Astrologer in Training – Aries

by Cindy Fadoir

blue-zodiacal-circle-with-zodiac-signsAaahhh!! Spring at last!! The long, contemplative time of Winter comes to an end and we are gleefully ready for a time of rebirth.  A new Astrological year was born when the Sun moved into the sign of Aries, the infant of the Zodiac journey.

Our astrology training continues with a twelve month exploration through the Zodiac signs, starting with the youngest sign Aries.  This month, we look at how each planet serves the human experience when appearing in the sign of Aries.  At birth, various planets may appear in the sign of Aries, influencing our natal personalities.  Over our lifetimes, most of the planets will move through the sign of Aries, some more often than others, depending on how close to the sun they are.  On any given day, the planets which reside in Aries affect all of us, and not just those whose Sun sign is Aries.

Aries is considered the child of the Zodiac and thus, Aries exudes innocence and is rather fearless. The sign of Aries kicks off the season of Spring, showing off its’ Cardinal qualities of initiation and action. Aries expresses the energetic and passionate element of Fire. The polarity of Aries is Masculine, whose energy is emanating, outgoing and positive.  This is well expressed by the Warrior planet of Mars which rules the sign of Aries.  The vital energy of Mars relates to assertiveness, aggression, physical, image, projection, and sexuality.  Mars naturally rules the First House which influences the personal space and physical body, personal image, projections and begins any journey through the Zodiac.

The Sun represents ego, personality, and the inner self.  The sign of Aries begins when the Sun moves into the Zodiac zone of Aries.  As the child of the Zodiac, the Aries Sun sign appears as selfish, self-centered, and ego-driven.  This “me, me, mine” energy is also naïve.  Aries are assertive and overly-competitive, impatient, daredevils, successful, brave, groundbreakers, full of freshness and vitality, forceful and direct, as well as impulsiveness and adventurous. Aries move through life fast which means they are quick tempered but their anger rarely lasts long.  As the Ram, Aries meet challenges head on.  The Cardinal quality and Fire element spurs Aries to launch new projects and ideas with a great drive and ambition to succeed.  Completing these projects is the challenge of Aries and they can lose interest if results do not appear rapidly.  Aries have a pioneering spirit, are boldly courageous and resourceful, aggressively pursuing their goals.  They can be argumentative, lack tact and have bad tempers, as children are prone to do.

The key phrase of Aries is “I am” as they need to experience things first hand.  The body part ruled by Aries is the head thus Aries are prone to headaches. Other key words for Aries are combustible, foolhardy, survivor, urgency, enterprising, egotistical, natural leader, manipulative, restless, fearless, vulnerable but not helpless, talkative, arrogant, and opinionated.  When one is born under this sign, their basic personality reflects these Aries traits.  Each year, as the sun moves into fiery sign of Aries, we all feel a bit more vigorous, youthful, ambitious and anxious to create something new.

The Moon relates to emotions, nurturing, needs, and what makes you secure.  When the moon appears in Aries, the energy is expressed as emotionally impulsive and bold. There is a need to stir things up, to start new things, to feel passion or be passionate about things.  Physical activity is craved. There is pride in decisiveness and getting things moving. The energy also appears as being self-absorbed, craving instant gratification and disliking authority.

Mercury influences how we think, study and communicate. When Mercury is in Aries, the energy is expressed as quick decisions, snap judgments and often argumentative. The energy supports intuitive insight regarding the dynamics of relationships, increases creativity, outspokenness, and imagination.  Other words to express this energy are witty, inventive, impatient, combative, improvisational, loves a good debate, prone to exaggeration, over-zealous, and entertaining.

Venus represents how we relate, what we value, how we handle finances, and our artistic nature.  When Venus aligns with Aries, the energy can result in passionate romance, early or hasty marriage, or being self-centered in love resulting in being unconsciously inconsiderate.  But also, the influence may increase the ability to love anew and be in love with love.  Money can come and go quickly.   Other terms to express this influence are magnetic, outgoing, enthusiastic, and impulsive.

