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Jeff and Jo Currier

Wow, another synchronicity! For the last 15 years this blog has been called “Ricki’s Corner” and now “Currier’s Corner” — it just flows.  😉  It seems that this is the way this whole transition has gone.  It’s amazing how the universe aligns and things flow when something is right!  It’s also an indication of how you can expect things to be in the future… Higher Self has a long standing, amazing reputation, and our intent is to keep that and to build upon it to not only meet, but to exceed, your needs and expectations when it comes to Body, Mind and Spirit.

We can’t go any further without first saying a huge “Thank you!” to Ricki for all she has done as she held the energy at Higher Self for the last 15 years.  Her commitment to the community and to all people is remarkable, and we feel honored to be able to carry on that tradition and reputation.  We wish her all the best in the next phase of her life knowing that she’ll be “a regular” at this great place.

So, let us introduce ourselves to those who have not yet heard of Jeff and Jo Currier.  First there is Jo….  She is a beautiful soul and wife, and a wonderful mother to our two children, Michael and Alaina.  Jo holds a Master’s Degree in Education and taught elementary and preschool students for many years.  She brings that passion for teaching and helping others to her work in the metaphysical world as a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Practitioner, and Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator.  She is dedicated to helping people in any way she can and is crazy knowledgeable when it comes to caring for our bodies (energetically and physically), especially when it comes to what we put in and on them.

Now Jeff….  He is a soul of great vision and strength, and a loving husband and father.  He holds two BS degrees, one in Chemical Engineering and one in Geology – yes he’s the resident rock guy!  In addition to the science side that he brings, Jeff is also a Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Healing Practitioner, and a state Certified Hypnotherapist.  He brings a rare blend of science and energy to his work to help those who desire to improve their well-being, meeting them where ever they are on their life path.

Together, Jeff and Jo own a store in Midland, Michigan called Ways To Wellness (WTW) – the store opened five years ago and is thriving.  For those in Midland reading this, yes, we absolutely plan to stay a part of that community :-).  Our WTW philosophy is to help people “Think well… Live well… Be well…”  So does that mean that the Higher Self will be changing?   No, you can continue to expect the same great things from Higher Self that you have valued in the past.  The staff is staying, the readers are staying, and we trust you will too.  But, Yes, we will also be bringing in some new additions.  Besides new services and an expanded variety of classes, we will be bringing in products that support the “Higher Self” concept.  One of the things you’ll soon see will be a bar—What??  Yep, we will be serving up almost 100 high quality essential oils and mixing all kinds of essential oil blends from behind the EO bar!  😉  Additionally, we will be introducing products that are natural, holistic, and organic for your personal use (many are Michigan made).  We are passionate about bringing educational opportunities that support the mental and spiritual growth paths that each of us are on.  These events and classes focus on a core foundation of improving your overall well-being through energy healing, meditation, essential oils, vibration, sound, crystals, superfoods, and personal growth and development.  In addition, there will be many guest presenters and teachers at both locations who are ‘geeked’ about the same stuff that we are!

Another very noticeable change you’ll see is the location of The Higher Self Bookstore.  The lease was up at the current location and, as fortune would have it, a location across the street and just across from the parking garage entrance became available.  How could we pass up the chance to be on the Boardman River, complete with a balcony, a classroom that overlooks the river and the Grand Traverse Bay, and an openness that is so inviting?  So we took the leap and moved across the street.  We shifted the whole thing — all the products, the people, and the good juju to our new location at 313 E. Front Street.  There’s now a wonderful sitting area that overlooks the river and the bay, and it feels great — perfect for recharging your mental, emotional, and spiritual batteries….

You will find Jo and Jeff are extremely customer service focused as we are here to serve the community.  Please take a moment to introduce yourselves when you stop in, and, because we would really like to hear what you would like to see at Higher Self, share with us how we as the new owners can be sure to meet your needs.  We are so excited to be a part of the Traverse City community, and look forward to connecting and working with each and every one of you.

Wow!!!  We hope you are as excited as we are about the future of Higher Self 🙂

In Love and Light,

Jeff and Jo Currier



by Norma Zelenkosunshine for july nl hs

I woke up strong today, full of the Tiger, ready for rapid transformation, spiritual openings and clearing of the chakras with the full force and blessings of the universe before the Winter Solstice. Line up, oh challenges of this year, and I shall overcome all adversity and leap into the river of darkness with a mighty roar of victory.

