May Possibilities

cosmic gaia womb

by Norma

I have two beautiful children, but I have never gone through the physical act of giving birth. I nearly passed out as my daughter finally started into the intense pain of childbirth and I had to leave the room. Birth is a thing of wonder, but it is not pretty.

And so it is with each of us at this time on the planet. Now is the time to walk fearlessly into our own time of re-birth.  We have emerged from the quiet time of Mother Earth and now we are called to begin again. It is time to leave the yearly death of things and make choices about our new growth.  

Things are happening quickly now, and it is critical to be clear about the stark reality of what is being created at this time in our evolution and to bravely rejoice in the absolute certainty we are being called to give witness to and experience life, death, and re-birth in this lifetime.

Mother Earth is shaking and we are the mid-wives; we cannot leave the room or turn our face away from that which we are creating through our thoughts.

There is no question a new vibration is upon us; we are seeing the merging of spirit and science and we are being called to plant the future with our thoughts and nourish it with our focused energies.

The vibrations of Mother Mary, Quan Yinand White Buffalo Calf Woman are upon us now.   

We are all powerful creators; male and female.  We are told in so many traditions that with our minds we create our reality.  Use your mind now to open to the new vibration, and give birth to love, not fear, as we join together in a great circle to create the new reality with our thoughts, and then take action within the physical world.

We are all channels of the future.  It is time to share our wisdom; whether we call upon our ancestors for guidance on the good path, or look to the stars from whence we were all birthed, or go deep within to re-birth ourselves.  

It is a time to commit daily to the Mother-Goddesses, to participate in the pain of our own re-birth, whether it is pretty or not, and be full of gratitude as we are blessed with a new world, full of wonders. Namaste.