Mars relates to how we use energy, our physical stamina, and our sex drive.  Mars rules the sign of Aries so whether your Sun is in Aries or not, having Mars in Aries is very dynamic.  This Mars Aries energy goes after what is wanted, has a strong sex drive, and is full of fiery passion. However, there is sometimes selfish disregard of partner.  Highly driven but impulsiveness, making hasty decisions can be a problem, both due to rushing in like the Aries Ram “in a china shop” and having trouble finishing what is started.  Other key words for this dual Mars energy are unsympathetic, vigorous, quick tempered, youthful and quick physical energies, and needing physical activity for release.

Jupiter influences how we seek to expand, grow and express our intellect, our fulfillment in life and in society.  When Jupiter appears in Aries, the energy is expressed as being zealous in our beliefs and quick to claim being right. Gains are realized through travel, children, law and friends.  Other terms of expression are crusader, overly optimistic, potentially militant, impatient, generous, philosophical, and egocentric.

Saturn is an expression of how we handle obstacles, deal with authorities, how we cope with serious issues personally and in society. Saturn in the sign of Aries can appear as having a difficult childhood or marital issues, having a greater need to develop patience, discipline, and for physical outlet.  This energy can be self-centered, defensive, ingenious, cantankerous, contemplative and may need to be self-sacrificing.

Uranus influences he way in which crave freedom, how we manifest individuality, where we experience sudden change and upset.  Uranus in Aries is expressed as being adventurous, outspoken, restless, disruptive, know-it-all, having a fiery temper, and spasmodic enthusiasm.  This energy can result in accidents caused by impulsiveness, freedom at any price, unintentional bluntness or rudeness, and a need to exercise restraint.  Slow moving, outer planet Uranus currently residing in Aries.  Uranus will continue to reside in Aries throughout 2014, allowing all of us to feel evolutionary, pioneering and ingenious.

Neptune represents how we reveal our imagination and intuitive capacity, and where our illusionary blind spots exist. When Neptune is in Aries, the energy ignites our imagination, allows for intuitive impulses, and is impelled to reform existing establishment.  Our illusionary blind spot is revealed to be our own ego. Other words describing this energy are grandiose creativity and radically inspired.  Neptune was not been in Aries since 1861 to 1874, during which the U. S. Civil War occurred, the typewriter and dynamite was invented, and the first Women’s Suffrage Law was passed in Wyoming.  Neptune currently resides in the sign of Pisces, its home sign, which fosters spirituality, inspiration, sensitivity and prophetic abilities as well as medical discoveries and new cultural concepts.  Neptune will again move into Aries in 2025.

Pluto influences how we personally transform and regenerate.  Pluto in Aries is expressed as impulsiveness, resourcefulness, individuality, and exploration. The last time Pluto was in Aries was 1822 to 1851, during which the need for emancipation was compelling, militant communism was born, global thinking started.  Pluto currently resides in Capricorn.  Pluto will need to move through Aquarius and Pisces before transitioning to Aries in 2067.  Due to the length of time it takes to move from one sign to another, looking at which house Pluto resides in has more annual influence.  The house shows which area of your life is being effected by the sign placement.

Speaking of Uranus being in the sign of Aries . . .  during the week of April 20, Uranus (rebellious, sudden changes) will be square to Jupiter (expansive) in the sign of Cancer (emotional).  Mars (warrior) will be in the sign of Libra (relationships) and will be square to expansive Jupiter and square to Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (big business and government).  This results in a Grand Cross or Grand Square.  The square is a stressful aspect, leading to the feeling of being boxed in and all four signs are Cardinal quality which pushes for the start of new action. The planet Jupiter has an expansive effect on any aspect.  This grand aspect may be painful but could lead a new start of an amazing world. An awakening of all humanity could be kicked off, transforming ideas and ideologies.

That ends the tour of planets through the Zodiac sign of Aries.  Next month, we will watch the planets spin through the fixed, earthy sign of Taurus, the Bull.  Until then, may Spring take grand hold of your heart and the stars shine sprightly.


This article will also appear in the Star Nations Magazine, available in iTunes Newsstand and Google Play Store on April 15


Embodying the Goddess



by Rodasi

Themis, Greek goddess of judgment, order and customs, and Maat, Egyptian goddess of law, justice and truth. These are just two symbolic aspects of the Universe which remedy chaos. Spring is a time of awakening the sleeping Earth as well as the dormant parts of ourselves. For those of us under the darker skies and cold weather of a long winter, the Spring is like an electric storm of chaos that shakes loose heaps of unconscious build-up from a long time “under ground.”  I recommend connecting with one of these goddesses as we proceed into this shifting of seasons. You deserve the stability and clarity, the reason and the centering of this energy right now.

