiritual duty.  As a result, many often find themselves confused about what to do when confronted by a friend or family member who is experiencing an unpleasant situation and may even feel guilt if he/she doesn’t step up to the plate with (unsolicited) advice or action even though their intuition may urging them to stay out of it.

As the energy Light within every individual evolves to a higher resonance, he/she will become aware of new and higher ways of service.  In the energy of duality and separation, there are always problems needing to be fixed for it is an energy of pairs of opposites.  Previously, as we became aware of problems we lovingly used whatever tools we had to fix them and this is still a valid way of service for many.

elephant and devoteeHowever, the enlightened consciousness sees the struggles of others, (compassion) but does not rush out believing that it needs to fix them (sympathy) because an enlightened consciousness understands that everyone is on earth to learn the lessons necessary for their spiritual awakening and also knows that every person has a Higher Self, Guides, and a contract that they themselves set up before being born.

Our job as enlightened beings is simply to have our hand ready, and if another grabs it we grab theirs back, but it is NOT our job to reach down into the gutter and pull everyone we see there up and out, for in so doing we take away their job, their lesson…

Much of the world’s “do-gooding” is simply ego based activity which does not flow from spiritual awareness but for the purpose of praise and attention. This is not to say that we are to hand someone a stone when their need is a piece of bread while loudly proclaiming; “God is all, everything is illusion…” because this would be very human indeed and of old energy.

In order to live out from a higher spiritual sense of service, each must learn to listen and trust their intuition in every situation, learn the difference between needs and wants (of self and others), and actively practice releasing all old programming that may still  be an influence.

Send Light to those people and places that concern you while knowing the truth about them—that they are Divine beings having a human experience. Take whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take but only after knowing this truth. This will result in an inner sense of freedom and relief because you will no longer feel the need to “save the world”.


The List of 7

seven - fancyThe resolutions have been made, the rah-rah holidays are over, and
while hopefully we continue to manifest the best and the brightest future for
all of us, it’s a little grey out there these days.  It is time to make “the list”.
      Time to slow down, take a breath and consider what you want.  I mean a
 personal list of concrete things in this reality.  Not only does this clear some
of the clutter in your mind while you carefully consider which things you
actually want, but it confirms our core belief that with our minds, we create
our future.
       A list of seven is an auspicious number for your list.
Carefully consider what you really want, not what you think you
want.  This is not the time to wander into worries, but a time to affirm seven
things which will benefit your life.  Let’s say I need a new cell phone.
        Now be as specific as you can before you write this down on your list;
what shall it look like and how much shall it cost and how soon should this
phone show up in my life.  Do not think about how anyone else could help
you or how someone else may need a phone more than you.  This is your
       Consider if you really want this phone or is it just something else to
clutter up your life.  Be careful about this;  now is also a time to release those
random thoughts about things which you really don’t want or need.  It’s
just not practical to waste your energy half-heartedly manifesting things
you do not want and then wasting more time complaining about not
receiving the things you do want!
       If it’s still on your list, take time to visualize this thing being in your life;
hold a picture of it right in front of your Third Eye, feel the texture of its surface,
hear the ring tones, and whatever else makes this a real image in your mind.
        Do this for each of seven things which you have thoughtfully identified
as real things which you desire.  Then place your list in a safe place and
 forget about it.  Look at it every once in a while and gradually check
off those things which come into your possession and add something
else to your list of seven.
        I’ll be honest, for one of the biggest things on my list, I didn’t take
out my list, but I did make a habit of repeating one of the things on my
list; like a mantra every day when I went for a walk.  It literally took two
years, but it did come into my life, and I am forever grateful.
       Okay, there are many books, websites and sources to help you
make “the list”.  My method is that which is suggested in an old book by
Barbara Hand Clow.  But the important thing here is to identify what we
want, write it down,  fill our heads with what we want so we have no time
 and space for what we do NOT want.  Now, go ahead and make your list!
With light & love,


deeksha article feb 13Is meditation difficult for you sometimes?  Does your brain seem like it has a hard time shutting off that little chattering voice?  Are you ready to experience your next level of Bliss?  Did you know there is a process that can help you achieve all of this…it’s called Deeksha.  And, did you know that you can experience Deeksha at Higher Self every Friday?  Now, are you asking yourself, “What in the world is this Deeksha?”

