All Kinds of Love

By Norma Zelenko

There are all kinds of love.  February 14 marks an anniversary of Tinka’s funeral and a true celebration of love.heart's desire hs nl july

Our family consists of a number of strong-minded individuals who are rarely, if ever, of the same mind on anything; however, we do funerals really well.  The funeral for Tinka, my Mama, was beautiful beyond describing, as everyone in the room had been touched by her love.

Actually, we do almost any kind of funeral really well.  It is an excuse to set aside the past, our hurts, and our egos and show up for a hug.  Love is allowed into the family circle as we gather around the casket and hold each other close, drifting back into the simple memories of fried bologna sandwiches and Christmas in July.

And, with all respect, it’s not just a family member’s passing which ushers in a safe interlude to say “I love you”.  We observe a truce for the farewell to a beloved cat or dog with just as much care for each other’s feelings.

We show up.

We hug.

We even show up to say good-bye to a house or a childhood vacation spot, and we hold each other close remembering the tree we climbed or the broken bicycle we hid, or the new shoes which ended up in the trash somehow.

And then we remember the words we said, and the walls we built and we run for the door.

If we can allow love in the room to honor the dead; why not for the living?

So show up this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014, for this celebration of love.  Just show up.  Give somebody a hug.  My Mama would like that.

Namaste, Norma


CHARL-OTTO: the very short version

glacial inferno

Had I chosen to be ‘one of the some’ who would most certainly have termed years of my life as:  a series of unfortunate events … which truly would have been one perspective (not a lot of fun, mind you, but a perspective) … I likely would not have met my life companion – Otto Bengsch.

Here is the synopsis of our story from my perspective:  in 2008 I was approached by two girlfriends – 30 years my junior – to join them on a two month trip to Central America.  I decided to join them … because I could … because of all the events that led up to their asking me to go with them.  Plus, I would have been celebrating my 50th birthday in a couple of months (at that time) and thought this would be a most splendid way to celebrate.

After a few months of planning our trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica – around our volunteering at various organic farms which we all mutually agreed would be wonderful places to work at – we packed our backpacks (one each), hitched a ride to Detroit and boarded our Spirit Airlines flight to Managua which allowed us to take our full-sized backpacks as carry-ons (those were the days!).

Imagine, now, all kinds of synchronicities, tropical landscapes, balmy serene weather, brilliant photographic opportunities and all kinds of fun and fortuitous events … and, thereby goes six weeks!  At this point we were volunteering at a Chocolate Farm (oh yes!) when ‘the girls’ decided they wanted to travel to Panama and then go home one week early.  Since I was still working on a gardening project for the family who ran the Chocolate Iguana and, I didn’t want to leave before I had finished,  and I didn’t want to go to Panama AND, I didn’t want to stop our trip early … I decided to finish out the last two weeks on my own!   First time!  And, despite the fact that I had four years of Spanish in High School, my Spanish was only mildly adequate.

The only way I could carry on by myself was to become a ‘mindful’ traveler.  Every direction I moved, after my friends departed, was made with respectful mindfulness.  So, where I stayed, the length of my stay, how I traveled, where I visited were all led by an inner knowing.  I did not make a decision without absolutely knowing my foot was falling on sacred space.

This action led me to the most southern village in Costa Rica on the Pacific side of the country.  I had a reservation at The Yoga Farm that was located on the mountain – in the rainforest – just fifteen minutes walking from the village of Punta Banco.  As I was arriving a couple of days early I decided, with the help of the Lonely Planet guidebook, to stay at a quaint and hospitable Dutch resort nestled at the end of the road … literally.   The only bus dropped six of us hopefuls (no reservations were possible at the time) at the gate just at dinner time … when it’s dark (the equator deal) … couldn’t see anything.  The manager shuffled some flexible guests around to different cabanas and was then able to squeeze us new guests all in the dormitory.  I grabbed a beer and went to bed exhausted from the day.

