Astrologer in Training – Review Houses

by Cindy Fadoir

thJDXD6A67Planets rule the zodiac signs as well as the houses. Therefore, the zodiac signs are natural rulers of houses. These rulings influence the human experience. The overall “natural” wheel of life is shown through the progression of houses, planets and signs. Similar to a Medicine wheel or a Tarot card deck, the human journey from childhood to elder is revealed in the houses and signs that rule them around the Zodiac belt. The house is what area of life we are experiencing and the sign is how we approach that experience and any planets in that house enhance the experience.

The movement around the birth chart flows counter clockwise so that the first house is the pie slice cut from 9 o’clock to 8 o’clock. The second house is the slice from 8 o’clock to 7 o’clock, etcetera. The lower or first six houses, appearing in the Northern Hemisphere, all relate to Personal Development areas of life. The upper or last six houses, appearing in the Southern Hemisphere, relate to Social Development areas of life. Also, the Eastern Hemisphere (houses 1 through 3 and 10 through 12) relate to the Self and the Western Hemisphere (houses 4 through 9) bring Others into play. Each house is influenced by a blend of two overlaid hemispheres. The first quadrant is a blend of the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres, and represents the season of Spring, and so on. This is a great way to remember the area of life each house represents.

Spring Houses – The Self and Personal Development:

House 1 – My Physical, Personality, Individuality, Image projection – naturally ruled by Aries and Mars

House 2 – My Values, Personal possessions, Finances – naturally ruled by Taurus and Venus

House 3 – My Ideas, Communication, Lower education, Short travel – naturally ruled by Gemini and Mercury

Summer houses – The Personal Development incorporating Others:

House 4 – Home and real estate, Family environment, Early childhood – naturally ruled by Cancer and Moon

House 5 – Creativity, Children, Love affairs, Pleasure – naturally ruled by Leo and Sun

House 6 – Service, Work, Health, Routine job, Working environment – naturally ruled by Virgo and Mercury

Autumn houses – Social Development influenced by Others:

House 7 – One on One, Partnerships, Marriage – naturally ruled by Libra and Venus

House 8 – Transformation, Death and Rebirth, Sexuality, Mutual resources – naturally ruled by Scorpio and Pluto

House 9 – Teachings, Religions, Higher education, Long travel – naturally ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter

Winter houses – Social Development relating to Self:

House 10 – Career, Purpose, Goals, Public life – naturally ruled by Capricorn and Saturn

House 11 – Groups, Organizations, Friendships, Ambitions – naturally ruled by Aquarius and Uranus

House 12 – Behind the scenes, Institutions, End cycles, Karma – naturally ruled by Pisces and Neptune

blue-zodiacal-circle-with-zodiac-signsPlease note that the planets previously identified as Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) are the planets which rule the lower Personal houses of the Northern Hemisphere. Also the planets previously identified as Social Planets (Jupiter and Saturn) and Outer Planets (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune) are those that rule most of the higher Social houses of the Southern Hemisphere.

The Ascendant or Rising sign is the Zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This means it lands at the cusp of the first house (at the 9 o’clock position) which is described to be a blend of Self and Personal Development. This Zodiac sign is said to be how we present ourselves to the world, through personality as well as physical appearance. Once the Ascendant sign is determined, the next Zodiac sign will generally be on the cusp of the second house. This means if Libra is the Ascendant sign, then Scorpio will be the sign at the cusp of the second house, Sagittarius will be the sign at the cusp of the third house, and so on. Even if a house has no planets, the cusp may be significant to the life experience represented by that house.

Astrology is a layering and over shadowing of many facets. Even though the first house is naturally ruled by Aries and the planet Mars, there is an overlay of the Zodiac sign at the cusp, the Ascendant or Rising sign. Each house has a layer of Natural and Current ruling signs and influences by the planets residing in that house. This also influences how we experience relationships with ourselves and others.

Until next month, may the heavens be kind and the sun be bright.

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