What is Meditation?

by Rodasi

Rodasi - Lotus - Meditation

Rodasi – Lotus – Meditation

Have you ever heard of meditation? Have you tried to meditate but couldn’t quite “do” it?

What is the purpose of meditation? Is is a cool, mystical, intangible practice that only works if you are “that kind of person”? Is it a religious or spiritual practice, a scientific practice for changing the wiring in the brain, both?

What are the benefits of meditation? Does it offer peace of mind, better health, an easier way to hear your intuition or God? Does meditation reduces physical symptoms of stress, reduce heart rate and blood pressure? What does science say? Where do you begin? Why would you want to?

Great questions!

I knew no one else who did yoga when I first came upon the imageless Hatha Yoga book at age 12. I did the stretches and breathing exercises that I could understand and I’m sure that it was destiny- my mother didn’t even know where that book had come from. I only knew it made me feel safe and closer to God. It made me feel okay in my own skin and like I had someone of my own that made sense in a world that way did not make sense most of the time. It was an active prayer for me and naturally very meditative. Meditation came a few years later from a book full of images that my mother bought me when I was about 16. There was a little East Indian man in white robes looking happy and the book said to watch my thoughts like they were clouds floating by. I didn’t get it at all. However, I want what that little man seemed to have – so I kept trying.

In 1999 I found myself at the Omega Institute for 6 months working and practicing yoga, meditation, women’s spirituality and met my first Herbalist teacher, Susun Weed. I met Deepak Chopra and Pema Chodren. I didn’t like him so well, but Pema had something I wanted. Even though she was in robes, head shaven, she was down to earth and so honest. I felt I could relate to her. I successfully meditated for the first time in her presence. That fall I learned the Ishayas’ Ascension techniques and never really looked back at any other form of meditation practice except out of curiosity to understand some of the students I’ve been blessed to sit with over the years. It took a few more years for me meet my spiritual Teacher (in 2010) and vowed to live a life of service sharing meditation with men and women and even children who were ready to change their relationship to their mind. It has been full of (sometimes painful) growth, unwinding of old beliefs, discovery, joy, bliss, and reality.

Meditation today is sold in many packages – all lovely paths to get at an experience. In my perspective, true meditation is an experience and it is a measurable state of mind and body. I am excited to have the blessings of sharing a few effective tools to achieve this. You can find deep fulfillment, peace and passionate purpose from a dedicated practice of meditation. You can heal stress in the body and rewire your brain. You can discover new ways to relate to your thoughts and emotions and to the world around you. You can grow the muscles for living a peaceful, joyful, passionate life in the present moment. It can be complimentary to any religious belief system – while it is for me deeply spiritual, it is equally a very scientific practice of emptying the stress from the body and giving the mind a chance to still itself. Grace and health are the fruits. Consider giving yourself the gift of a meditation practice to discover for yourself what meditation is, what it is not, what it can and will do for you. It is simpler and more effective than you’d imagine and you deserve to experience the benefits.

Rodasi will be offering two month-long series of meditation courses at the Higher Self starting in March: Meditation for Beginners (exploring different types of meditation) and How to Teach Meditation (to your class, peers, family, and friends). Go to website www.higherselfbookstore.com  for further details.


Take a Leap

by Rodasi
take a leapIf you stop doing whatever you are doing right now and pay attention to what is around you, there will be the opportunity for you to experience your life with innocence. Your mind may look for lack out of habit – who cares. You get to choose how you look at the world – your life. The mind can say whatever it wants to.

What do you want? What is that wild dream? Do you dare to dream it into Reality? It took me a very long time to concede to my heart’s dreams. I feared they weren’t spiritual enough; they were too egoic – that someone else might suffer if I shone brighter. But the Universe – God – gave me a moment in time where I could not deny it anymore. I leaped. And the Universe caught me. It’s not over with. It’s still unfurling. It is my understanding and my hope that it is never ending. No final destination of completion until the day this fantastic vehicle for consciousness no longer breathes. I’ve got a lot of joy and love to share, a lot of fun to explore.

