The Elegant Time of the Day

by Norma Zelenko

sunshine for july nl hsCelebrate the dance of the new day with the setting of the old. Celebrate the season of Lammas by opening the solar heart center. And celebrate your good fortune and your good friends by sharing a loaf of bread. These are all good things to do now.

I would like to add a personal favorite; The Elegant Time of the Day, recognized and willingly shared by my friend, Linda.

The Elegant Time of the Day is that moment in time after you come in from swimming and just one breath before the Sun touches the water’s edge. In that moment, with no words, you may experience every birth and every death which is stored in your heart, and every voice you’ve ever heard which speaks to you of love.

The Elegant Time of the Day can begin or end with tears or laughter, but nearly always ends with a hug, and it can be saluted with a glass of wine or a shower of daisies, but for that brief moment; there is no talking. None.

While it is a union of friends, in that half breathe of time, you are completely alone in the universe; at one with the universe and supported like never before by the universe. Alone or with others, it is a moment of awakening.

You can find it from Milford to Munising and from Traverse City to Tarpon, and beyond the mountains of the West. But for me, most often, it is found somewhere along the shores of Lake Michigan. And while it can be savored as an individual, it is most often shared with a friend.

While these words have been thoughtfully chosen, they are inadequate; like trying to describe the sunset with a basic list of colors. So my best suggestion for The Elegant Time of the Day is to find a friend, or re-friend yourself, and go for a walk along a shore just before sunset, with the clear intention to stop everything just for a moment, to experience The Elegant Time of the Day. Let me know when and where you have been. No telling where you will go or what you will find.

And now the sun is swallowed yet again by the water, and I walk away still basking in the certain knowledge that as the sun sets, the stars are rising. And a new celebration begins.

Light & Love, Norma

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Astrologer in Training – Ascendant or Rising Sign

by Cindy Fadoir

thJDXD6A67The starting point of any natal/birth chart is established by the time and place of birth. This will determine the degree of Zodiac sign appearing on the eastern horizon at the time of birth based on the location of birth. This degree is called the Ascendant or Rising sign. This degree also is the start or cusp of the First House of the birth chart. The cusp of a house is the ruling Zodiac sign of that house. The Ascendant degree is the point from which all other house ruling signs are formed.

The Ascendant is the “social mask” or “first face” that is presented to the world. This mask may hide the true, inner self of the Sun sign traits until one is better known. Extroverted Ascendants (fire or air signs) may provide a façade of openness, especially if the Sun sign is an introverted one (earth or water signs).

The Ascendants traits are the same as the traits of the Sun signs, however the influence of the Ascendant traits may have less of an impact to overall personality. If the degree of the Ascendant is closer to zero (less than 20) or if the Sun sign is in a weak position in the birth chart (born at night, then the Ascendant will have more influence than the Sun sign. Since the sign of the Ascendant also rules the first house, this sign also influences physical appearance, general health, self-awareness and boundaries.

Many astrologers recommend reading both your Sun horoscopes and your Ascendant horoscope when reading predictive information.

A quick review of Ascendant characteristics by sign are as follows:

Aries: driven, impulsive and self-oriented.

Taurus: stable, slow to anger and sensual.

Gemini: quick minded, communicative and versatile.

Cancer: nurture, protective and insecure.

Leo: dramatic, prideful and ambitious.

Virgo: fastidious, service to others and health conscious.

Libra: relationships, indecisive and fair.

Scorpio: passionate, control and sexuality.

Sagittarius: exploration, bluntness and foresight.

Capricorn: Status conscious, family oriented and disciplined.

Aquarius: friendly, eccentric and revolutionary.

Pisces: sensitive, mystical and impressionable.

So, if someone knows your Sun sign and says, “You don’t really seem to have that signs’ traits,” then they probably only know you by the mask of your Ascendant sign. Until next time, may the summer winds warm your soul and sun guide your way.

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