Deeksha is a unique and specific blessing; a non-denominational benediction.  It is also known as the Oneness Blessing, Oneness Deeksha or Diksha.  Deeksha energy has been bestowed upon the world through the twin avatars of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma from India.  Deeksha is a Divine Energy transfer that initiates a neuro-biological change in the brain.   Over time, Deeksha is designed to bring about a state of Oneness in the recipient.

When you receive Deeksha, the energy transfer helps turn down the volume of the chatter; the interference that you sometimes experience when trying to quiet your mind.  By reducing this interference, it allows you to experience this beautiful Divine Energy at its fullest.  Bliss is amplified and you can experience this as feelings of pure Joy and Connection to Source.

I have been honored to be able to offer Deeksha weekly at Higher Self for the last year.  For me, Deeksha is very personal experience, both when I facilitate and when I receive.  From my experience both giving and receiving Deeksha, it allows you to remember who you truly are and embrace your Divine connection.  For some, Deeksha allows them to reclaim their connection to their own personal Divinity that they have forgotten.   For others, it strengthens those connections and reminds them of the Unity that they truly are.

Deeksha reduces that little voice in the back of your mind that questions and judges.  By turning down the volume of the chatter, it allows you to hear the Song of your own Heart and the Song of the Heart of the Divine.  It also allows you to remember that those Songs are one in the same…that there is no separation, that you are a pure Divine being in your own right.  Deeksha allows Oneness to flow within you and lets you claim your personal Power.

During the session, which is held in a group setting, I lead the group into a relaxed, semi-meditative state.  Then each participant receives one-on-one, hands-on energy work.  Your experience can vary from session to session.  The energy can be sometimes subtle, sometimes strong.  You may experience a tingling sensation on the top of your head or throughout your body.  You may feel like you’re floating out of the chair.  You may continue to feel the energy flow throughout the day or days following.  You may not feel any sensation or it may be delayed.  It is a very personal experience for each recipient, so please come and experience it for you!

My name is Dawn Baeckeroot and I offer Deeksha every Friday at 1pm at the Higher Self Bookstore.  The fee is by donation.  I offer you this beautiful experience from a space of pure, unconditional Love and Joy and I am honored to be able to share this experience with you.  I am a Reiki Master and Divine Grace instructor.  I also hold Reiki classes monthly at the store.  If you have any questions about Deeksha or Reiki please email me at reiki.dawnb@gmail.com

Divine Love

Lord Krishna and Radha

Inspired by a few friends who have such healthy, loving and supportive relationships, (and I being single) I made time to consciously dive into self-care, self-love and discern what I would want to create when it comes to a partner.

What I discovered was that while I’ve been drawn to excitement, passion and intensity – the likes of which some people may never know in a lifetime, my actual preference is for something quieter, steadier and more peaceful. Bursts of lusty passion are great, but true sustainability is something else. Commitment seems to require foundations built upon Earth rather than Fire. How remarkable! It was such a lifelong habit to attract and generate heat rather than grounding.  I can see in the relationships I admire a healthy and robust enjoyment of the fire when it arrives, but the relationships are not built upon it…they are built upon a commitment to something greater. I’m so enjoying discovering these roots.

I realized that the experience of love I wish to create with an eventual partner, is the same experience I have in quiet meditation – in turning my gaze toward the infinite. There is consistency, focus, surrender, trust, peace, unconditional love, perfection and great solid, stable, stillness here. But when it has come to romantic relationships, it’s seemed like those qualities were lacking. I watched my thoughts around love and romance and found that there were many many many limiting thoughts around how things needed to look and feel in order for it to fit my idea of “love.” I noticed quickly that this is not a part of the definition of unconditional love. Lots of conditions were actually attached to my ability to love through that filter. The experience with the present moment, with the Divine, with myself and so too with an eventual life partner were all of a sudden the same.

