Hop In!!

By Norma Zelenko

Bull FrogHave you seen the frogs?  Dead on the road; one hand on their heart, and one hand out-stretched like an opera singer?  Well, that’s not you.  You have other frog medicine to work with now.

Frog Medicine brings cleansing, sensitivity, observation, new beginnings and power.  You doubt the power of Frog?  They can call in the Thunder Beings; most of us just aren’t listening. So, I ask you to consider washing away that which you do not need, and accepting the power of leaping off that lily pad.

You may feel the urge to run out in the rain and allow the water to wash away the emotional attachments which no longer serve you.  You may simply feel ready to stick your toe into the waters of a new adventure.  Or you may be ready to take that incredible ballet leap, shimmering with every shade of green imaginable, and jump right out and grab that which you need.

Every drop of water becomes a prism of experience when seen through frog eyes.  Yes, the patient waiting and watching for the right moment is important, but you have a lot of time between the baby’s baptism and the candle-lit barge which carries your soul down the river and out of this time.  White water rafting or gliding peacefully on the kayak?  Do it now.

If you didn’t listen to the peepers when they popped out in the spring, listen to the bullet head booming of the bigger frogs now.  Frog has a voice, and so do you.  If you have been drowning in emotions, it’s time to ribbit out, STOP!  Take the calm healing bath or face the hurricane down by the shore. But start singing!

Possibilities abound, but they will float past you unless you jump in.  You are past being tadpole, and it’s time to get out of the mud and come clean with yourself.

The water’s fine.  Hop in.

May the blessings of the water spirits be with you, and I acknowledge the inspiration of the Medicine Cards, the Druid Animal Oracle, and of course, Ted Andrews.

Many blessings, Norma


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