The next morning I woke up and got up to take a long walk on the beach to get my bearings.  “Wow!  Beautiful!  Wish you were here!” were my thoughts.  I was gone for about six hours.  When I returned, via the beach, I went to the outdoor shower to wash off my feet.  While I was doing so, two of the Dutch owners of the resort came in from surfing.  One stopped to tend to his board and the other continued walking past me.  The one who stopped, while still bent over with his eyes on his board, was chattering away in Dutch.  I was smiling to myself aware that he had no idea his friend had kept moving.  He talked for a couple of minutes while I just stood there, nearby at the shower, amused by his world of oblivion.  Finally he looked up, noticed his friend was nowhere in sight, saw me smiling and chuckling and started laughing himself.  He came over to introduce himself: Otto Bengsch!  We’ve been together every since.  Just like the fairy tales.

The Greatest Love Affair

By Rodasi Amanda Campbell

staring at candlesI tried to write about the moon and some pagan holidays including Valentine’s Day but all that kept coming up was my new experiences of love and abundance. There was zero energy for me to put into the other subject matter. So…I’m writing about love and abundance. Both are greatly in my awareness lately. They exist simultaneously, a part of the same fabric. They are not things that are created, obtained or achieved. Love and abundance are filling your senses, your mind, your spirit, your world – right now.

Some of you may argue and some of you may agree. I don’t care about either. Agreement and disagreement exists in the mind. Love and abundance exist outside the realm of decision-making and beliefs. Love and abundance are in existence no matter what it seems like is going on. If you are invested in these appearing for you in a particular way, then that is your problem. The Universe continues to freely pour forth both in every moment in an unbroken way.

Your stillest, most silent part of Self already experiences this to be true. However much belief is built between the conscious mind and this experience, is the degree to which you will be able to tap into and eventually remain plugged into that flow of love and abundance. Who cares if you believe it or not? That is in the mind and it is a trap that leaves you open to the mind deciding in the next moment that there must be something else to do in order to get abundance and love. You’ve been on the hamster wheel for a while now. Ready to step off?

For many years, I placed love and abundance outside of myself. As I have begun to develop a deeper relationship to my inner Self – that silent, still part, it appears that within this Self, love and abundance are a part of my birthright. In this experience, they never have been apart from me. The inability to experience Abundance and Love has been deeply tied to the stories of my past which played heavy parts in my self-esteem and how I was showing up in the world. Playing small really serves no one. I don’t mean that I’ve got it all sorted and have arrived at a destination. But I am enjoying the unwinding – the journey, if you will. I see that whenever the old habit comes up for me to search outside of myself or this moment – what is right now, for love or abundance or for anything, I have the beautiful choice to stop it.

So do you.

It’s not enough to know all this is true. It isn’t enough for you to hear and agree with it. There is a deeply enriching, joyful and beautiful life waiting for you. One where you don’t get pissed off at stupid things out of your control (why doesn’t she love me? why aren’t I getting paid what I’m worth? when will the world see my true potential?) so frequently and instead be tickled by them. The existence you could have includes allowing for the love and abundance, the joy and the peace to reveal themselves to you and through you in places, ways and opportunities you couldn’t have drummed up. It requires courage to play as big as you are meant to be playing in your life. It requires perseverance to relinquish that voice in your head’s sway over you for a quiet space of trust inside of you. That takes some getting use to because we all come to this point addicted to thinking and knowing and having and doing and being. None of that serves us in this new life.

This new way of life is the purest, most innocent and passionate life because you don’t have it all planned out or all figured out. This new way of life includes being willing to live in the unknown, to rest there, to be continually fascinated and even amazed at what shows up. In this place you are clear that your desires are the desires of the divine and so could not be there if not. You also trust deeply that anything required to fulfill these desires is already on its way – how could it not be?

