Astrologer in Training – Cancer

by Cindy Fadoir

courtesy of Anna Blanchard

courtesy of Anna Blanchard

Cancer is the first sign of the Summer Season. Here we encounter the element of water which reminds us all of summer times at the beach, in the swimming pools, under sprinklers in the yard. Memories of home and family, vacations to historical sites and neighborhood kids playing under watchful mothers eyes. All these are characteristics of Cancer, ruled by the watery Moon.

Our astrology training continues this month with the forth sign of the Zodiac experience. Now in the adolescent phase of the zodiac experience, watery Cancer is striving for independence yet family is still crucial, like the adolescent going off to school. Friends and community become an important part of this homey picture. The key phrase for Cancer is “I feel”. Having many mood swings, Cancers tend to keep these emotions below the surface, imagination bubbling and worry brewing. The Cancer child now displays a strong will and more control and discipline over emotions, appearing insensitive on the outside but actually soft and vulnerable on the inside. Cancer is symbolized by the Crab.  Like the Crab, Cancer seem to be guarded, evasive, “side-stepping”, as if the hard shell is protecting the little child underneath.  Sometimes overly sensitive and easily hurt, Cancers like to “nest” in safe places and love to feel needed.

Cancers have a need for security, both emotional and financial. Cancers always seem to feel financially insecure, not matter how many billions they own.  Many prominent Rockefellers have a Cancer sun-sign. Cancers are also very intuitive, and when trusted, can alleviate the worry of insecurities. Their excellent memory is helpful for more than just remembering the past, where they do tend to dwell, and their favorite subject in school tends to be History. Their worrisome ways and their natural nurturing trait may combine into smothering and co-dependency.

Cancer sun signs tend to have round pale faces like a full moon, clear watery eyes, light hair, short and stocky builds and the women have ample breasts. They tend to have stomach issues do to all that worry. And though mutable is not often associated with cardinal quality signs, the ever-changing lunar influence results in Cancer also being changeable. And of course, Cancer suns love to live near water.

Additional Cancer traits are shrewd, sensitive, cautious, secretive, sympathetic, kind, protective, “crabby”, resourceful, and moody.  They are also thrifty and economical, intuitive and imaginative.

A quick note to the United States of America, a true Cancer entity, with its watery land from “sea to shining sea”, protective “home of the brave” and it’s intuitive “founding fathers”. And of course, they would be the first to land a man on the Moon, the Cancer ruling planet. They have a cautious “homeland security” and even show celestial Stars on the flag represent each family member. Happy Birthday!

The Moon relates to how we express our emotions, needs, and what makes us feel secure. When the moon appears in Cancer, having strong family ties, being needed and nurturing are all desired.  Psychic abilities and fertility are heightened. The desire to withdraw and side-step, like the Crab, occurs when hurt. Being overly sensitive, moody, worried and needy are all more apparent.

Mercury influences how we think, study and communicate. With Mercury in Cancer, the memory, imagination and intuitions are heightened, possibly overly so. Living in the past is shaded with emotional memories resulting in sensitivity.

Venus represents how we relate, what we value, how we handle finances, and our artistic nature. When Venus aligns with Cancer, security is valued and represented through home, marriage and family ties. Spend thrifts and savers may also be clingy, emotionally possessive.

Mars relates to our physical stamina and sex drive, and how we use energy. The Mars in Cancer shows up as cautious, protective and emotionally demanding which might overshadow sexual desires. Crabbiness appears as side-stepping and hiding strong will under hard shell.

Jupiter influences how we seek to expand, grow and express our intellect. When Jupiter appears in Cancer, spiritual expansion appears as nurturing and compassion for others. Food is often used as emotional sustenance.

Saturn is an expression of how we deal with authority and cope with serious issues personally, spiritually and societally. Saturn in the sign of Cancer results in protective boundaries for loved ones and finances. Emotional security is greatly desired and if denied, can lead to depression and moodiness. Intuition is somewhat stifled.