So do you.

It seems like the willingness and courage it takes to be so bold is confused for fear, true limitations in our lives and piles of excuses really. I know because I’ve sat in them and see new layers of it daily. But when you want to live, really live, more than you want the safety zone of your familiar struggles, then you might be ready to leap.

I’m going to ask again – what are your heart’s greatest desires and what are the subtle beliefs you carry in your mind that block you from going for them? Let me share something…There is no better moment than this one for you to go for it. You’ll never be more ready. The world your family, your love, your innermost self, all of Creation is waiting for you to do it. I am not joking. You arrived here with a certain curriculum and you are either embracing it and living passionate life, or you are not. If you ARE -woohoo, Rock On and THANK YOU! If not, do you want to?

In no way have I mastered this – but to the best of my ability, every day, I attempt to. Here are some things I’ve learned:

It is not easy but it’s simple; just takes getting into a new habit – and the rewards are way worth it.

If you don’t do it, you are basically living in denial, resistance and ignorance – and it’s making you sick, sad and agitated.

You CAN NOT do it ALONE; can’t do it. It won’t work so good for you – I promise You are WORTH every ounce of tears, sweat and blood, every moment of intensity, every no, every yes, everyone who leaves, everyone who stays, everything that falls away and everything that shows up. You are not only WORTH living your destiny, it is your RESPONSIBILITY.

I implore you to get honest, take a deep breath and leap, brothers and sisters. The people of the Higher Self are here to support you. I personally would be honored to help guide you into living your dream come true. No joke- the time is now!

Rodasi is available by-appointment at the Higher Self Bookstore, call Rodasi at 231-409-6344 to book your session

The Circle of Life

by Norma Zelenko

http://annemccrossan.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5539ebc948833010536b6b07f970b-800wiWe speak so often of old souls, and young souls and somehow that implies something about their path; their journey and the experience they bring in from other lifetimes.

It implies a starting point, and it dawned on me this morning; there is no starting point. Infinity is a loop after all; everything we know about life is a circle – a continuum of events with no beginning and no end.

Some people may bring in more of their past lifetimes; more memories of their stored records and their time on this earth. But we have all walked on Lemuria, and gathered together in Atlantis and started out journeys to Turtle Earth from Sumer, and Norte Chico in Peru, and Egypt and Sumer and India and the Yellow River in China and on and on, looping back around when our souls were ready.

And we have and still are puzzled by the consistency of the symbols. The similarity between the marks on stones which indicate our dependence on the animals and the rain and the sun and our shared horrors of the quacking earth and when the Sun hid his face. And we all knew the stars. And they were our family.

We are all one; we started as one, and we are part of the same organism; part of the same stuff which loved and explored and made families and then looked at each other and some started to say, you shall not have my food and you shall not have my land and you shall not have my goat or my woman or my man or my corn. Go away. Go away or I will kill you. I will take your life, you thing now – you thing which is not me, which is not part of the one.

And the historical waves of violence and possession and killing swept the planet. Hordes from the north, and priests from the south and armies and religions who all killed — taking the babies and the women as well as the warriors and wiping them from the planet. Wiping away all that is “us” and wiping away the notion, we are all one.

And then the water came. And we started over. We had a chance to be a new people – a freshly washed people – a people who could emerge and care for the land and the water and the air and each other. What did we create? Look around you.

The oneness is not a “notion” of some; it is a reality. When we kill or steal or lie or take from another, we might as well be cutting off our own hands. The prophecies are coming in waves toward us; waves which may cleanse us and allow us to start again, or wipe “us” from this Earth, this paradise which we were given and have soiled again.

What is it? What is the choice? Who are we and what shall we do? What will you do? What will the “I” in me which is the same as the “I” in you; do? Where shall we go when the fires come and the seas rise? Both the White Buffalo and the Dharma Bull stand on one leg. See this in your soul.