Look, I use to read this stuff and get jazzed about it, but that would wane, and I’d be back at me in the mirror. Sometimes it made me mad immediately and I’d have little tantrums about how nice this was for the author and how screwed up I must because I couldn’t get it right. All that nonsense is in the head. The experience of returning to love and abundance requires one to be still enough, letting go of the voice in the head that sounds like you long enough to touch the experience…let it have you…and be born again.

At first it is like a lover initiating the virgin to a loving, orgasmic, bliss. On the other side the post-virgin is in awe and life is rose-colored. There is truly a sense of initiation, of joining some unseen culture – the one of those who talked about the experience in front of you knowing full well you’d never know it until you tasted it for yourself. The sense is something like, “wow, I am part of the club.” The new way of life isn’t like a romantic love affair in that it does not require anyone else or anything else to connect and deepen the relationship with. It only requires the seemingly lost aspect of your Self that’s been waiting for you to turn inward and gaze upon it again. You haven’t been waiting for your soulmate, nor have you been awaiting a messiah – you’ve been awaiting yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. You are the greatest love affair awaiting you. In that it’s easy to see abundance everywhere and it can shift from an abundance of need, want, lack, waiting and seeking to an abundance of bliss, love, peace, fulfillment, purpose, opportunities to serve and to know the living experience of an unwavering love affair with the most incredible lover.

Yes, you can have this experience. You have to put down your precious stories of woe – you are making them more real and more important than what you actually want. You are giving them the power – the illusory power, to stop you. Nothing inside or outside can stop you if you don’t let it. This will take stamina, vigilance and an authentic desire to wake up. If you are anything like me, it’s a tall order and it may scare you – good, let it. You can still experience this new life anyway. I’ve known exceptional terror on this path. I’ve turned around and looked some really scary monsters in the face and found a scared little girl who just wanted me to step up and become the queen I always dreamed I would be. She was waiting for her parents or a knight in shining armor to rescue her. She didn’t believe I could do it – because I kept abandoning her through the fearful excuses in my head that kept me playing small. No more. I’m sure some of you can relate?

You know, some suffering may need to ensue before you really turn it over to this new life. It does not have to be that way, but fear is an excellent motivator. Some of you are too comfortable to come to the edge and dance with me here – you don’t have to because you have a good life already. Well, the good life can only hide the real reason you are in a body for so long. Eventually you’ll join the rest of us on this magnificent edge – where the truly greatest love affair exists.

I’m in gratitude to a countless amount of people who have and who continue to support me in surrendering all mental limitation and to keep dancing on this edge of absolute freedom. It is an impossible place to be when living from your mind. My desire is for us all to be living from the heart. Not the emotional heart, but from the stillest, most silent aspect of ourselves. Here is where we are experiencing that pouring forth of love and abundance in us, around us and through us – but most importantly, as what we truly are. See you on the edge.

With an Abundance of big, big, Love – Rodasi

Twin Flames Find Each Other at Higher Self

By Melissa Crull (Owner of Sacred Waters Massage)

imbolc heartAlbert Einstein famously said “God does not play dice with the universe.” Serendipitous events hold much more meaning than we often give them credit for. A synchronicity is more than just a coincidence, it is divine providence and a little hint from the cosmos that there is more going on than meets the eye…

This is a story of synchronicity . . . .

It was a usual day at work in October 2013 when he walked through the door.  I noticed that he was confident and direct. I felt some kind of connection as if I had seen him somewhere before. He seemed peaceful but didn’t say much. So I wasn’t sure if he was shy or nervous or just contemplating in his mind.  Possibly it was I who was shy or nervous.