Well then. What to do first? The task before me was cleaning the toilets. How can this be?

The daily needs of the body and home can be met with grace. This swishing of the toilets at home and at my place of work, is part of a daily ritual – full of purpose and fulfilled with care.

It seems we seek to delegate these daily tasks to a non-essential closet of our lives, rather than honor them equally with the care of our soul. Rather than focus on my toilet, I was already out the door, walking the dog, or stopping to buy cranberries, or counting the beads on the mala bracelet I was certain I needed to buy to quiet my mind at this busy time of the year.

And yet here I was, in the presence of what was referred to as the Porcelain God when I was young. What an opportunity! And so I surrender to this moment and giggle to myself with the advice which comes to my mind to “go with the flow”.

As we care for and cleanse this modern vessel and we clear our physical bodies, we are also taking this moment to reflect on what we need to release and just how amazing it is to be alive, truly alive and fully functioning in our spiritual bodies as we make ready the home to honor the Star of Renewal for 2016. We are ready to open and transform and receive the many blessings of this day.

All is in right Order. This throne is clean and blessed. And I am indeed ready to let my mighty voice resonate to the highest heavens, and leap like the Tiger into the river of life, full of passion and power.

I am listening. I wait to hear you roar before the silence of the longest night of the year.

With Light & Love, Norma

Astrologer in Training – Book Review

Book Review: Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life Using the Moon’s Signs and Cycles, by Heather Roan Robbins

by Cindy Fadoir

moon wisdomIn all my research of astrology training books, many lack in clarity between the meaning of planet placement at the time of birth which affects one person and the planet placement at any given day which influences all of us. This new book, Moon Wisdom, includes both astrological dimensions and is written with such rich vocabulary to assist in deeper understanding.

Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life Using the Moon’s Signs and Cycles, by Heather Roan Robbins covers all influences of the Moon, which is the fastest moving celestial body in the sky and a very important element of your birth chart. The book has slick, substantial pages showing wonderful artwork and a well-organized index of moon placements, phases and aspects to reveal the two different dimensions of astrology. First dimension is movement, which reveals the astrological weather conditions which allows you to “navigate your day”. The second dimension is how to encapsulate the astrology at time of birth revealing influences imprinted on individual personalities.

Robbins philosophy of using astrology is “why have a disaster (‘dis’ equals ‘against’, ‘aster’ equals ‘the stars’) when we can constellate instead (‘con’ equals ‘with’, ‘stella’ equals ‘stars’)? It’s my personal belief that we’re not influenced by the planets but that the planets are influenced by the same universal patterns that influence us”. I believe that means that the stars are a warning image of universal influence. Working against the warning can lead to disaster and working with the warning makes life much easier. This book lays out the warnings for both daily movement and natal influences focusing on the emotional guidance of the moon.

The moon takes about two and a third days to move through each sign of the Zodiac before changing to a new sign. This allows for about 28 days to move through all twelve signs. During that two and a third time, the moon also may fall into various aspects to the Sun and other planets leading to various astrological weather conditions in a short amount of time. Having a forecast to “navigate your day” by can be very beneficial. Where the moon resides at birth “describes the deep inner river of your emotions – what motivates you, how you express your feelings, and how you nurture and need nurturing.” The moon placement also reveals the female lineage and emotional training. Armed with this information about the moon placement at birth and on daily basis, we can choose how we respond.

The well-organized layout shows the Moon under each sign as you navigate your day and as you were born under that sign. Also, how the moon relates to other planet placements is also laid out with daily and at birth options. Even the phases of the moon are displayed with both daily and individual facets. Each of these sections include summaries, some recaps the ‘gifts’ and some recap the cautions. Beautifully written and artfully displayed, I highly recommend this book, vailable at the Higher Self Bookstore).

More about Heather Roan Robbins at www.roanrobbins.com

New Owners! New Location! Same Great Service!

by Cindy Fadoir

On November 30, Ricki Blanchard will finalize the sale of the Higher Self ending her 15 plus years as owner, leader and caretaker. Ricki is the third owner of this 30 plus year establishment that has been in its’ current location most of those 30 years making it a mainstay of Traverse City. The Higher Self bookstore is a New Age, New Thought, Metaphysical entity that offers the opportunity for personal growth, healing, enlightenment, knowledge, intuition development, health and well-being, along with materials and merchandise that supports one’s path, belief system, awakening and rebirth.

