Imagine You Are a Superhero(ine)

By Rodasi


“You are the hero of your own adventure.” “You must say yes to the adventure!” How? “Follow your bliss.”



One of the people I’ve admired most in this life is the late contemporary philosopher, Joseph Campbell. He had a zest for life and a spry, youthful spirit that poured forth from his eyes and words.

I admired Joseph Campbell because of Myth, in part. I admired him because he took the road less-traveled. Thinking of himself as a cavalier sort of fellow – a maverick, he knew he could never live within the limiting beliefs and self-made myths that most humans live within. Joseph Campbell lived on the cutting edge of the moment, dove into the core of each interaction, sought out the heart of each ritual, the meaning of life in each breath of fresh air. He was humble, yet confident. He was innocent, yet so experienced. He was so truly alive that it is still infectious to this day – that is how I wish to live my life.

So what keeps any of us from living life like that? We have given ourselves to the myth that our family, society, community has delivered to us. We have settled for the lot we seem to have been given. We believe we must be comfortable, play it safe, and follow the prescribed roles set before us. We don’t know we are living an unconscious myth of bondage. We don’t know we are the heroine of our own mythic adventure. We don’t believe that we can be our own hero because we are always victim to something or someone. We are waiting for the right circumstances rather than looking to see how we can carve them out into the life we are living now.

hestia or vesta


For me this has come in the forms of being tired, lazy, fearful, too comfortable, disorganized, overwhelmed. I have found that my mind can give me an infinite number of reasons why I am not allowed to, am unable to, or how impossible it is to live an exceptional life. There may be a whisper of intuition to act now and the mind quickly dispels this whispering that we might be too bold, might look too greedy, might step on someone’s toes, might hurt someone’s feelings, might not be able to handle the success, might not be qualified to meet this challenge, this client, this endeavor, this mythic adventure – and so then be swallowed alive with rejection, with denial, with abandonment, with something uncomfortable, with debt, with responsibility. So you look all those thoughts; be they blatant or subtle, square in the eye and say, “actually, yes I can.” You step up to the random stranger and compliment them, give them the intuition, ask for their help in getting the door open – meet your destiny!



Oh man – the time has come. What are you waiting for – someone’s permission to seize the lead role in your life? I grant it, brother. It’s yours, sister. I knight you, crown you, anoint you, appoint you and initiate you. Bring it on!

So what kind of adventure are you on? Is it dangerous? Is it destructive? Is is joyful? Is it hard work and lots of effort? Is it playful? Is it steadfast, rewarding, deeply connected and passionately alive? Is joy as well as trial allowed for in your adventure? Dang, I sure hope so. Welcome it all in, my friend.

Keep alert to the myth you are playing out in your life and get clear about the one you want to be living. How do you want to show up as the main character in your life? Do you want to be a ruler, a priest, a fashionista, a designer, an entertainer, a healer, a business owner? Do you want to be remembered for your kindness, your service, your fashion sense, your intelligence, your peace? Do you want to feel at ease in your own skin and at home no matter what it looks like on the outside? Do you want bright lights, big city? Country quiet? World-traveler? Some of each? Do you want to go out of this life, guns blazing and kicking up your heels saying “woohoo that was one helluva ride!”? Yes…let it be so, my friend.

Try this…Ask other people what their passionate vision is and support them. Share your passionate vision with others too. And like King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, pull together your rockstar Tribe to create with.

Let’s do this thing. There is more than enough room for us all to succeed, have and be all that we are meant to. It’s in the design. Cheers to you, hero and heroine! May the Force be with you!



Check out the mythic adventures of these few gods and goddesses…As you explore these stories – see who resonates with you. See who you feel you can’t relate to at all. Meditate upon these energies. Research them. See how their stories make connections in your life. See how you can call upon these energies to strengthen them in your life. For example – the goddess of Abundance and Beauty, Lakshmi may help you change relationship to money. Hermes, the messenger god (also known as Mercury) is skilled at communication. If you are seeking to increase your nurturing parental energy, Demeter. If it’s devotional love, maybe the story of Radha & Krishna would serve you. Have fun with it!

