Time to Get Ready

by Norma Zelenko

sunflowersIt is time to prepare to celebrate earthly death. Time to once again, roll up our sleeves and grab the shovel and dig up whatever we planted and take it to the compost pile. The tomatoes are nearly dead, and so are the cukes, growing on the old iron headboard and the zucchini have given up the ghost as well. It is the time of the Falling Leaves Moon. The time when the birds fly south. The time of ending in order to begin again. Time to tidy up a bit.

We have celebrated the harvest of the plants, and now it is time to celebrate the harvest of the four-legged ones to feed us through the cold winter. Even if you don’t believe in hunting deer or killing those remarkable cows and pigs, let us honor their deaths. We all kill something to eat, even if we are vegetarians – plants have souls as well, so let’s just consider honoring whatever we hunt and putting our harvest to good use. We are a miracle of life, which depends on death. Ending and beginning again. Clean out the pantry.

Next month we will talk about the bigger death of this time as we know it; the beginning of the prophecies. But this month we honor those who planted well and transformed the plants into jars of food for this winter. This is a month to honor those who water and bless and bring in the energies of the four directions to the dirt. And honor those who now prepare their songs to sing the earth to sleep. We are all in this together. Let go of anything within yourself which keeps you from becoming yourself.

As always, we honor Mother Earth and all her gifts and seasons. And we think of Mother Bear – who prepares to go into the cave to transform and then comes back roaring into life next spring. And even though they make me nuts (yes, I said that) let us honor the squirrels as they collect their harvest for the winter – but they do not horde any more than they need. Time to clean out the closet.

We have harvested what we planted. Let’s celebrate the stuff we grew and toss out the stuff which did not nourish us this year and certainly shouldn’t be left in our souls to rot. Let that stuff go. Rummage around in your head and dig up whatever you know should get tossed and make some room for that which is coming. Transformation is upon us and it’s time to get ready.

And for goodness sake, whatever you dig up this month, use it for compost!

Namaste, Norma


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