Are You Ready for Spring?

budding tree moonby Norma Zelenko

The signs are here and it’s time to get ready.  Oh yes, beneath the blankets of snow, my dog can smell the dirt. Mother Earth is no longer whispering of the changes to come – she is hollering out directions like one of the Grandmothers.

The crows have gotten me through the winter and certainly I plan to sage the house and dust my home-made rattle and dance like a wild woman during the full Sap Moon, and sweep the hearth – no, I can’t do that, I don’t have a hearth, but YES, all must be in readiness as the Goddess calls in the spring and we become One with the Heart of the Mother.

You can hear Her heart beat.

But the heart of our Mother is under pressure.  We, the people, are allowing the fracturing of her heart. And yet we ask Her to keep bringing new birth to us each spring.

The signs are all around us, change is happening, and it’s time to make some choices. The action steps are up to you, but the fouling of the air and water, ill use of fire, and the chemical poisoning of our Mother is happening. When possible, let us buy our goods from people who do not poison our Mother and honor those who love the Earth by providing us with clean eggs, and milk and honey.

Whatever you call the shift in energies – the Age of Aquarius, the Fifth World of Peace, the Ascension, the becoming 5th Dimensional; the signs are already here, and it is time to get ready.

Since our directions from the Grandmothers include our mission to save the Earth and save the Children, then may we hear with our hearts for more than just one moon and one more Equinox.  And may I find more appreciation for the dirt outside my own front door.

Listen for Her voice and the beat of Her heart.  It is time to be ready.

Namaste, Norma


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