Astrologer in Training – Side Notes

by Cindy Fadoir

sunshine for july nl hsI know I’ve been promising a discussion of Relationships and Compatibility. This is a huge subject with many different approaches. I am researching and reviewing a few of them and will go more in depth in future months. Some of the building blocks are the elements, qualities, polarities and houses in which all of the planets utilize in the birth charts of the people of interest. Last month we started a discussion of the elements when imbalanced.

Here is a quick review what we already know about elements. The twelve zodiac signs each have one of four elements (Fire, Earth, Air or Water). The Fire element is energetic, enthusiastic, volatile, impatient and passionate. The Earth element is tangible, sensual, material, cautious and practical. The Air element is intellectual, communicative, innovative, insightful and interactive. The Water element is emotional, empathic, intuitive, compassionate and sensitive.

My own personal chart is missing the Earth element. As you may recall, “too little earth may lead to not being attuned to the physical world and limitations, being spaced-out, ungrounded, fight taking on grown-up responsibilities, feelings of rootlessness, not fitting in, ignoring requirements of the physical body.” In my life, too little earth shows up in my inability to stick to a budget and live within my “financial limitations”, feelings of not fitting in, and ignoring healthy requirements of my body by overeating and craving sugar. I worked most my adult life as an accountant (focus) in the corporate world (fitting in, responsibilities) which gave me the grounding, regular routine and security to offset my lack of earth in my chart.

A friend of mine also has no earth element in her chart but her husband has plenty of earth. Also she has mostly water element in her chart even though she is a fiery Sagittarian. Her husband is a fiery Leo but has no water in his chart. The two of them are attracted to each other’s fire and balance the other elements. Having this information helped my friend understand why her husband did not seem to respond to life as emotionally as she did. It had been a source of great frustration for her but now, knowing this, she can appreciate his balancing her lack of earth and too much water with his abundance of earth and lack of water.

My sister has only air element in her chart. She is very intellectual and approaches life in a logical way but with meditation and personal growth, she’s learned not to limit herself. She’s learned the art of being in fascination. She has also increased her intuition by training and practicing with professionals.

The main point of this is to show that imbalances can be overcome. Sometimes it might take focus and concentration, but the first step is to know your birth chart so you know what areas might need that effort.

I find it interesting that the four seasons of the calendar year each have only three elements, which means each season has at least one imbalance. Spring is missing water, Summer is missing air, Fall is missing earth and Winter is missing fire. Winter’s cold months missing fire makes sense readily. Spring missing water is offset physically by April showers. Summer’s lack of the air intellect allows for carefree days. Fall is missing earthly nourishment which results in the foliage colors to change brilliantly and readies for hibernation.

Understanding your chart and the potential imbalances can help you understand yourself better. Knowing the chart of your partner can assist in understanding them and their strengths and weaknesses. But most of all, you will see how you balance or imbalance each other elementally.

More next time as we continue this journey called Relationship Astrology. Until then, may your shooting stars bring you joy and happiness.

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Playing with Fire

by Charlotte Bengsch

staring at candles“What?” Seriously, I was standing staring out my kitchen window at the rain (and all the beautiful green shades of nature), cup of tea in one hand, a strip of nice crispy bacon in the other when I noticed ‘them’ speaking to me … asking, “How many times were you burned at the stake before it ‘dawned on you’ that you needn’t be?”  Wow.  Alrighty then … my answer flitted through as, “As few as possible, I hope.”  And then, I saw myself during one of the times when that act was in progress and the warrior in me triumphed.  I knew that I knew that I knew that I could! And, I did … triumph, that is.

Eventually there are moments when the realization occurs that there are other options … other realities … other ways to experience our lives.  Why not? Humans are designed with the ability to mature through and within each lifetime.  For me, I imagined the ‘fire’ as ferns being blown by the wind, and I walked away filled with gaiety.  Another time it was as downy feathers and I giggled because they tickled. I knew that my dragons/angels were at the ready to remove me from the peril (notice that I didn’t say ‘my’ peril – please avoid owning the emotional attachment to and the perceived reality of situations you find yourself in – that seemingly small word ‘my’ is like glue).

So many things are at play here.  Maybe I acted as the victim long enough and finally got sick of it so I just quit (no longer attracting that scenario)!  Maybe I saw through the illusion and created a new experience in the midst of it all.  And/or, maybe I ‘just’ opened the door in front of me and walked through the doorway becoming the ‘I AM’ that I am, I am, I am … to name a few.  Cells in my body resonate with the sense of freedom those loosed bonds from other lives have signaled. The smell of the smoke awakens hope, strength and courage to move forward in this life.  I CAN play with fire if need be!

Now, ‘the fire’ might not look like flames rising from the timber these days, never-the-less the challenge might be quite similar.  Regardless, the opportunity to ‘become’ rides along the same pathway. As I awaken to the gifts of remembered lessons I endeavor to implement them, accordingly.  I choose to contemplate those situations and things about myself that ‘burn’ me, see the ferns and feathers, and let myself (yes, allow myself) to be free … including the freedom and gratitude to take another go at it if I feel I could ‘take it up a notch’.

May the fires of this season’s solstice ignite new growth in all living beings and may we play with inflamed gusto!


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