Astrologer in Training – Scorpio

by Cindy Fadoir

Astrology;_signs_of_the_zodiac,_Scorpio._Coloured_engraving._Wellcome_V0024929Scorpio is the second Zodiac sign of the Autumn season. Scorpio is a water sign with a fixed quality, somewhat of a contradiction in terms. The watery, unstable emotional essence is offset by Scorpio’s fixed, focused convictions, often leading to an internal war. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of intense desire and transformation. The Scorpio glyph x symbolizes the scorpion, with the tail pointing upward, which represents transcendence. The rising spirit and soul of Scorpio is also symbolized by the soaring eagle and the mythical phoenix, each transcending the other.

Our astrology training continues this month with the eighth zone of the Zodiac experience, Scorpio. Our zodiac journey leads the mature, adult into the experience of facing and questioning their existence. In preparation of the coming Winter, the planet of transformation, Pluto, introduces the concept of death to the Scorpion soul. They need to experience life in all its aspects, intensely and with great depth. They are truth seekers, passionate lovers and immensely private. Scorpions are one of the most sexual signs of the Zodiac. They love to be in control, of many aspects of their lives and the lives around them. Their determined nature matched with intense desire make them great achievers. They have a long memory, making them loyal and never forgetting. Like the scorpion or the eagle waiting for prey to appear, Scorpions patiently wait to right an injustice or, at least, avoid or ignore the perpetrator. But revenge is often overshadowed by the Scorpio loyalty and gentleness.

The key phrase of sun sign Scorpio is “I desire” as Scorpions restlessly search for meaning in their lives. While they are intuitive and passionate, love must be deserved. One might need to be a relative or spouse to really know a secretive, cautious Scorpion. They are fiercely protective of self as well as loved ones. They are extremely focused, level headed and poised.

Physically, Scorpion’s intense gaze is often brooding and dark. The body is strong with a powerful sense of presence and energy. Their intense nature can results in exhaustion. Scorpio rule the genitals and reproductive organs, which might explain their strong sexual nature.

Other Scorpio sun sign traits are powerful, mysterious, ruthlessness, will power, fanaticism, magnetism, sadism, self-control, vindictive, suspicion, insightful, self-hating, determined, aggressive, shrewd, reserved, jealous, judgmental, and insightful.

The Moon relates to how we express our emotions, needs, and what makes us feel secure. When the Moon appears in Scorpio, emotions are focused, introspective and broody. The need for authenticity and boundaries are heightened. Solitude, but not isolation, is needed. Emotions, desires and sensitivities are increased but shown only to those they trust. Guard against being overly secretive or suspicious.

Mercury influences how we think, study and communicate. When Mercury connects with Scorpio, a shrewd, investigative aspect is used in problem solving. Concentration is focused but communication can be sarcastic, or guarded, but insightful.

Venus represents how we relate, what we value, how we handle finances, and our artistic nature. Venus in Scorpio results in intense desires, lust and love. Quiet and private, Venus in Scorpio are sensitive to rejection, often resulting in self judgment. Sex is an important component of the expression of love, romance and passion. However, the energy of this alignment needs more than just sex as an outlet. Financially, there is an aptitude for business and investments.

Mars relates to our physical stamina, sex drive, and how we use our energy. The Mars in Scorpio is no doubt powerfully sexual. All forms of energy are increased, including drive and ambition. If crossed, grudges may be stored for a long time before revenge is enacted. Guard against indulging in excess.

Jupiter influences how we seek to expand, grow and how we express our intellect. When Jupiter appears in Scorpio, esoteric knowledge and faith in self is expanded. Scorpio’s desire to live all facets of life is further expanded by Jupiter’s need to live life to the fullest, so be advised to guard against burn-out.

Saturn is an expression of how we deal with authority and cope with serious issues personally, spiritually and societally. Saturn in the sign of Scorpio, increases the boundaries, resulting in controlled emotions and enhanced secretiveness. Doing well in big business and international finances is indicated. Intuition is an asset if properly disciplined. Guard against jealousy, resentment and manipulation.

Uranus relates to how we manifest personal individuality and humanitarian issues, and where we experience change. Uranus in Scorpio results in intense emotion and decisiveness. The Uranus tendency is to mask the Scorpio emotion, leading to a fierce temper when revealed. Psychic insight uncovers what is hidden. Change, at all costs, may be indicated. Metaphysics may assist with uncovering a new understanding of life and death.

Neptune represents how we reveal our imagination and intuition and where our illusionary blind spots exist. With the watery Neptune in the watery sign of Scorpio, psychic openness and spirituality are enhanced, but can be delusional. Secrets and escapism are heightened. Guard against overindulgence in destructive activities.

Pluto influences how we personally transform and regenerate. Pluto is at home in Pluto-ruled Scorpio, which aligned in 1984 through 1995. During that time, a resurgence of natural regeneration and healing occurs as AIDS became a reality and alternative medicine steps out from behind the curtain. The environment was fast becoming under daily scrutiny. Apartheid began to be dismantled. Beliefs begins to surface that self-healing can lead to healing others, and that finding peace within ones’ self can lead to peace in the world. The consciousness movement gains momentum.

Next month, we will continue our astrological journey by entering the fiery, Jupiter-ruled world of Sagittarius, the Archer. Until then, may you gaze upon the heavens and see yourself within the multitude of stars and know that we are One.

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