Persephone or Kore, who likes to take trips to the dark side regularly emerging with great wisdom and the ability to walk another through to the light

Hephaestus or Vulcan, one of Aphrodite’s lovers who is talented with metalworking yet crippled & so a little moody

Demeter, Corn Mother, Ceres,  Mother of the Harvest, goddess of grains, able to nourish and feed all the children

Zeus, great leader, ruler dude who doesn’t exactly have his morals intact but seems to have it all

Vesta, a Virgin goddess, priestess, tender of the sacred flame, the hearth, the spiritual juices and the center of our lives

Apollo, sun god, warrior, charismatic, charming and powerfully skilled in the ways of negotiation and enterprise

Kali – fierce Mother goddess of life and death, of liberation

Ganesha – the elephant-headed god of liberation, self-realization, remover of obstacles

Hanuman the monkey god who is physically strong, deeply devoted to God and service-oriented

Sedna- goddess of the ocean, of abundance, nourishment, sealife

Pan- god of lovemaking, wine, music, and celebration

Shiva – wild, yogi god, god of meditation, destruction and liberation


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Astrologer in Training – Virgo

by Cindy Fadoir

Courtesy of Anna Blanchard

Courtesy of Anna Blanchard

Virgo is the final Zodiac sign of the Summer season. Virgo is symbolized by the fertile maiden reaping the harvest. This symbol of unspoiled purity shows Virgos desire for perfection. The earth element stability is at odds with the mutable quality and the airy, intellectual influence of being ruled by Mercury creates a nervous energy within Virgo.

Our astrology training continues this month with the sixth sign of the Zodiac experience. Our zodiac journey moves into the early adult phase as Virgo achieves enough maturity for duty and responsibility while immaturely seeking perfection and sacrificing to serve others. Somewhat resentful of their loss of childhood, Virgos take their new found responsibilities seriously, if not critically. Bringing in an abundant harvest is important to sustain life for self and others, however, with other signs of the zodiac still having late summer fun, Virgos tend to fret and worry excessively. The fretting continues as the modest, young adult confronts their new awareness of the innate sensuality of this fruitful earth sign, causing internal, moral conflict.

The key phrase of Virgo is “I analyze” as Mercury’s sharp intellect is honed and focused by Virgos’ new found maturity. Virgos can often take themselves too seriously. When relaxed and confident, Virgos are very capable, practical workers, using their analytical skills to decipher complex systems and large amounts of detailed information while maintaining standards of perfection and precision, though generally in a supportive rather than leadership role.

Physically, Virgos have intriguing eyes, sparkling with intelligence and clarity. Extremely attractive, Virgo has exquisite bone structure or delicate nose, ears and lips. Virgos display grace and charm and a bit of vanity as they are more critical of themselves than of others. Though slender in appearance, they have much muscular strength. Their dress is stylish and functional, and their appearance is well groomed and orderly. Virgo rules the intestines, abdomen and central nervous system, which can be negatively affected by the chronic Virgo worry. Virgos tend to be fastidious about health, hygiene and nutrition and keep abreast of latest, cutting edge information. Virgos would benefit greatly from relaxation techniques, balancing work and play, and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Other Virgo traits are industrious, systematic, considerate, aloof, skeptical, finicky, critical, self-centered, craftsman, inquiring, loyal, reserved, shy, practical, meticulous, discriminating, orderly, courtesy, and pessimistic.

The Moon relates to how we express our emotions, needs, and what makes us feel secure. When the Moon appears in Virgo, analysis of feelings and emotions occur, a need to be valued for services offered is apparent, and confidence can be lacking. Desires for perfection are directed to self and home.

