Astrologer in Training – Elemental Balance

by Cindy Fadoir

Relationship compatibility starts with the element of the sun sign. Sun signs are generally more compatible with sun signs of the same element or the opposite element: Fire signs are opposite Air signs. Water signs are opposite Earth signs.

Fire: Aires, Leo, Sagittarius

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

bukki shooting starOne large aspect of relationship astrology is the balance of elements within each chart. A birth chart shows what astrological sign each planet resides in. If the four elements of are equally represented in your chart, you would mostly likely want to find someone who also has a balance of elements in their chart as your partner. If you lack an element or two, then it may help if your partner has more of your missing elements.

Before we get into the partnership aspect, let’s just review what it means to have an imbalance of elements in your own chart.  The following are some notes for each element.

Fire element imbalance: Too little fire can lead to lacking fiery energy, digestive issues, lack spiritedness, not trusting life itself, low self-confidence, scared of challenges. Too much fire can result in over confidence, burning out easily, restlessness, impulsiveness, acting at all cost. Too much fire can be offset by air and water in chart.

Air element imbalance: Too little air is rarely a problem, however, one can lose ability to reflect on life or self, cannot detach resulting in being burdened with consequences from acting without thinking, untrusting of intellectuals, and difficulty adjusting to new ideas unless Mercury offset, don’t analyze themselves unless Virgo offset. Too much air can result in overactive minds, being unmotivated unless offset by fire or earth, can result in exhaustion, meditation and change of scenery help.

Water element imbalance: Too little water may result in wide range of emotional, psychological and physical problems. For instance, lack empathy and compassion, disregard feelings of others, callous, aloof, unconscious dependency of others who do express feelings, innate distrust of intuitive knowledge, don’t trust self, loneliness, fear, inner misery, unable to express emotions, excess toxicity physically, lacking the cleansing and healing benefits of water. Too much water may result in being overly impressionable, being extremely sensitive, over reacting, withdrawn, offset by channeling emotions to outer causes, able to express higher spiritual qualities of love, compassion, devotion and sympathetic helpfulness

Earth element imbalance: Too little earth may lead to not being attuned to the physical world and limitations, being spaced-out, ungrounded, fight growing up, rootlessness, not fit in, accepts no limitation can lead to fruitful results, ignore requirements of physical body, could benefit from cultivating a regular routine. Too much earth results in narrow vision, lose perspective (Nixon example), cynicism and skepticism, unless offset with strong Neptune or Jupiter.

Understanding your chart and the potential imbalances can help you understand yourself better. Knowing the chart of your partner can assist in understanding them and their strengths and weaknesses. But most of all, you will see how you balance or imbalance each other elementally.

More next month as we continue this journey called Relationship Astrology. Until then, may your shooting stars bring you joy and happiness.