Astrologer in Training – Saturn Return

by Cindy Fadoir

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Saturn compared to Earth

In January, I will turn 60 years old. But for some reason, this birthday is more perplexing than those in the past and I wasn’t sure why. And then it dawned on me, I’ve been dealing with a Saturn Return. Add that to having experienced seven Uranus-Pluto Squares in the last three years. Confusing, I know. So let me explain.

The seven Uranus-Pluto Squares were experienced by everyone. Uranus, the planet of revolutions, change and innovation was adversely aspect to Pluto, the planet of transformation. This means we all have gone through periods of change, adaptation, and shifting as well as releasing old ways and dropping old burdens. There has been anxiousness and confrontation against organized authority. The fact that I’m Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, could mean that I felt these squares even more intensely, as might Scorpios, ruled by Pluto.

Saturn takes twenty-nine and a half years to cycle through all twelve Zodiac signs. A Saturn Return appears when Saturn revisits the exact sign and degree as at birth. The first Saturn Return happens around age 30. For me, that meant ending my days of adventurous skydiving, job hopping, and random apartment roommates, and settling into the respectful roles of homeowner, and being a manager. The second Saturn Return occurs around age 59. Saturn was in Sagittarius at my birth, as it is currently and will remain in Sagittarius until January 2018. The second Saturn Return begins my shift into the role of Wise Woman. Some would define this role as respectful elder having something of value to teach those younger.

My life has changed so much in the last three years. I’ve ended a corporate job and moved across state to take on new roles as healer, reader and astrologer. That last one was accomplished only with a loving push from my sister, Ricki Blanchard, and my biggest cheerleader, Denise Iwaniw. My initial shift into these roles occurred two years ago while Ricki owned a metaphysical bookstore making the transition a bit easier.

A year ago, Ricki announced she was putting the store up for sale – and my Saturn Return year of roller coaster rides began. Due to Saturn shifting retrograde and then direct again, Saturn returned to my exact birth position three times this year.  The idea of my sister leaving the store, and possibly moving away, sent me in a tail spin. My own future was wide open to possibilities, and for a fixed Aquarian like me, that was terrifying.

With the help of a guided mediation, I was able to get clarity as to what I truly wanted from this time of my life. A blank canvas appeared and I watched it filled in with a beautifully painted astrology chart indicating that, of all my abilities, that one was the most impactful. I left the mediation with a three word mantra, “Read, Write and Chart”. I had been reading more books of all kinds. The next step is writing more and creating more astrology charts. I am claiming and owning my Wise Woman role for 2016.

Saturn is an expression of how we handle obstacles, deal with authority and cope with serious issues personally, spiritually and societally. Below is a recap of Saturn through the twelve signs:

  • Saturn in Aries can appear as having a difficult childhood or marital issues, having a greater need to develop patience, discipline, and for physical outlet. This energy can be resourcefulness, defensive, ingenious, contemplative, and possibly self-sacrificing.
  • Saturn in Taurus results in increased caution, hard work ethics, reliability and patience. However, overindulging Taurus does conflict with restrictive, prudent Saturn, resulting in feelings of guilt and greed.  Guard against over-rigid routines and being overly strict with children.
  • Saturn in Gemini may result in a disruption or slowdown of communications and an increase in doubts and suspicions. This energy supports scientific reasoning. Normal thought processes are deeply serious. Practical solutions are sought. Caution and conservatism are the rule.
  • Saturn in Cancer results in protective boundaries for loved ones and finances. Emotional security is greatly desired and if denied, can lead to depression and moodiness. Intuition is somewhat stifled.
  • Saturn in Leo results in limited creative outlets, misplaced loyalty, and a serious, less enthusiastic view of life. Self-centeredness and ambition may cause problems with authority.
  • Saturn in Virgo is highly conscientious, efficient and hard working. Being overly concerned with details combined with a lack of confidence can result in shyness seeking solitude, and potentially depression.
  • Saturn in Libra, a disciplined, serious attitude is offset by a pleasant, tactful demeanor. There is a tendency to be demanding and intolerant. Cooperation is encouraged rather than competiveness, especially in relationships.
  • Saturn in Scorpio, increases the boundaries, resulting in controlled emotions and enhanced secretiveness. Doing well in big business and international finances is indicated. Intuition is an asset if properly disciplined. Guard against jealousy, resentment and manipulation.
  • Saturn in Sagittarius enhances intellectual discipline, concentration and desire for study. Saturn pessimism threatens to undermine intellectual prowess.
  • Saturn is at home in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, which amplifies the responsible and orthodox way of dealing with the world’s issues. Ambitions may be directed at the larger world stage. May take life too seriously and lack sensitivity, tolerance and sense of humor.
  • Saturn in Aquarius results in level-headed rebellion and an innovative approach to business. The Aquarian unconventional approach is tempered by the Saturn restrictive, serious approach. Guard against stubbornly sticking with one rigid viewpoint.
  • Saturn in Pisces can be a difficult placement, emphasizing negativity and restriction resulting in vulnerability and escapism. Imagination and tolerance is heightened. Isolation and fluidity is feared.

Since Saturn will be in Sagittarius for the next two years, looks like I’ll be doing a lot of studying and sharing. Until next time, may your Holidays be warm and your New Year starry and bright.


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