Who’s driving your bus in 2014??

by Norma Zelenko

http://annemccrossan.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5539ebc948833010536b6b07f970b-800wiIt’s time to ask yourself; who’s driving this bus?
A couple of wheels fell off for me in 2013 and the thrill of the journey was gone.
It’s time to take it back.

Choose a road.  Take detours and change destinations if need be, but keep
moving.  Feed the birds along the way and rest at the foot of a tree,
but get up and move on.

Go often to your Secret Garden and discover the path within yourself,
a landscape you will recognize whether you have traveled that way before or
not.  Do the Work.  Feed your sheep.  Discover your true companions.
Then get on that bike and roll.

Go now.  The past is the past.  I am still afraid to drive up and along the edge
of the mountain with no yellow line, but why should that stop me from cranking
up the music and screaming down the flat road.  Feed yourself and keep moving.

Return often to your cat, kids and day job, but wear the sign
of the road warrior over your heart, which keeps that kick in your step no matter
where your feet take you on your daily path. And when day is done, get on that
pony and ride.

Journey to that tiny space within the heart our shamans speak of, and know
beyond knowing you have traveled to your home in the stars.  Go there again.
You were born on a ray of light from above which illuminates your road below.

So who’s driving?  You’re driving and it’s time to take the wheel.  Go now.
Move on.

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By Charlotte

I see you – dancing – around the fire …

I see you

Always seeing you

Always near … closer than near

The aspect of you – that is divine – is me (us)

Never blind

Always always present


Aware of who you are

Freedom personified

The light of life … alive

Knowing, expressing, uninhibited

Progressive evolution

Around the fire

Eternal and omniscient

Being of the GREAT ‘I Am’

Illumined and bright and alive

In command


I see you dancing around the fire

… and, I am dancing in you …

2014: The White Birch Tree Blessing

White Birch Tree

In contemplation for our new calendar cycle I decided to draw advice from the Celtic Tree Oracle … which proved quite amusing. Who presented herself but the White Birch tree!   This is a fitting combination with our rare duo, Super Moon/New Moon, of January 1, 2014!

While the Birch represents the Celtic New Year month of November it is fun that she is, apparently, lending her energy to our new year as well.  The slender and graceful White Birch speaks of cleanliness and determination to overcome obstacles and difficulties.  She reminds us that before we can successfully embark on a new ‘journey’ we must first rid our path of old ideas and dead hindrances that have bogged our way.

The astrological configuration of this rare ‘Moon fusion’ is at the ready to aid us in a transformational search deep within ourselves and remove the obstacles that we have left blocking our way.  Now is the time to take the light of the Birch Tree and identify and root out the tangled roots and weeds that have been stunting our growth and let go of them.   Kelley Rosano (in an article for Mystic Mamma) says, “… this astrology is serious and intense.  A wise strategy is to be flexible.  Flow with the environment.  What is breaking down in your life is ready for a breakthrough …”   But, be mindful!  This is also a time of proceeding with a blend of patience, perseverance and determination.

The planets and stars are aligned in a doorway – a rite of passage:  to rise to a higher level and merge with your God Consciousness.  Have FUN!  Charlotte

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New Year and New Moon by Tracey

http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/space/images/584336/title/space-wallpaperThe New Year is upon us, a time to bid farewell to 2013 and all it held for us. Experiences both good and bad, times of joy and sorrow, another year of life well lived.

As our world steps into 2014, it brings forth a time of renewal. We can reflect and give thanks for the blessings received in the last year, and also the opportunity to cast away those aspects that no longer serve us. To release the pain we carry, to forgive the wrongs done to us, or any we may have inflicted upon another and prepare for the infinite possibilities that await.

However, this New Year is something special. As the year turns we are blessed with a New Moon, bringing its own powers and promises of renewal. New Year, New Moon; an extraordinary and powerful combination. You would think that was special enough, but the Universe wasn’t finished. This January we shall experience a Black Moon, a second New Moon in the same month and a rare occurrence in itself, and its own powerful symbol of renewal. But taken in conjunction with the New Year, it signifies an immense opportunity. If there was ever a time to manifest your wishes, for yourself and those around you, this is it.