Jeff and Jo Currier

Jeff and Jo Currier

The new owners, Jeff and Joanne (Jo) Currier, are not new to the world of metaphysical retail. They have been owners of the Ways To Wellness store in Midland, Michigan for 5 years which carries essential oils, crystals and stones, inspirational products, and offers various healing services.

“We are proud to become the new owners of Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan taking the reins from Ricki Blanchard who has been the face of Higher Self Bookstore for the last 15 years. We look forward to continuing to service the Midland community and are excited to join the Traverse City community.” state Jeff and Jo in a recent news release. See the links below for video/audio commentary from Jeff and Jo as well as Ricki Blanchard regarding the ‘magical’ transition of Higher Self ownership and blend with Ways To Wellness.

Jeff and Jo Currier video on purchase and blending of Higher Self to the Ways To Wellness family – Click Here:


Ricki Blanchard audio on sale of Higher Self – Click Here:

Jeff is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Jo is a trained Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator which helps people change things they thought were unchangeable by letting go of energetic limitations. They are both wellness advocates and both certified in many forms of Reiki (Usui, Karuna, Shamanic, Crystal).

Both Jeff and Jo hold degrees from Michigan State University (Go Green!). Jeff is a Chemical Engineer and Geologist who shares his love of crystals and minerals with others and brings a unique scientific backed approach to spirituality and healing; his uncomplicated explanations help others to understand the science behind energy-based practices. Jo, with over 20 years of teaching experience, is passionate about helping others, loves mentoring, and intuitively guides people to be the best they can be.

You can read more about Jeff and Jo at their current website http://www.waystowellnessstore.com/.

Buying Higher Self in Traverse City can be seen as a testament to Jeff and Jo’s passion to maintain the best in wellness, healing and metaphysical services and products for people across the state of Michigan. They do not intend to change the name of Higher Self (www.higherselfbookstore.com) or much of the current operations, except to change the location and add an essential oils bar so customers can mix their own blends. A prime location opened up on the north side of Front Street, just in time for the Curriers to snatch it up. Just across the street from the current location, the address will be 313 East Front Street and will have a long balcony overlooking the Boardman River and a wide view of West Bay and Clinch Park. New interior designs will be complete and ready for move in. The store will be closed on Monday, November 30 for the move and will reopen on December 1. My intuition tells me there may be a ‘New Location Re-Opening’ event in our future. The current location will be open throughout the Thanksgiving weekend (closed Thanksgiving Day) for all your Holiday purchasing needs.

So look forward to meeting the new owners in the coming months. And most of all, make sure you stop in to congratulate Ricki, wish her well on her new adventures, and thank her for her many years of awesome stewardship of the Higher Self.

It’s Time to Make a Clean Sweep

by Norma Zelenko

co Wikimedia

With all respect, just what have you been hiding under that rug?

We have just observed Samhain, the holy moment of suspended animation to release the light time of the year and accept with grace the dark time of the year. We have honored the light, respected the dead and swept out the past to make room for the future.

Also with respect, it’s time to make a clean sweep under the rug of the past and now is the time. As we leave, but do not lament, the light portion of the year, I find myself using the broom more often here; it’s not just for transportation to the stars.

Whether you are jumping over the broom in love, cleaning up the cat hair, or running across the yard absolutely determined that stick can fly – the broom is a magical device with great history. Whether you see that broom as Harry’s Nimbus 2000 or eons of witches going about their business, a broom is ever a symbol of the clean sweep – the release – the letting go of that which you do not need.

The clean sweep of your space, and the establishment of boundaries between light and dark, where we live and how we spend our time – it’s just hard to do if there’s a lot of stuff under that rug.

This clean sweep has left me sneezing a lot, but maybe that is spirit’s way to let me know I’m on the right path, honoring the past, respecting the present and having absolute faith in the next year to unfold, exactly as it should, while I continue to sweep. Be secure in the knowledge that as we sweep out, we ward off negative energies, we protect our home and we strengthen our mind and bodies.

And when the rug is secure, then it’s time to hop on that broom and launch yourself into that place of peace within yourself, or out into the far reaches of the universe – past the stars we know. Knowing that many lives are part of this journey through time and space and we meet and greet other incarnations of our selves which exist on the many planes of reality – yes, you can do this – but then return. Let the broom bring you back here – this stopping place between light and dark, full of grace.

With all respect and a pocket full of tissues, I remain,

Light & Love, Norma