Hathor – Egyptian Goddess of Productivity

hathorThe Festival of Hathor happens on the full moon in October and is generally around October 26. Strangely, Hathor is a Maiden, rather than a Crone goddess. But she is said to be the Maiden aspect of Isis. Hathor’s law is change and during the fall months we see a great change afoot – especially in the glorious colors on the leaves of the trees which begin to fall to our feet for us to shuffle through, rake and maybe even jump into with the children in our lives! Hathor’s favorite plant is papyrus – she invented writing. Honor her intelligent, imaginative essence by writing a little something this month to share with your world – maybe a caring thank you note, maybe a poem, maybe a hypothesis, maybe a blog post.

A Hathor Meditation:

Seek a quiet space.

Let your awareness drift inward to a dark hallway leading deep into an ancient secret room within the magnificent great pyramid. A light appears down the hallway. Eventually a feeling of great joy and passion overcome you and your heart is screaming to have you hear it out. You don’t know what is about to come but you feel a volcanic energy needing to be expressed.

As you grow closer to the light, you feel a sense of warmth and the essence of transformation surround you. It is the light and essence of Hathor that is filling your senses. You feel heard and you’ve not even spoken yet!

You enter the great chamber full of beauty, radiance and an air of reverent magic. Hathor sits on her throne with youthful comfort and yet great power. Somehow, in her presence, you know the Universe will hear you out and make a change in your name and for your benefit.

You unload effortlessly all of your grievances, all of your fears, all of your hopes, dreams and desires. You especially own up to your own responsibility in all of the lack, fear and sabotage. You turn it all over to Hathor knowing that the trick is not just to unload, but to step up to the plate and say, “I am ready to accept my place among the “gods.” I accept responsibility. I no longer run from my shadow, from my fears or from my pain. I embrace it and own my part it in. I no longer wear the badge or carry the habit of victimhood. I choose freedom.

Hathor stands. She looks deeply into your soul. She hands you a goblet of magical elixir and a parchment. You drink and sign. Hathor takes the parchment into her hand where it seems to burn up and dissolve in a brilliant light of agreement. “It is so – go forth and LIVE,” speaks the goddess.

You find senses reeling. The elixir takes over. You are now in dark, timeless space. You float free. Your purpose in this lifetime fills you. Everything that has stood in your way of it becomes clear to you. This is so that you can see it when it pops back up to test you later. You are firm in your resolve. Your conviction is solid. You know what you must do and you rest back in this knowing. Your senses again shift. You return back to the body and world that you’ve journeyed from. You become aware of your feet, your bottom, your shoulders, arms and face. You notice your breath. Open your eyes. Write down what you’ve discovered.


October’s Moon – The Blood Moon


by Rodasi

Death and decay are a natural part of the rhythms of life. The essence of these is  better met with reverence than fear, or worse yet, completely ignoring it’s existence. In the yogic tradition, this energy is called tamas – the destructive element of the Universe. The face of which in Hindu tradition is the god Shiva or the goddess Kali. In goddess tradition it is the face of the Crone and specifically we look to Hecate or Cerridwen – the goddess at the crossroads determining our Fate.

This is an excellent time to cut the crap . Destroy the habit of letting other people’s energy, words, or actions hold sway over you.  Destroy the internal habits of negative self-talk, addictive behavior to food, drink and other sources of toxic energy like tv, trashy media and the like. Destroy the habits of gossip, slander, laziness, addiction, holding yourself back, holding the ones you love back, all the places you keep yourself numb, asleep and in your comfort zone.

With all the power of the witchy (wise) and wild energies afoot in the fantastic season of Autumn, we find October to be an ideal time to get honest about these internal issues and begin to work to change our thinking and behavior in regard to these. October is a month full of change, stock-piling the final harvest and considerations of celebration before the final closing up, closing down, and turning within of things.

This Blood Moon, like the time of women’s menstruation, is the essence of power, of release, of contemplation, and a deep need for rest and solitude. But October also brings a deep remembering of community gatherings in celebration and ritual. There are pumpkins to carve, Halloween costumes being designed and even ritual gatherings being planned for.

This is a time to acknowledge and honor those who’ve passed over.  Also, we can put ourselves in touch with the Earth preparing for taking it’s energies into itself. Create an altar for those you’ve known who’ve gone beyond this life. Acknowledge the energies of death by considering the positive aspects of destruction, decay and death – seriously, look at it from a scientific perspective. Give death to whatever you no longer wish to carry around inside of you or around you. Write it down and toss it in the fire.

Let the energy of this month’s moon take you into a new playing field where the stakes are higher and where you know with every cell, every fiber, every breath that you are ALIVE.

  • Take baths, dig up some roots and howl at the moon.
  • Dress up for Halloween.
  • Host a wild bonfire with some fun rites like bobbing for apples, poetry reading, a Spiral Dance, an altar to the deceased, etc…
  • Consider embracing the energy of Death as a metaphor – death to that which no longer serves you in your life

Long live the essence of the Dark Mother – of the elements of destruction – in the purest sense – the essence that destroys the caterpillar so that the butterfly will be born, that which breaks the seed to allow the plant to emerge, and that which eliminates delusions that block us from living fully. Soak up the energies, celebrate them and let them live through you in wild, fun, and ironically – creative ways. Embrace the hag. Embrace the bones, the blood and the darkness. Let the Mystery have you. If done the right way, your light will shine brighter and you will enjoy life more fully on the other side.

Bloody, dark, and freaky blessings to you!


Musings from the Divine

One Love

with love and through the nervous system of Charlotte


Answer:  THE ONLY ONE!


The only ‘One’

as though you are the ONLY one …

hear me with the ears of the living

whether human, animal, plant,

mineral or planet …

you are the Only one.


I love you deeply

to the core of my soul,

to the moon and the sun and beyond …


You are WONDER – full!


The JOY in my every breath.

Never think you are anything less

than absolute perfection.


Know that ‘I Am’ devoted to you.

Your existence is truly, sincerely,

honestly and respectfully

regardless of the form manifested –

precious, desired, important and loved.


You ARE loved!