Love is all there is and love is who I am; who you are. Let us join together and protect the Mother and give honor to the Four Directions – bless the fire and the earth and the water and the air. Let us choose to join together as old souls and new souls and all souls – together we are strong. Let us honor the circle of life. Let us join hands. Let us choose to live.

Becoming Fire

by Norma Zelenko

candlesSay your name. Say it three times. Now light the flame and hold it high.

The candles have been blessed, the floors have been swept, you have walked your circles and the little cakes have been cooked. Time to strip down and stand next to your campfire. No need of the full sun just yet; the inner fire is what we honor now and it is time to re-write our story with a torch.

You are the torch-bearer; you are every incarnation of Brigid there is and it is time to honor the fire in the present moment. Reflect on what inspires you and take your place on this earth as a Triple Goddess who sheds light on the prophecies.

Whether it be buffalo or bull, you are called to witness the changes and keep the fires burning. Write your story and speak your truth. Brigid is many things to many people, but patient she is not. Emerge early from your sanctuary and light the fires.

Move to higher ground and light your fire again this year. Join the warmth of your body back to the Mother who has started to touch the seeds deep in the garden. Speak your truth and polish your sword. You are tempered steel.

Where do we take our stand? The campfires burn to sustain all needful things and we are grateful. But sometimes taking our torches to the streets in silent but powerful witness can be part of the awakening.

Brigit has called you out. Say your name again. Now shout it!

Become the flame. Hold your head high. You are a Fire Goddess.


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Astrologer in Training – Aquarius

by Cindy Fadoir

Aquarius courtesy of Anna Blanchard

Aquarius courtesy of Anna Blanchard

Aquarius is the second Zodiac sign of the Winter Season. Aquarius has a fixed quality and is ruled by Uranus, the planet of invention and surprise. Though the symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, the element for this sign is actually air, the “water” here representing intuition and insight flowing to the world. The Aquarius glyph may look like water waves but actually shows two perpendicular lightning bolts laid horizontally representing the planet Uranus electrical storms and symbolizes waves of subconscious knowledge being shared with the world like radio waves through the heavens.

Our astrology training continues this month with the eleventh zone of the Zodiac progression, Aquarius. This mid-winter sign represents a movement away from concern for an individual family to being independent yet still concerned for the greater family of the world. Aquarians are the humanitarians of the Zodiac but, individually, they like being on their own, concerned with self-fulfillment. They dislike anyone having domination over them or others. Born during the coldest part of winter, they too can be cold but thoughtful and contemplative. Described as the philosopher, the teacher, the thinker, Aquarius can see the need for change both in society and in themselves. Visualizing a need for social change or revolution may cause Aquarius to form a plan of attack at an early age and the fixed sign may not deviate from this plan as they mature. Once Aquarius does decide to change, it happens abruptly and completely. Uranus lightning bolts of intuition and inspiration can be mistaken for eccentricity and losing touch with reality.

The key phrase for Aquarius is “I know”. They isolate themselves in order to “know” themselves better and then confirm their existence by rejoining the community to share their knowledge. They believe in individual rights of all human beings, especially themselves, resulting in very independent, freedom loving individuals. The electrical impulses of Uranus equip Aquarius with a unique antennae sense, connecting them with a sense of Oneness, the vibration of all the Universe. At time, this connection can be overwhelming, and by disconnecting, they lose the lower level connection with the world and open up the higher level possibilities of inspiration and inventiveness.

Often described as detached and cold, Aquarius actually have conflicting emotional needs and a sense of perfection and idealism that rules out many connections. This ability to detach allows Aquarius to be objective observers without undue emotions, making them great arbitrators. Friendly, they like being in groups for activities, especially relating to body, mind and spirit, or the connection of all three. They naturally understand group dynamics and often become leaders or organizers. Their ‘electric’ personalities attract people, giving them an audience for their futuristic ideals and inspiration. They like New Age, cutting edge ideas, anything unconventional. Analytical but absentminded, they have little patience for those who are not open minded to new thoughts and ideas.

