Aphrodite and Budding Trees Moon

aphrodite paintingAphrodite is April’s goddess. Life-giver, juicy and fertile goddess of beauty. Lover and Mother and she who all return back to at the end of it all. Aphrodite is unbridled, free, heated, the embrace, the giver of wholesome and healthy juices flowing through the Earth as She thaws out, through the Maple trees as they give their sap for syrup, through your veins, your loins.

She is the energy that no one can resist – Aphrodite is imprinted into our body, our heart, our soul, even. She is the sensation in your nerve endings and the creative outbursts that make you want to run, paint, dance, make love.

Aphrodite is she who unites opposites – outside and inside of us. She is of the Sea and beckons us to the depth of our unconscious – asking us to relinquish our control and enjoy life with complete abandon. She is that freshness and earthiness in the air right now. She is that quake within you. She calls you to surrender and let her have you. Will you answer her call?

budding tree moonApril’s moon is sometimes call the Budding Trees Moon or the Seed Moon (among other things). This month’s energies should be even more squirrely than last. You should be scrubbing walls and giving away belongings. You might find a re-activated love for life, regeneration in your internal passions on all levels, and that you are making lists of exciting adventures you wish to have – and soon!

This Moon is powerful – a good time for eliciting a narrowing of your passions so that you can be of greatest service, efficiency and effectiveness in your life. You may find it a good time too to discover a deep devotion to honoring the cycles of life, Nature, and your own bodies inner rhythms.  Budding life within you, budding projects around you, budding life in the plants, birds, and yes, trees – all awe-inspiring if given a moment of sheer attention. Let the energy carry you deeper into your practices for greater well-being and health – and into greater silence as you embark on the creative journey Spring takes us toward. Let the energy guide you and be your teacher. Let the buds on the trees infuse you with wonder and joy. Let Aphrodite’s call fill you with passion and let that passion carry you. Enjoy every breath this April and always!

Aphrodite’s Daughter – Rodasi

(thank you, dear Zsuzsanna Budapest – inspiration gathered for the above from her book: The Grandmother of Time)


Being a Bridge in a Black and White World

The_Rainbow_Bridge_by_Roaguewolfby Melissa Crull

To some beings on our planet, their view is black and white and to others it is a techni-colored rainbow. If your perspective is similar to mine, it is a gray viewpoint or all the above. There can be some extremes and misconceptions in one’s opinion on how they see the world or perhaps just their own immediate circle of influences. So what would happen if we learned a new perspective or at least allowed our minds to imagine something outside of our version of our everyday norm? I can think of three awesome things; we gain a new experience, have an opportunity to understand something that could connect us to others who have an alternative mindset, and reach a higher level of unity.

I recently had the privilege to have a conversation with a client about this topic. She too has a “gray” approach on life. Sometimes it can be a struggle when the majority of people in your community, life, or region are only seeing things or people through a black and white lens. What I mean by this analogy is dualism, right/wrong, good/bad, or past/future. And for me, seeing and thinking beyond these concepts is such an awesome blessing.

She shared with me a conversation that she recently had on an airplane with a woman who sees life as black and white. Towards the end of their talk, the woman sitting next to my client said that people who are able to see the gray are “bridges” between the black and white. Hearing that phrase really encouraged me and allowed me to appreciate the different perceptions that I have acquired throughout the years.

If you are one who can relate more with the black and white take on life, I encourage you to observe one or two viewpoints that are contrary to your own viewpoint. Instead of being afraid to venture into something outside of your beliefs – think of it as a way to possibly affirm how you already see things at the very least. For those of you who may live in the gray to the point of feeling stuck or being indecisive, understand that you are a bridge – someone who can help others create new perspectives within themselves while allowing their minds to extend above the fears and limitations that hold them back. There can be much peace, acceptance, and freedom where there once was discord, judgement, shame, and misunderstanding. Be proud to be a light that helps shine on your brother’s path – it may be needed more than you think.

 Melissa Crull is a cashier at the Higher Self Bookstore as well as a licensed massage therapist. She loves the beach, yoga, music and connecting with people.

Ta’Om Faerie for April

Ta'Om April 2013The Faerie Card drawn for April is Ta’Om the Poet.  Ta’Om is the faerie that ushers in youthful spirit and boundless energy.  He is telling us that now is the time to look forward and begin those projects that may have been waiting in the wings.  If you have tasks that need doing, but you felt you may not have had the time or energy in the past, Ta’Om is saying NOW is the time.  He’s asking you to feel the energetic rush that Spring brings and ride the wave towards accomplishing those things that you want to get done.

And because Ta’Om is a poet, he brings with him the energy of writing and creating. Do you feel that now is the time to dust off those journals and get creative?  Is there a story that’s been running through your thoughts and dreams?  Well, Ta’Om is saying now is the time to let the creativity out and let it flow…Write it, type it, record it, use crayons and draw it…whatever feels good, whatever medium draws your focus.  Let your creative side blossom along with the flowers that we will soon see pushing up through the earth!

Ta’Om is asking us to look around and recognize the beauty that surrounds all of us, even the beauty of necessity and difficulty (and even those unfinished lists and tasks).  Find the joy in your situation and then let your creative side, your poetic side, your story-teller side, use these beautiful surroundings to find your inner joy, your laughter, your Heart’s Song.  But, Ta’Om says to make sure you aren’t too serious when contemplating what is before you.  Look around you and see the Love and Joy that is there.  Use it to create your world and find the true beauty within yourself.

