The Scent of Mango

by Charlotte Bengsch


wikipediaThere are mango fibers


between my front teeth …


I sucked on the pit of a mango.


Sometimes, you just can’t

help it!

Especially … when you’ve got one

thats tree-ripe and juicy


the smell takes you back to when


were a little girl in Africa walking

on the beach or

through the market where

the scent of mango


languidly from the very air itself

…ahhh …

the ripe mango.


A bit like life –

potentially delicious, irresistible

and self-indulging.


And even,

when all the flesh is gone

and only the pit is left

you can suck off

every last drop of juiciness –

there is much to enjoy

you can ignore the fibers


in your teeth until

that’s all that’s left … a

naked pit and you –

you with mango

stuck in your teeth.

Nasty feeling really,

but, easily remedied.

Not to worry –

a little floss and you’re good


rush right back to the market

and get another


sweet, nectar-dripping mango.

Life can be so amusing!


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