Uranus relates to how we manifest personal individuality and humanitarian freedom, and where we experience change. Uranus in Cancer pursues independence from restrictive parental authority and through emotional expression. Greater psychic abilities may result in spiritual or occult activities in the home. Unpredictable moodiness, outrageous imagination and emotional instability may be indicated.

Neptune represents how we reveal our imagination and intuitive capacity, and where our illusionary blind spots exist. Neptune has not appeared in Cancer for about a hundred years, so there are not many living today that have this planet placement in their birth chart. Neptune will next appear in Cancer in the year 2065 so our current children may have grandchildren with this placement. With the watery Neptune in the watery sign of Cancer, those grandchildren may have enhanced psychic abilities and the imagination might be overly creative.

Pluto influences how we personally transform and regenerate. When Pluto moves into Cancer, home life is disrupted and domestication of new worlds requires deep emotional involvement. Pluto currently resides in Capricorn, as it has since around June 2008, when the stock market crash resulted in a need to transform and rethink how material resources and possessions are handled and valued. Also, government size and reform continue to be campaign hot topics.

Next month, we will continue over experience by entering the Sun ruled world of Leo, the Lion. Until then, may the heavens be full of sizzling sunshine and blazing stars.


The Scent of Mango

by Charlotte Bengsch


wikipediaThere are mango fibers


between my front teeth …


I sucked on the pit of a mango.


Sometimes, you just can’t

help it!

Especially … when you’ve got one

thats tree-ripe and juicy


the smell takes you back to when


were a little girl in Africa walking

on the beach or

through the market where

the scent of mango


languidly from the very air itself

…ahhh …

the ripe mango.


A bit like life –

potentially delicious, irresistible

and self-indulging.


And even,

when all the flesh is gone

and only the pit is left

you can suck off

every last drop of juiciness –

there is much to enjoy

you can ignore the fibers


in your teeth until

that’s all that’s left … a

naked pit and you –

you with mango

stuck in your teeth.

Nasty feeling really,

but, easily remedied.

Not to worry –

a little floss and you’re good


rush right back to the market

and get another


sweet, nectar-dripping mango.

Life can be so amusing!

Hop In!!

By Norma Zelenko

Bull FrogHave you seen the frogs?  Dead on the road; one hand on their heart, and one hand out-stretched like an opera singer?  Well, that’s not you.  You have other frog medicine to work with now.

Frog Medicine brings cleansing, sensitivity, observation, new beginnings and power.  You doubt the power of Frog?  They can call in the Thunder Beings; most of us just aren’t listening. So, I ask you to consider washing away that which you do not need, and accepting the power of leaping off that lily pad.

You may feel the urge to run out in the rain and allow the water to wash away the emotional attachments which no longer serve you.  You may simply feel ready to stick your toe into the waters of a new adventure.  Or you may be ready to take that incredible ballet leap, shimmering with every shade of green imaginable, and jump right out and grab that which you need.

Every drop of water becomes a prism of experience when seen through frog eyes.  Yes, the patient waiting and watching for the right moment is important, but you have a lot of time between the baby’s baptism and the candle-lit barge which carries your soul down the river and out of this time.  White water rafting or gliding peacefully on the kayak?  Do it now.

If you didn’t listen to the peepers when they popped out in the spring, listen to the bullet head booming of the bigger frogs now.  Frog has a voice, and so do you.  If you have been drowning in emotions, it’s time to ribbit out, STOP!  Take the calm healing bath or face the hurricane down by the shore. But start singing!

Possibilities abound, but they will float past you unless you jump in.  You are past being tadpole, and it’s time to get out of the mud and come clean with yourself.

The water’s fine.  Hop in.

May the blessings of the water spirits be with you, and I acknowledge the inspiration of the Medicine Cards, the Druid Animal Oracle, and of course, Ted Andrews.

Many blessings, Norma