New Year, New Moon, Black Moon. Now is the time to renew ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically. We must step forward in love, light and wisdom into a time of rebirth, to manifest to the world our highest ideals both individually, and collectively.

We have been truly blessed, we have been given the chance to do great things, let us take this journey; together.

Peace and Good things, Tracey

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Astrologer in Training – Planets


Happy New Year!  It’s been a busy time but I managed to dig out my notes and continue to research more information on my quest to complete my Astrology training.  A quick note about the 2014 New Year.   Based on various items I’ve read, the “shifts” that started in 2012 will continue into 2015.  Much of this is due to transformative Pluto and inventive Uranus being squared seven times between June 2012 and March 2015.  The last time these two planets significantly danced together was between 1964 and 1967, spurring various social movements including women’s rights, gay rights, civil rights as well as stirring up economic vectors.  Have you noticed similar activity since June 2012??  As we learn more about the planets’ transits and aspects, how this dance is choreographed will become more apparent.

The sun is a star and the moon orbits earth and therefore not technically planets but in astrology, each are considered one of the 10 planets used in traditional western tropical astrology.  At some point we may discuss the merits of Chiron and possibly other planets and celestial objects, but for now, the 10 basic planets, and a few of their key words, are as follows:

Sun                        Personal Planet        Self, Life force, Personality, Outgoing, Inner self, Soul

Mercury               Personal Planet          Communication, Perception, Ideas, “how” we think

Moon                    Personal Planet          Emotions, Receptive, Needs, Nurture

Venus                   Personal Planet          Relationships, Value, Beauty, Feminine Energy, Creativity

Mars                      Personal Planet           Assertion, Aggressive, Physical, Masculine Energy, Sexuality

Jupiter                  Social Planet                 Expansive, Expression, Optimistic, Teaching

Saturn                   Social Planet                 Boundaries, Rules, Pessimistic, Responsible

Uranus                 Outer Planet                Independent, Individual, Inventive, Detached, Humanitarian

Neptune              Outer Planet                Spirituality, Escapism, Empathy, Intuitive, Depression

Pluto                     Outer Planet                Transformation, Death/Rebirth, Mass Emotion, Transcending

The planets are presented here in order of proximity to the Sun, starting with the Sun itself.  The planets closest to the Sun, inclusively, are considered “personal” planets which transition through the twelve zodiac signs rather quickly and therefore have a greater influence.  The Sun, of course, take only one year to transit through all twelve signs.  Since the Moon only takes 28 days to complete a full cycle, it has the most daily impact to our lives.  Mars takes almost two years and is the furthest “personal” planet in the orbit.  The “social” planets take 12 years for Jupiter and 28 to 30 years for Saturn to complete their cycles.  Saturn is the furthest planet which can still be seen with the naked eye.  Since these planets stay in one zodiac sign for an extended period of time, their influence starts to effect communities at a societal level.  The “outer” planets cannot be seen from earth without assistance and take from some 84 to 248 years to complete their cycles.   The influences start to converge Universal forces with personal ideals and effect our lives generationally.

The planets rule the Zodiac Signs as well as the Houses.  The House is the “area” of life being influenced by the planet and the Zodiac Sign is “how” the planet is expressed.  The Pluto square with Uranus influence for 2014 can be further explored to show that mass emotional Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by pessimistic Saturn and independent Uranus in the sign of Aries which is ruled by assertive Mars.  The layering of influences become a little more complicated but hopefully lend to a deeper understanding.  Until next month, may the heavens be kind and your new year be happy.

Cindy Fadoir is an Astrologer in Training, Reiki Master and Intuitive Channel at the Higher Self Bookstore.  Readings maybe be scheduled through the Higher Self Bookstore