Physically, Aquarians have wiry bodies and hair. The attire is unique, surprising, thrift store chic meets high fashion. Aquarius rules the shins and ankles, the nervous system, the circulation system. Women are not naturally homemakers, often choosing to be called outside the home. The drive for independence may keep Aquarius from making permanent partnerships, but if they do, they are loyal and faithful. Friendship is important to optimistic Aquarius and they have many aquaintences but few truly close relationships.

Aquarians are also known to be balanced, rebellious, reasonable, erratic, progressive, altruistic, tolerant, radical, impersonal, scientific, intellectual, unconventional, zany, humane, contrary, honest, unpredictable and impatient.

The Moon relates to how we express our emotions, needs, and what makes us feel secure. When the Moon appears in Aquarius, expressions of emotions are controlled which allows a step back so the big picture can be seen. A sense of freedom, especially of self-expression, is needed to feel secure. Friendships are important. Emotions can change in a flash with bursts of inspiration.

Mercury influences how we think, study and communicate. When Mercury connects with Aquarius, communication is unconventional and dynamic. Thinking is quick, analytical, studious, abstract and social. Although open minded, it takes a lot to sway opinions. Lightning bolts of inspiration and idealism may be too far out to be easily understood.

Venus represents how we relate, what we value, how we handle finances, and our artistic nature. With Venus in Aquarius, freedom and friendship may be more important than committed unions. If partnerships are to succeed, they may need to be unconventional, intellectual and friendly with lots of open space, deep admiration and a variety of interests to share. Generally good with finances.

Mars relates to our physical stamina, sex drive, and how we use our energy. The Mars in Aquarius is eccentrically and idealistically passionate. An inventive and experimental approach exists to life and sexual encounters. Responds well to emergencies.

Jupiter influences how we seek to expand, grow and how we express our intellect. Jupiter in Aquarius results in expressing intellect, intuition and idealism in a helpful, positive way. Studies geared toward increasing the knowledge and awareness of human rights issues and imaginative solutions. Research into unusual and futuristic interests increases. Guard against becoming undisciplined, too scattered or overly rebellious.

Saturn is an expression of how we deal with authority and cope with serious issues personally, spiritually and societally. Saturn in Aquarius results in level-headed rebellion and an innovative approach to business. The Aquarian unconventional approach is tempered by the Saturn restrictive, serious approach. Guard against stubbornly sticking with one rigid viewpoint.

Uranus relates to how we manifest personal individuality and humanitarian issues, and where we experience change. Uranus is at home in Uranus-ruled Aquarius, which results in compassionate detachment in order to best develop and assist social reforms and individuals. Revolutionary, original and visionary advancements can occur in the study of science, space technology and computers. Einstein’s theory of general relativity was published in 1916, while Uranus was in Aquarius (1912 to 1920).

Neptune represents how we reveal our imagination and intuition, and where our illusionary blind spots exist. With Neptune in Uranus-ruled Aquarius, the generation born 1998 to early 2012 wants to exemplify universal harmony. Blending politics, philosophy and idealism into one forward-thinking concept may be desired. Guard against confusing ideology with rational thought.

Pluto influences how we personally transform and regenerate. Pluto will once more be in Aquarius, starting in 2024 to early 2043, igniting an originally unique understanding and expression of truth and life. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, from 1778 to 1798, the planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, was discovered by Sir William Herschel. This was also a time of the American Revolution, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as the French Revolution. These historical events all had a theme of liberty and equality, very much Aquarian based ideals.

Next month, we advance to the third of the Winter Season and the eldest sign of our Zodiac journey, Pisces. Until then, may the stars sparkle like snow and friends be plentiful.

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