In Love and Light,


(ref. ‘The Faerie Oracle’ – Brian Froud  / Jessica Macbeth, 1998)

Aromatherapy Relief

aromatherapy cartoon

by Rodasi

Greetings from the world of scent-sation: Aroma-therapy! Think of the smells that stimulate relaxation, comfort, alertness, and memory for you. Some may recall bead baking, fresh cut grass, or the earthy scents of the garden. What about chamomile or peppermint tea, cinnamon on toast, the peel of citrus, just after a good rain, or the summer cottage you visit each year. We get the choice to fill our world with that which is life-giving, supportive, restorative and invigorating and essential oils used for therapeutic purposes can be a very enjoyable, fun and helpful addition to our tool box.

For those who’ve used aromatherapy, you know that you can gain benefits of essential oils by diffusing them into the air. There are also many other ways to use oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage and Peppermint for medicinal care treating stress, colds, sleeplessness, acne and psoriasis. Some of you have stretched out to using Lemon, Orange, and Oregano for cleaning your homes. Some of you use more earthy scents like Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Naroili, and Patchouli for body fragrances mixed in lotions or base oils.

Here is a little breakdown of some of the uses for a few essential oils:

Lime – Can be used to stimulate mental clarity and lift the affects of depression. It is antiseptic and astringent making it useful for cleaning counter tops and toilette seats as well as the face.

Tea Tree – One of my top 5 choices. I use this oil in my shampoo and conditioner in the middle of winter instead of products like Head-and-Shoulders. It soothes dry scalp. I have also used it on pimples with great success.

Petigrain – Treats anxiety, depression and stress-related issues including insomnia – in short, it can support you in chilling out. Not one of my favorite scents, but does seem to have the ability to soften the edges and yet stimulate a restful alertness.

Frankincense – Ancient oil used for heightening awareness of spiritual realms/higher consciousness, can reduce stress & dispel tension as well as mental fatigue. Can improve circulation and help clear up skin disorders. Powerful oil to use when doing spiritual ritual of most any kind or simply infusing the room while meditating.

Peppermint – My favorite for headache relief when rubbed on feet (again with a carrier oil lotion) or simply sniffed. Do not put this oil in your bath or if you must only a drop or two – it will burn your skin. You can add drops to a bottle of liquid body soap which is very refreshing in the summertime or after sweating a bunch. Peppermint is also my favorite for nausea – peppermint tea is my medium of choice which is not including distilled essential oil, but rather the natural oil in the leaf. You can also rub the feet or sniff the oil (cotton ball or kleenex work well for sniffing) for this ailment. Peppermint, better than any other will get the gizzard going – will help with fatigue and even apathy.

Ylang Ylang – A very earthy, relaxing and cleansing essential oil, this one I love to add to my bath and even wear all over my body when I’m experiencing natural times of higher stress. Ylang Ylang  is sedative, anti-depressant, dispels nervousness, depression, stress, nausea, headache, irritability, anxiety, PMS and physical exhaustion. I love to use this in my bath every night the week before my period and in my lotion all the way through my period as well. It is also an aphrodisiac.

Juniper Berry – I use this essential oil when I need a good energetic and physical cleaning of my house and my body. It is useful for easing arthritic conditions, mental exhaustion and hay fever. It is said to ward off negativity and for me it definitely seems to be very good at dispelling heavier vibes when used in the bath as well as when I wipe down table tops, counter tops, floors, sinks, etc…

Clove – When my daughter was a baby I used a few drops of clove essential oil mixed with olive oil on her gums when teething was at it’s worst. So helpful. Also, when I was younger and a crazy “wisdom” tooth was causing trouble it served to soothe my pain. In an aromatherapy dispenser, clove works in so many ways to keep the air healthy. It is anti-biotic, antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and in general can help with colds, flu, sinusitis and bronchitis. Clove is said to protect memory, relieve muscle pain and diarrhea and is an aphrodisiac. (will for sure cause major skin irritation and  actually NOT recommended for children under 12 – I know…I still used it on my baby and it DID help.)

Have fun incorporating the use of essential oils in Aromatherapeutic ways into your life and Cheers to a healthy, vibrant, balanced you! Rodasi

(please note, there are no instructions given for how to safely use these oils below. please do some digging in books and online to find how they should be used. note that using essential oils directly on the skin is never advised and neither is taking them internally without very clear instruction from very trust worthy sources. nothing in this post is meant to be any kind of medical advice. please consult your team of healthcare providers before proceeding with the use of essential oils.)

Fairie Card – Sylvanius

by Dawnsylvanius march resized
Sylvanius joins us as the Faerie Card draw for March. When Sylvanius shows up, he’s asking us to realize that it is time to take a look at ourselves and our beliefs about self. He wants us to look to our surroundings, because just like Faerie, our world acts like a mirror; reflecting back who we truly are. Many of us may not want to look into the depths and see what is reflected, afraid of how we will look (or how we are perceived by others). Most times, though, we hold views of ourselves that are harsh and not remotely true. And, just as Sylvanius shows us his Mask of Truth, understand it is something that we all wear. He tells us that if we have courage, when we remove our mask, what we see in the mirror may just be a surprising gift.

Sylvanius asks us to delve into those misleading beliefs that we have accepted about ourselves and release them as the falsehoods that they are. He shows us that by removing our masks, we will see the truth beneath that we have hidden from ourselves and others. With Sylvanius’ encouragement, we can discover our True Heart and our True Being and see and accept who we truly are. So, pay attention to the messages that Universe is sending. When someone pays you a compliment, don’t be so quick to disregard their observation. Remove your mask, look into the mirror of your soul and see the beautiful, luminous Divine being you are. Now is the time to allow your glow to shine for all to see!