Goddesses of June and Summer Solstice

herasubmitted by Rodasi


The Goddesses of June – and of the Summer Solstice are (to name a few) Hera, Juno (for whom this month is named), Vesta, Hebe, Theria, Litha, Astarte, Yemaya, Oshun. Choose one of these goddesses to research, pray to, chant praises to, meditate upon, paint her picture, write her a poem and in general discover her within your world and you.

Themes: Celebrations of Marriage, Pregnancy, Love, Fruitfulness of the Earth, Family, Community – Check out or create Summer Solstice (Midsummer’s Eve/Day) Celebrations in your Community!

June’s Moon – Full Mead Moon (June 13 and New Moon June 27)

Gemstones: Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite

Choose anyone of these stones. Sit in meditation with each. Write in your journal about what it reveals to you. Share with us on Facebook!

Chanting for Personal Power

Find a place under the full moon where you can chant without being observed. Go there and take with you some food, especially apples and pears (sacred to Juno) and some incense to offer her. Under the full moons, always light a white candle for strength and honor. Juno, who is the goddess of personal power, is within you. You simply must stimulate her. Close your eyes after viewing the moon and meditate. When you open your eyes again…(as always, invent your own chants and rituals. I am only offering a pattern here)


Juno, Hera, Queen of the Powers,

Bring out my own!

Let all that is needed be done well.

I sing of your glory under the moon.

I am ready for my personal power.

I am the arm that does your work.

I am the mind of your thoughts.

I am the will of your achievements.

I am the conductor of your power.

Hera, Juno, Hebe, Theria,

I am the heart of your love.


Hera has listened and you shall receive what you’ve asked for. The Universe is aware, not asleep. The spirits grant what is needed.

(Adapted/From Zsuzsanna Budapest’s book Grandmother Moon; page 118)


Astrologer in Training – Gemini

Gemini by Anna Blanchard

Gemini by Anna Blanchard

by Cindy Fadoir


The darting flight of a butterfly symbolize the Gemini mind, gathering information from multiple sources and dispensing thoughts to many. Gemini is the last Zodiac sign of the spring season, also known as early summer. Such is the duality and versatility of Gemini, as symbolized by the Twins and the mutable quality of this air sign.

Our astrology training continues with the third sign of the Zodiac experience. Gemini is the youngster now speaking in full sentences with the help of Mercury, the messenger planet. Paired with the air element of intellect, the youngster is thrilled with learning and knowledge. Thus, the key phrase for Gemini is “I think”. And talkative, curious Gemini want to learn everything and love to share their thoughts and new ideas. However, the thoughts may change as Gemini inquisitiveness results in questioning everything, even their own opinions, causing potential inconsistencies in their communications over time. Gemini are logical, rational and quick thinking. Like the flitting butterfly or the impatient child, Gemini are restless and desire variety. They generally have many projects going at once and have difficulty staying focused to completion. Gemini love to read and anything to do with words. They are more at ease with words and ideas than their emotions.

Gemini are resourceful financially, able to secure funds from various sources and are generous when able. Gemini are often fair but tan easily, energetic and wiry. They have fair hair, slender arms and graceful hands. Their head is often tipped in inquisition. Their eyes are usually anything but brown, as in crystal clear and sparkly blue, hazel, grey or green. Gemini rules the lungs, hands, arms and nervous systems. Other Gemini keywords are communicative, adaptable, restless, inconsistent, intelligent, eloquent, witty, lively, cunning, inquisitive, logical, nervous, superficial, unfocused, and moody.

The Moon relates to how we express our emotions, needs, and what makes us feel secure. When the moon appears in Gemini, emotions may be questioned, analyzed and not trusted. Verbal discussion is desired to sort emotions out or for emotional release. Rational thought often overrides emotional needs.

Mercury influences how we think, study and communicate. At home in Mercury ruled Gemini, communications increase and become easier. This alignment supports studies and learning in all forms. Our thought processes are clearer and more logical, though nervous tension may result in jumping to conclusions. Changing minds often result in superficiality.

Venus represents how we relate, what we value, how we handle finances, and our artistic nature. When Venus aligns with Gemini, the expression is often charming, flirtatious and lively. Diversity is valued and relationships can be fickle. Partners with quick minds are valued as Gemini love first with the mind. Finances are handled resourcefully, as funds often come from multiple sources. Creative outlets are often writing

Mars relates to our physical stamina and sex drive, and how we use energy. The Mars in Gemini energy can be verbally assertive, expressed mentally versatile and argumentative. The duality of Gemini results in a great dislike of conflict and confrontation and desire to keep options open. Sexuality can be expressed as light hearted and spontaneous, though the need for variety may result in lack of commitment or multiple unions. Gemini is more likely to be mentally active rather than physically, which can cause restlessness and irritability.