The Divine Couple in the image above is based on the relationship we all may have with the Beloved – God, Source, our Higher Self, etc… That image inspires such devotion and peace, such gentleness and trust. Krishna and Radha – The Lord of the Universe and all of Creation (symbolized by Radha, the supreme goddess)…Creation exists in the likeness and love of the divine. If you look for it, you can see it. How all these years of spiritual exploration have told me so! And yet, it is always worth far less until the experience of deeper understanding dawns inside. My hope is that this old habitual story of “love” is now dissolving in me and being replaced by the experience of true unconditional love.

Love outside reflects the story of love inside. The stories, beliefs, ideas surrounding how people are supposed to show up in relationship are both meant to be seen and surrendered. I return back to what it is that I really want in order to know real love. Maybe for each of us we want that ultimate love affair with ourselves and/or our Creator. From here, it might just be that a divine human partner on the outside might be the icing on the cake. I don’t know, yet. But I do know that I am very excited about my exploration with myself and the Cosmos as the divine Beloved. I know it may likely lead to a truly healthy, loving, and beautiful partnership on the outside too…but the ability to see this old mental habit that has clouded my ability to open myself to a love affair inside and outside like this is a huge gift that this year has brought to me.

I recommend playing with observing your thoughts around love and discovering what you want, what you are afraid to ask for or allow into your life, and what you believe is non-negotiable. Notice your beliefs about what someone else should be able to give to you and what you think you should be giving to another in relationship. Watch for what you believe about your relationship to God, the Source, the Infinite Field of Consciousness. Watch for how much you give yourself what you need and want for a lover to give to you. Treating myself more like my own Beloved and communing more faithfully to the Infinite Field of Unconditional Field may be paving the way. I thank my meditation practice for it! But the Grace that has given me the gift of seeing my own erroneous thoughts is a huge blessing. It’s been fun for me – as well as very eye-opening.

Enjoy the ride!



2013 is a “6” Year

eagle and the condorYou can find thousands of interpretations of the 2013 in terms of numerology.  And the specific areas for opportunities and obstacles for you are refined by your personal year number.  So what’s the deal, now that we have survived 2012?
That’s what I asked myself and here’s what I got. This is a year to balance, to love, to plant, and to watch the condor and the eagle soar through the air together.
2013 is a six year.  And six is a vibration of balance and love.  It is the coming together of opposites, the union of the conscious and subconscious, and the energy to discern between true and false paths as we look for guidance, unity and wholeness.   It is a time to release fear, and embrace trust;  to look to spirit and then roll up our sleeves and simply do the next right thing.   The rewards can be very practical, whether we are balancing our budget, or trying to do the Tree Pose!
The Age of Aquarius is just beginning.  It is now time to combine our minds and our emotions. We are vessels and it is time to pour out all our goodness and love; never hoarding our gifts or emotions or willingness to serve, but trusting that when we pour out that which we are, then we are open to be filled with that which we need.  We are done with being stagnant; we will flow!
Some say this is the age of the Eagle & the Condor; the coming together of the mystical heart of the condor with the rational mind of the eagle and when the two are brought together in our hearts, then the miracle of right action may take place in our minds.  And as we are taught, with your minds we create our reality.
The vibration of the 6 is ruled by the Cosmic Mother, the All-Goddess, and the allowing of the pendulum to once again swing back to the divine feminine is necessary as we all work together to allow a paradigm shift which uses the strengths of all, to create a world of peace and planting.  It is an opening in time to choose to return to the garden, even if that means pulling out a few weeds.
This is the time to make the choice to simply balance; not stand on your head.  And above all, go with, and not against, yourself.  Letting your mind and your spirit work together may not allow you to soar at first, but I promise you will find yourself singing while you work.