Mercury influences how we think, study and communicate. With Mercury at home in Mercury ruled Virgo, thought processes are capable of handling mass amounts of detail, are more logical and analytical, learning comes quicker and focus is deeper. May be critical of slower minds. The ability to speak is enhanced. Attention to detail can result in getting bogged down. Interest in mystery, magic or the occult deepens.

Venus represents how we relate, what we value, how we handle finances, and our artistic nature. When Venus aligns with Virgo, perfection and logic is valued. Over-analysis of feelings may occur, as does being overcritical of partners. Venus in sensuous but modest Virgo falls cautiously in love. Being of service to loved ones is enhanced. Art is seen from a craftsman’s eye.

Mars relates to our physical stamina, sex drive, and how we use energy. The Mars in Virgo, the energy may be nervous or channeled into methodical work which might result in overworking. Attention to detail is heightened. Sexually idealistic but may lack imagination.

Jupiter influences how we seek to expand, grow and how we express our intellect. When Jupiter appears in Virgo, conflict of broad view and detail occurs, resulting in anxiety. Literary skills are enhanced, utilizing precise, meticulous, critical writing. Quietly ambitious, Virgo should guard against wide swings from confident to worry.

Saturn is an expression of how we deal with authority and cope with serious issues personally, spiritually and societally. Saturn in the sign of Virgo is highly conscientious, efficient and hard working. Being overly concerned with details combined with a lack of confidence can result in shyness seeking solitude, and potentially depression.

Uranus relates to how we manifest personal individuality and humanitarian freedom, and where we experience change. Uranus in Virgo blends the unconventional with the conventional, encouraging original thought and unique ideas, especially in fields of health and healing. Individuality is attained with detailed, intellectual research. Unusual health problems could occur, resulting in desire to seek alternative treatments.

Neptune represents how we reveal our imagination and intuition, and where our illusionary blind spots exist. With the watery Neptune in the earthy sign of Virgo, a generation is influenced to be of service and sacrifice for the greater good. Reconciling intuition and scientific reasoning can cause intellectual angst. Communication is broader and easier.

Pluto influences how we personally transform and regenerate. When Pluto aligned with Virgo in 1957 through 1971, the desire for upheaval was strong, as seen in the student unrest and disappointment with establishment. Uranus was also in Virgo during much of this period, from 1961 through 1968, resulting in a conjunction between Uranus and Pluto. Uranus added a desire for sudden change to the Pluto upheaval. Great advances are made in medicine and technology. Pluto in Virgo results in being analytical, inventive, over-critical and puritanical. The Virgo desire to sacrifice for others is stifled.

Next month, we will continue our experience by entering the airy, Venus-ruled world of Libra, the Scales. Until then, may the heavenly stars reap magical abundance.


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Harvest Time

by Norma Zelenko

candlesWe have come down to it as we begin the month of September and consider harvest time and thoughts that need thinking on September 8; the full moon in Pisces and just how to make sense of it all.

And just how strange is it that words and seeds all work the same and what we planted is what we grew even when we swear we never planted that!? And how all things change when we realize the harvest is upon us and just what were we thinking when we danced on the dirt and planted last Spring.  And did we care for the land and the inner landscape and did we water enough or too much and how the passage of years and minutes is pretty much all the same.  Well, my dear English teacher Miss Pugh, would say, get to the point, Miss Norma.  So wherever she speaks from now; I hear you, Evelyn.

Miss Pugh always pushed me to write and edit and she would never squander a word of praise on my efforts, only my results. And I know she knew when I skipped class to hang out in the music room, and she said never a word.

So, what are the results you really want?  In the coming month, go out and harvest whatever small seeds you planted which did grow into what you really wanted, then turn the rest into lessons-well-learned compost. And yes, that is what I mean to say. Plow it under. Let it go. And mind what you plant next spring.

And whether the thoughts you plant are from stardust or fairy dust or simply too much dust in the attic, next spring plant half of what you read about, spend twice as much time weeding, and when we gather in our circle a year from now, perhaps the harvest will make a bit more sense.

