Astrologer in Training – Relationship of Houses

by Cindy Fadoir

HeadPIC_astrologyRelationships . . .  so where did we leave off?? We’ve discussed the balance and blending of elements and qualities. We’ve reviewed the Ascendant (or Rising) sign and revisited the houses. We investigated various types of relationships experienced between people as well as between planets. But what of the relationships between houses and how houses relate to relationships?

As previously discussed, key houses to consider in the study of relationships is the fourth and tenth houses, which both deal with family and home life, including your parents. Also important is relationship between the fifth, seventh and eleventh houses, which represent love affairs, partnerships and friendships. But before you can truly understand relationships, one must understand oneself, which can be found in the first house starting with the Ascendant or Rising sign on the cusp.

The cusp or beginning Zodiac sign of each house determines the ruling sign and planet of that house. The “natural” ruler is the underlying life stage to be experienced but the “natal” ruler reveals to how that life stage will unfold. The ruling planet of that sign is the “natal” ruler of that house and where that planet appears in the natal chart and what aspects to other planets can also influence how a person functions in that life stage. For example, in my chart the Ascendant, or first house cusp, is Libra then the natal ruling sign is Libra and the natal ruling planet is Venus. The planet Venus resides in my chart in the fifth house in the sign of Pisces. Libra desires love partnerships, someone to love and be loved. Venus in Pisces often confuses lust for love and falls into relationships too fast, not exactly a stable beginning for a long term partnership. My Venus has a square aspect to my Mars which puts stress on partnerships in general. The planet Neptune resides in the sign of Scorpio in my natal first house adding another layer of Pisces influence to the equation since Neptune rules the sign of Pisces.

houses quadrant directionsOpposite of the first house is the seventh house of partnership. The first house reveals information about oneself and the seventh house reveals the type of partnership desired in this lifetime. The seventh house cusp is also known as the Descendent and often referred to as the shadow self or alter ego. The seventh house represents what you unconsciously lack yet desire, a missing piece that a partnership may fulfill. The opposite of Libra is Aries which is the cusp of my seventh house with natal ruling planet of Mars. This might reveal my desire for a strong, warrior personality in my partnerships, someone who has a mind of their own and can stand on their own two feet but still have fiery passion. My Mars resides in my second house in the sign of fiery Sagittarius. This reveals my wish for partner who is also a seeker and willing to travel. Again, the square between Mars and Venus makes finding this partnership a challenge. Squares can sometime energize instead of block the influence of the planets involved.

Another set of opposite houses to consider in a relationship is the fourth house and the ten house, which both deal with family and home life, including your parents. The fourth house reveals your roots, childhood, parents and therefore what you want or need from others to feel safe. The tenth house represents a larger, grownup family, where authoritative limitations were drawn and show how you deal within the boundaries.

The parent discussion: a previous article stated “Your relationship with your father can be found in the fourth house and with your mother in the tenth house.” This is not agreed on by all astrologers. Further research reveals diverse opinions on this front. Some say the fourth house represents the more nurturing, sensitive, less dominant parent and the tenth house represents the authoritarian, disciplining, more dominant parent. Others warn against only one house assignment for parents since the parental roles change over years and societal adjustments.

In my chart, my mother was both the nurturer and the more dominant parent. My tenth house cusp is watery Cancer with ruling planet of the Moon. It just so happens that my mother was Cancer and my natal Moon resides in the tenth house. My fourth house cusp is earthy Capricorn with ruling planet of Saturn. Saturn ruling the fourth house can indicate poverty or single parent household but, if well placed, can indicate parents starting with little but gaining success later in life. Cancer ruling the tenth house also may indicate the mother fulfilling both parental roles. Security becomes important early on and a desired partnership would need to demonstrate an ability to provide a safe, nurturing environment. My father often worked away from home so my mother was left to fill both roles. And yes, my parents started with little but were very successful as the years progressed.

One more set of opposite houses to consider is the fifth and eleventh houses, each representing family and friends. The fifth house experiences creativity, children and love affairs. The eleventh house experiences friendships, groups, and ambitions. My fifth house cusp is Aquarius with Uranus as natal ruling planet, usually indicating exceptional children. I don’t have children but I have a brilliant niece who is Pisces, which happens to be the sign my Venus resides in, the one planet in my fifth house chart. My eleventh house cusp is Leo with the Sun as ruling planet. My Sun is in the sign of Aquarius, the friendship sign. My Sun reside in my fourth house of family. Friendships are very important to me and some friends often become as close as family to me.

Not everyone will have such straight forward charts regarding relationships and family. We all choose how we perceive people in our lives. I do find it interesting that my sister has the Ascendant as I so she does experience our parents in a similar way, however my brother’s Ascendant is Capricorn so his fourth house cusp is fiery, strong Aries indicative of our Cancer mother and his tenth house cusp is airy, detached Libra representing our airy Gemini father. My niece, has a Libra Ascendant, like her mother and me, and she was raised by a single mother.

Other houses come into play when understanding self and partner but do not directly influence relationships. Until next time, may the sun warm the winter skies and stars blaze the way to your hearts’ desire.


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Put the Pedal to the Metal

by Norma Zelenko

There is no instruction manual.  Stop wasting your time looking for it.

We were born to learn.  And learn we shall, whether it is this life or the next few.  The death of friends, celebrities and species continues to accelerate; and what have we learned from this? We are all born and we all die.

It’s the in-between that counts.  And it’s time to recapture the beauty of a four-year-old who looks at the cat and tells his Mama about the colors emanating from that cat.  And she says, ‘of course, baby – tell me more’.  Instead of the group that surrounded my Dad back in the way-back days when a woman identified as a witch was only saved because a man jumped on a horse and rode like hell to the next town to get the sheriff.  These are facts of my own life and I am buzzed beyond belief to think I am still alive to see this peaceful evolution with my own eyes.

Did I say peaceful?  Well, that’s where I needed to throw out the instruction manual, because my heart hurts so badly for the blatant murder of women and all the men and women who are dying gruesome deaths according to the Law of this Land or that Land or this Lord, thinking this gives purpose to their lives somehow. And I want to spend my days grieving? No.

No.  The purpose is to throw out the old ways of eons of thinking killing the body can kill our spirits.  And let Spirit guide us to tear up the old instruction manuals, and allow the miracles to flow into the still-green earth.  All of us are fellow travelers who have chosen to stay on the planet at this time.

I am almost out of words and action verbs and energy in terms of re-stating the obvious.  Who died and made me Goddess, right?  But that’s the point.  NOBODY dies – they just shift realities and we have been trained to see with 3-dimensional eyes.  We all FEEL it now, men and women alike, because we are accelerating at a pace faster than starlight to become 5th-dimensional beings. Face it, the particle accelerator is a real thing, and the largest one in the world at Geneva will potentially be replaced by a larger one in China.  And it’s all based on electromagnetic waves. And remember the core of the earth is comprised of iron.  And these iron crystals are actually aligned in a north-south direction as well as an inner core aligned east to west. That’s the science.

And then you read the prophecies of the Grandmothers . . . they could feel this energy with their feet, and just now science is catching up with the wisdom of the White Buffalo Calf Woman.  Remember the Four Directions?  Let us stand with our feet on Mother below and look to the Stars above and go about our daily walk.  We will not lose our way.

All this opening and this shifting is still based in Mother Earth. The children will be okay.  Opening to the energy of the 5th dimension is as complicated as understanding Stephen Hawking and as simple as understanding Princess Elsa.

We have a whole new year to move on down the road with no instructions.  Jump in your Dodge Charger Hellcat and get moving.


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