A few weeks later, I put out an intention. I wanted a change and I wanted to find my partner/twin flame.  The very next day I browsed through new profiles on an online dating site. I find one that interests me and email him. Before I hit the send button, I realize that it’s the guy who was at my work just recently and mention this in the email. At this point, I am excited my intention already started manifesting so quickly. We started emailing back and forth every day afterwards. As we continue to talk, we discover countless synchronicities, similarities, and shared beliefs and perspectives on life, philosophy, and spirituality. Then he tells me that I sold his journal to him and in that instance I remember why he was so familiar. I worked at Higher Self earlier in 2013 and he got his journal during the New Year’s Psychic Fair held January 5, 2013. Then I find out our life path numbers are one and five; the day and month that we first met.

And more synchronicities begin to surface. I wrote in my journal Oct. 31, 2011 about a dream I had. I remember being able to use my cell phone in my dream and how sometimes I can read things in my dreams such as caller id. In this particular dream someone called me and left a voicemail.  And that the person’s name was Chris. After I tell Chris about my dream, he remembers having a dream when he was 11 years old about a girl sitting on the back bench of a bus. He walked right up to her and kissed her. He told me, “When I woke up, I remember saying, ‘That’s the girl’, without realizing why.” We later looked at pictures of me around the same time that he had his dream and the resemblance strikingly similar.

During the past year, I have discovered the power of manifesting my dreams. I wanted to share this exciting story with the Higher Self family as Valentine’s Day approaches to give hope to those who are still on their journey.

Astrologer in Training – Houses


In January, I watched old Elvis Presley movie, “Live a Little, Love a Little”, and was surprised when a woman asked his character what month he was born and when he responded “December”, she declared he was a Sagittarius, when in fact, if he was born after December 21, he was more likely a Capricorn.  Back in the 60’s, seems as if everyone thought knowing a person’s zodiac sign meant they knew all they needed to know about a person.  As a great pick up line, it didn’t matter how inaccurate the answer might be.  Most people did not have enough information to use astrology correctly, even in general.  Houses add an additional layering of information one’s horoscope.  A house is what area of life we are experiencing and the zodiac sign is how we approach that experience.

The houses are laid out as a twelve slice pie and is also a map of the heavens which show directions opposite to the geographical map, that is to say that East is on the left side and South is on top.  The first six houses appearing in the Northern Hemisphere all relate to Personal Development areas of life.  The last six houses in the Southern Hemisphere relate to Social Development areas of life.  The Eastern Hemisphere relates to Self and the Western Hemisphere bring Others into play.  Each house is influenced by a blend of two overlaid hemispheres, for instance the Spring quadrant is a blend of the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres.  This is a great way to remember the area of life each house represents.

Spring – The Self and Personal Development blended houses are:

House 1 – My Physical, Personality, Individuality, Image projection – ruled by Aries and Mars

House 2 – My Values, Personal possessions, Finances – ruled by Taurus and Venus

House 3 – My Ideas, Communication, Lower education, Short travel – ruled by Gemini and Mercury

Summer – The Personal Development incorporating Others houses are:

House 4 – Home and real estate, Family environment, Early childhood – ruled by Cancer and Moon

House 5 – Creativity, Children, Love affairs, Pleasure – ruled by Leo and Sun

House 6 – Service, Work, Health, Routine job, Working environment – ruled by Virgo and Mercury

Autumn – The houses in the area of Social Development influenced by Others are:

House 7 – One on One, Partnerships, Marriage – ruled by Libra and Venus

House 8 – Transformation, Death and Rebirth, Sexuality, Mutual resources – ruled by Scorpio and Pluto

House 9 – Teachings, Religions, Higher education, Long travel – ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter

Winter – The houses in the area of Social Development relating to Self are:

House 10 – Career, Purpose, Goals, Public life – ruled by Capricorn and Saturn

House 11 – Groups, Organizations, Friendships, Ambitions – ruled by Aquarius and Uranus

House 12 – Behind the scenes, Institutions, End cycles, Karma – ruled by Pisces and Neptune

We will explore the layer of Aspects next month.  This is our fourth and final component of the astrological birth chart before delving deeper into each zodiac sign.  Until next month, may the heavens be kind and the sun be bright.