Just remember what words you plant and what it is you really want. Get to the point. Miss Pugh is still watching.  And Miss Norma still plans to dance.

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Harvest Magic – Ideas for Celebration and Muffins!

by Rodasi

autumn finery

Autumn Finery

The autumnal equinox is upon us. Truly, we’ve already felt Mabon’s tides urging us into the excitement of harvest. For me it is a lightness that makes the work of Harvest time more joyful. Even in living our Dharma – be it a literal garden of fruits and veggies and herbs, spinning honey, getting the kids back to school, or doing the work you love, the energy of this season is full-on. In the abundant ripeness of our various fruits, there is work to be done. Bring it on!

Forget not the magical mysterious movement that inspired us to sow, to nurture, to grow these seeds and fortify their rooting into our lives. What inspired them to grow, flourish, ripen and bloom? What is that mysterious force that moves us along? Here at Harvest, at Mabon, we acknowledge and are humbled by the magical mystery of Nature, Source, the Universe, the Great Goddess, God, even. That flow makes breath move through your body and turns a blossom into a cherry. Even so, we are co-creators with that divine spark. Look around you and take in the abundance that you’ve generated! Like it or not, it’s what you’ve brought forth from your own seeds, soil, work, consciousness. Own it, dearie. Own it and marvel at your creation. If it’s an abundance of clutter you created, own that. If it’s an abundance of things to do, own that. If it’s an abundance of veggies to harvest or commitments to keep or bills to pay, own it all! Then claim space.

Empty yourself. Let the emptiness come forward through you each day. But also have a clear direction to focus your energy. If you want more space in your schedule to read or pray, create it. If you want more love, make time for it. If you want to achieve your goals make time each day to remember what they are, take steps to tend to them, put energy into them, nurture them along. When curve balls come in, do your best to own this as a special kind of magic from the Universe. The Universal flow is keeping you on-track – and it may not be your mind’s track. You never know what a perceived roadblock may lead you into! There are an infinite number of options – we so very often only see one or two that we think might get us to our ultimate dream come true. Be open. Be fluid. Empty yourself but do have a goal in mind. Do you wish to grow space or unconsciously grow clutter? Do you want more money or unconsciously, more debt? You must be attentive to that which is your dream, goal, intention. Treat it like a garden, a relationship, the Divine. Reap. Sow. Reflect in Emptiness. Plant your seeds. Tend to them. Harvest again.

The great abundant Divine Feminine as Harvest Queen, Goddess of Grain, Earth Mother, as well as the Divine Masculine as God of Harvest, God of the Vine, God of Fertility – they reign now, together. Look at the plenty around you. Eat it up. Preserve some of your Harvest – pickle it, can it, put it in your savings account. Imbibe in the smell of the rich Earth, the fresh produce; your life today.

Here are some options for you to celebrate whatever you are harvesting to gather in sacred space, in community to sing and dance, eat, drink and be merry:

And a Yummy Recipe for you – Share your outcomes and variations with us on the Higher Self Facebook page! With Great Emptiness, full of Abundant, Rich and Juicy Possibility – Rodasi

God and Goddess Harvest Muffinshappy mabon

(originally Oat-Apricot Muffins from “Uprisings – The Whole Grain Bakery Book”)

First soak 1c chopped dried apricots in ½ c hot tap water for 30 min – do not drain.

Wet Ingredients:

1 egg (or ¼ c ground flax with enough water to make it into a milkshake-like consistency)

¼ c oil

⅜ c honey

¾ c water

½ c chopped walnuts (or pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans – be playful)

Blend wets together with a wire whisk until smooth. Add to the above apricots and their juice.

Dry Ingredients:

2c whole wheat pastry flour

¼ c oat bran

¼ c rolled oats

⅜ c milk powder (or

2 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon, nutmeg, clove if you like

Stir together drys, then add to wets, blending quickly with whisk. Scoop into papered or oiled muffin tins. Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minute or until done. Enjoy!!