Croning Ritual – Returning Women of Age to The Throne of Wisdom Rodasi

Last Saturday I had the deep honor of helping to facilitate a Women’s Spirituality gathering. My sisters and I held space for around 35 women to view the documentary based on the “Red Tent” movement called, “The Things We Don’t Talk About.” The viewing was powerful for many of us evoking connection, healing, and a need to gather more often. After the video we shared amazing food, walked the Labyrinth and prepared for a Public Croning Ceremony.

One of my mentors has moved into her Crone years after many years of holding Moonlodge, Ritual, training Priestesses, teaching women Shamanic ways with plants and bees and the moon, the Earth , the Goddess and one another. She’s been there through my desire to learn, my desire to serve, my desire to become a mother and in becoming a mother, painful relationship issues, exciting realizations and discovering my power. She’s walked in the woods, in the grasses, floated down the river, walked along the shoreline, swam in the lake and sat in silent power holding space for me and many other women. It was now here time to rest and be acknowledged as a woman who holds her wise blood within and step into the Throne of Crone as well as allow we younger women to step up more.

crone goddess pendantThe typical criteria for being “Croned” is to be at least at 56 and have not bled for 13 moons. There is a Second Saturn Return that happens in the 50s and I suspect that this is part of the reason for this age being special – though I’ve not confirmed it. I do know, because I felt the power Saturday night, that when a woman clearly, consciously and with whole heart, meets her Fate Date acknowledging the beauty and wisdom of age, and the fearlessness of aging and even death, she is more powerful, more beautiful and more wise because of it.

I saw 10 very different women – all unique flavors of the one Goddess, crowned and Croned on Saturday, including my mentor and 2 other women who have been big-sister mentors for me over the years. The feeling was indescribable to hold the energy, help facilitate the ritual and be looking in the eyes of these women as the Goddess myself.

z's crone imageI feel it of utmost import that woman be returned to the intuitive, nurturing, powerful force she is – especially in the Croning years. To be stepping into a new season of life with such consciousness and conviction in the years of age is crucial. We’ve tossed our Elders to the side and we fear aging maybe more than death itself. If we choose to change the story and live differently ourselves, we have hope of a very differently world. A world where we honor the wisdom and story of our Elders and where we are all taking care of one another because we are all playing the unique roles we are meant to play. In that way there is more than enough to sustain us.

I urge you, implore you, encourage you and hope you will look into this kind of work and the many versions of it. Things like the Red Tent movement, Moonlodges, Women’s Spirituality events, gathering, ritual, celebrations, and Ceremonies like the Croning Ceremony last weekend, will change the very undercurrent of our culture to usher in a change that we’ve all been waiting for. It’s happening. You are being taken by that current now. Can you feel it? You may not recognize it yet, but it is there. And you are meant to play your role. What role might that be? Step outside your comfort zone and find out.

I know I address the women here…but this too is for the men to discover their own spirituality and divine purpose. To discover ways to honor and inspire one another and the many stages. I am not a man, I do not walk that path in this life. Find a good meditation practice – that is where I see many men thriving and diving into something much greater than themselves – knowing deep connection, courage and a sense of belonging and purpose.

It is time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Seize the day and enjoy your new found power, joy and overall experience of life.

With perfect love,




by Charlotte

A living bit of information

naturally occurring

to connect with any of the senses.


A seemingly spontaneous awareness

merging from many sources

to spark a light of knowing.


A synchronistic event or crazy

chance happening

too wild to be true.


A thought – A word – A smell

An imagination – A dream

A memory – A sight – A title

A book – A meal – Anything

And all of it…


Always, Always presenting itself (themselves)

constantly in every moment.

Are you aware of these Sprouting Flowers?