Jupiter influences how we seek to expand, grow and express our intellect. When Jupiter appears in Gemini, the energy support self-education, diplomacy and alertness. However, it can also result in temperament, intellectual restlessness and snobbery impeding growth. New ideas are shared and expressed through teaching, writing, journalism, broadcasting and online media.

Saturn is an expression of how we deal with authority and cope with serious issues personally, spiritually and societally. Saturn in the sign of Gemini may result in a disruption or slowdown of communications and an increase in doubts and suspicions. This energy supports scientific reasoning. Normal thought processes are deeply serious. Practical solutions are sought. Caution and conservatism are the rule.

Uranus relates to how we manifest personal individuality and humanitarian freedom, and where we experience change as well as upset. Uranus in Gemini is expressed as innovative, inventive and original. Deep restlessness makes it hard to complete projects calling for additional discipline. Habitual life patterns may be broken now. Travel will bring new ideas to the masses.

Neptune represents how we reveal our imagination and intuitive capacity, and where our illusionary blind spots exist. Neptune has not appeared in Gemini for over a hundred years, so it is unlikely that anyone living today has this planet placement in their birth chart. Neptune will reappear in Gemini in 2051, so, the grandchildren of todays’ toddlers may have Neptune in Gemini in their birth charts. Neptune in Gemini has many new ideas about commerce, communication and travel, while being restless, preoccupied and crafty. Gemini’s need to take on everything can lead to burnout. Imagination and intuition merge through reasonable logic.

Pluto influences how we personally transform and regenerate. When Pluto moves into Gemini in 2127, it is speculated that generation will be willing to challenge the mainstream thought and question the logic of the time. Pluto currently resides in Capricorn, as it has since around June 2008, when the stock market crash resulted in a need to transform and rethink how material resources and possessions are handled and valued. Also, government size and reform continue to be campaign hot topics.

Next month, we will take a tour through the cardinal water sign of Cancer, the Crab. Until then, may the heavens be bright with summer stars and fireworks.

The Merry Month of June – Tarot and Numerology

Lord Shiva and his  Divine Partner Radha

by Norma Zelenko


June, the sixth month of the year, is busting out all over; we see it in the cherry blossoms & the dandelions; love is in the air, and we light the sacred fires of the Summer Solstice.

It is a time of both growth and reflection; a time to re-set any goals as we continue our trip around the sun. But as we begin again this lovely month of June, we look to the Tarot as well as Numerology and it is very much a time of balance, powered by the energies of the number 6. June is the month of Gemini, The Twins; the sacred union of opposites.

Within the Tarot, The Lovers card is governed by the number 6. We acknowledge both the art and craft of relationship. Whatever that relationship might be, friends, family, lovers, work-mates or our pets, the balance is of allowing commitment as well as freedom. Not easy, but only possible if we begin with balance within ourselves. It is the work of living the yin/yang within yourself as well as in your relationship. An image comes to mind of the utmost serenity of those people on stand up paddle boards; it looks easy, but you do fall in the lake a lot first!

And here’s something to consider; the Devil within the Tarot, at 15, also represents the 6 and a type of divine balance. Being open and willing to use your intuition as well as your practical side, to look at people and issues with the discernment of balance and discipline, but also to remember to laugh. Historically, the “devil” was that rascal Pan, who is known to be rather frisky, but also brings to us the gift of laughing out loud. Release yourself from anxiety and allow yourself the pleasures of life, without taking yourself too seriously.  I’m serious!

Within Numerology, 6 engages us both in love as well as in service.  It has taken us beyond the vibration of the 2; that time of the pairing, the mutual spark of attraction. The 6 broadens that sense of personal balance into the home and the community; beautifying your living space as well as service to the group. The Goddess/God in you has joined forces with others to promote that sense of Divine Harmony. This may spark images in your mind of working on a really awful committee at some point – but give it another try this month!

The 6 suggests while we are certainly coming into a time of great unity, June is also a time to gracefully combine our conscious and subconscious energies. The vibration is of equal measures of giving and taking. Not a time of winner take all, but most certainly not a time of being a doormat. This takes energy and persistence from all of us, no matter what our Journey.

If we just select one card, the Six of Swords, we look at an individual who allows their emotions to support their mind; a balancing act certainly, but one which will allow you to sail on smoothly towards a mutual goal, without tipping over in the process.

I submit to you, during this merry month of June, allow yourself to be yourself. Love yourself, get out and smell those flowers, and since no month can go by without dancing, light that fire on Midsummer’s Eve. Oh, and try balancing an egg on end. No wait, that’s the Equinox. There, made you laugh!

As always, Namaste.