Breathe into this…

Sit comfortably – right there where you are. Let your attention come to your belly. Give yourself three deep belly breaths. Each exhalation you move more deeply into yourself, your seat, into this moment. Feel the center of your chest – there where your heart is pumping. You sense this dynamic portal of energy here (the 4th Chakra) through the front and back of your body. Let your attention rest here.

Imagine an emerald green lotus flower blossoming here. It shines brightly as it unfurls in every direction. The radiance shines out in the upper Chakras – through the throat, the brain, the crown of the head. The essence of this heart Chakra pours forth down into the lower three Chakras – the belly, the sacrum, the tailbone.



In the depth of this emerald lotus flower, at its’ center you find yourself resting. You, sitting at the center of this lotus flower. You see yourself with the scales of Justice in one hand and the feather of truth in the other. You, in all of your radiance, perfectly still and at peace. You, the embodiment of the goddess of order, of truth. You feel Themis, you feel Maat radiating tranquil certainty in your intuitive knowing right from wrong, what serves is clear and what is not also crystal clear. There is no chatter in the mind weighing the options – there is simply peace and grace in the clarity of what is.

As the essence of this goddess enlivens your cells, you know in the marrow of your bones, in the heat of your blood, on the surface of your skin, and in all time and space, what is true and what is false. You no longer feel the need to “figure out” what has to happen – there is simply an acknowledgment of what is. Feel this freedom. The truth and stability fill you up, radiating out of the crown of your head and in all directions. Notice the certainty and the conviction to be unwavering in this awareness.

See these manifestations of the energy of this aspect of the Goddess take root down through your tailbone. Each root sprouts a new root infinitely. Each root deepens its’ hold in the physical aspect of your life. The ability to maintain order within chaos, to discern with non-judgment in the midst of a myriad of options, and the wisdom to rest therein – all these fill you and empower you to continue on as the embodiment of this energy…as Themis, as Maat.

Let the emerald green light of the heart, of growth, fertility, nourishment, aliveness and awakening blur the lines of yourself as an individual part of the whole. Watch as just the emerald green light remains. It shines forth so bright until the green becomes a bright white and until there is an absence of light – leaving just the dark, nurturing womb of the eternal Mother – and you as that. Gestating in truth, potentiality, aliveness, consciousness. You are about to be re-birthed as your own unique expression of the Divine Mother – with Themis and Maat infusing your body, spirit and mind. You feel the push, notice the breath, hear and feel the surrounding in the room you are in, and experience yourself completely returned to the present moment. Slowly open your eyes and breathe in deep. Feel the essence of this embodiment within you. Blessed Be.

Time to Dig Deep

by Norma Zelenko

It’s time to dig deep.  Whatever it is you think you want to grow this year, it’s
time to get a little down and dirty; time to work up the soil and work in the creativity
of death, as you plan for new life.
So many symbols in all the religions of the world talk about the spiritual flame.  Now
whether that is a candle you light for the Virgin Mary or the Purple Flame or the campfire
wisdom of your elders, it it time to burn off all the old growth which does not benefit you
as you prepare to plant and welcome in the fertility of a new year with Mother Earth.
And yes indeed, the snow shall turn to rain and April showers will bring May flowers;
but not unless you get out and muck around in the dirt right now, and decide what
needs to die and what needs to be planted and fed and nurtured this spring.
Every thought you think, you manifest.  Every Goddess you invoke carries with her a
divine power for you to grow this year.  The seed-forms of thought and worship will
fall into the earth, your Self, so it is worth your time and effort to get those hands
dirty and toss around some dirt in the air, and shock the neighbors by gardening to
the sound of drums.
This is your Self, your star garden.  Do not linger over the death of the past, but weed
out any remnants of the past while you plant and water and tend the present.
Your future self is being created without any fear or worry needed from you.
A new wind is blowing across the universe, the death and birth of the stars whisper
to you of your fulfilled destiny as the new age comes in.  It is only right you dig deep
and plant well.

Many blessings on this sacred time in your life.
Light & Love, Norma