Astrologer in Training – Elemental Blending

by Cindy Fadoir

HeadPIC_astrologyLast month we discussed the elements in a natal chart: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Understanding your own chart and another’s allow awareness of imbalances that may be enhanced by a partnership. The word ‘imbalance’ is not meant to imply an imperfection or personality flaw. Also, a partnership is not the only way to offset an elemental weakness.

We may find that we have a natural tendency to strive to balance our own elements. It is possible to actively, decisively or physically offset some of these imbalances. A person can ‘know’ themselves without knowing their natal chart, such as a person with too much fire may ‘know’ that they have a tendency to burnout easily and therefore actively seeks ways to rest often. Though mediation may be difficult at first, there may be great benefit in developing this practice.

The reason for this clarification is to show that imbalances are not something to overcome, but something to be aware of. Awareness of one’s natal chart is a starting place. Each characteristic described by elements, planets and Zodiac signs, have two sides, two ways of being expressed through our human lives. Like polarities, these characteristics have positive and negative sides which we can chose to select from when expressing ourselves.

We looked at the elements last month. Next, we will look to the qualities and polarities to add depth to this elemental discussion. In later months we can discuss planet placements in signs and houses of a natal chart. The Zodiac is divided into four seasons, with each season having three signs. The first sign in each season has Cardinal qualities. The middle sign in each season has Fixed qualities. The last sign in each season has Mutable qualities. Every other sign in the Zodiac is either a Feminine energy (draws to self, introvert) or a Masculine energy (puts out, outgoing).

The qualities and polarities add texture to the elements of each sign. Each of the four Cardinal signs are one of the four elements, as is the four Fixed and the four Mutable signs. All Fire and Air signs are considered Masculine and all Earth and Water signs are considered Feminine.

The Cardinal signs are Aires (fire, masculine), Cancer (water, feminine), Libra (air, masculine), and Capricorn (earth, feminine). All these signs are enhanced by the Cardinal qualities of initiative, leadership, enterprise, assertiveness and action. The feminine, less aggressive signs are strengthen by this Cardinal quality and the masculine signs are at their most forceful and determined.

The Fixed signs are Taurus (earth, feminine), Leo (fire, masculine), Scorpio (water, feminine), and Aquarius (air, masculine). All these signs display the Fixed qualities of loyalty, stability, stubbornness, resistance and consistency. The feminine, more introverted signs may be mired deeper by this Fixed quality and the masculine, more extroverted signs are inclined to be less spontaneous, easily falling into ruts behaviorally.

The Mutable signs are Gemini (air, masculine), Virgo (earth, feminine), Sagittarius (fire, masculine), and Pisces (water, feminine). All these signs possess the Mutable qualities of being changeable, flexible, adaptable, possibly unstable and unpredictable. The feminine, more submissive signs are supported by the ability to adapt to their environment, while the masculine, more active signs enjoy more freedom to explore the expansive possibilities with the Mutable quality.

As you can see, not all signs of the same element are exactly alike. Each blend of these astrological aspects creates a combination of possibilities, strengths and challenges. We are all unique blessings of this universe.

Until next time, may the sun nourish your flower garden of possibilities and the starry nights fill you with a sense of wonder.

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Time’s Up!

by Norma Zelenko

moon phasesThe shift is indeed here. The sh*t IS hitting the fan. And no, you are not imagining things to feel it in your bones – when will this end? Well, number one, let’s not talk about “ending” because that might let us tiptoe into an unwillingness to change, and that concept could lead us further down the path into everything really ending. However, something is ending and we all feel rather unsettled.

Whether you are highly intuitive, or are a long-time and skilled reader of the signs, the earth, the moon, the stars or the tree rings; it is clear – change is now occurring. This is evident no matter what level of observational skill we have or what level of advanced study of the prophecies, meditation, or just plain humor you use to navigate these things. Things are changing.

Change is evident at the amazing level of discovery in food production, housing options, energy – you name it. Not changing is evident in the unspeakable horrors we continue to see across the world, and sometimes across the hall. Whether it is the violence we love to judge which happens on the other side of the ocean, or the violence we apparently condone on our own shores, it’s a just as ugly as the massacres we pretend didn’t happen in our mountains and prairies years ago, and now we continue to take it to the streets and the churches in our neighborhoods, and everywhere from the Temple Mount to the Black Sea and beyond.

It is happening. It is a quickening of the powerful forces for what can be, and the equally powerful forces of those who cannot and will not leave the past and its structure of power. It simply isn’t willy-nilly to note how beautifully the sun and the moon share their power and keep this old world rolling along – one with the other, balancing day and night, the flow of water, and the elegance of natural growth.

We need to make it so.

We need to stop the killing of the bees and start the saving of the babies.

I have made a silly reference to having the answer to it all. But some variation of a very simple concept has made sense to my soul: Time’s up.

These powerful waves of change could sweep away our unwillingness to work together for the common goal of saving the earth and saving the children. Or not. We can also sit and scratch our heads and watch everything die. For whatever reason, more people seem to have this feeling of real impending destruction, and that’s possible. But for more reasons, we need to hold on to the vision of everything beginning; beginning to grow in ways which do not value nuclear warfare and man-made global warming.

If you can remain steadfast in your vision of a Holy Garden which we call Earth – do it.

This is how I see it – the answer to everything in the universe if to grasp the concept we always think our kids can instantly see when we yell at them. Time’s up. Change or die. End or begin anew. Time’s up.

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