Astrologer in Training – Moon Phases

by Cindy Fadoir

moon phasesAs I write this article, the second New Moon of September is approaching. New moons are a powerful time to set our intentions for the month. The second New Moon in a given month is considered a Black Moon. This is the opposite of the second Full Moon in a month which is referred to as a Blue Moon. This phenomenon happens every few years, the next Black Moon will occur in 2019. A Black Moon is just a bit more powerful than a normal New Moon, which may explain why I’m greatly inspired to share with you knowledge that I’ve recently acquired about Moon Phases.

Most of my knowledge on the Moon Phases comes from Heather Roan Robbins book Moon Wisdom (CICO Books, 2015). Robbins describes the Sun as our consciousness and outer structure; whereas the Moon is described as our unconsciousness and inner feelings. The moon is only, but importantly, a reflection of the Sun, our center, our soul.

Robbins describes the lunar cycle elegantly in Moon Wisdom, “The farther the Moon moves away from the Sun in its circle around the Earth, the more light we see reflected. Our night sky, symbolic of our inner world, our subconscious realm, becomes illuminated. Use the lunar energy of the waxing Moon to begin, initiate, plant, increase growth, gain, attract. The wind is in the sails and we can launch a journey. After the Full Moon, as the now waning Moon circles back toward the Sun, it reflects less, and the night grows darker. Instead of instigating new projects, this is a time to integrate, prune, review, complete, amalgamate, sort, come to understanding, and teach what we learned.”

moon wisdom

Since moon phases are a play between the Sun and Moon, lets recap the descriptions of each as previously described in my articles:

Sun: The Sun is the center of our solar system, so it should be no surprise that one key phrase is self-centered or center of attention. Other words relating to the Sun is soul, spirit, life force, personality, outgoing and inner self. The sun naturally rules the sign Leo and the fifth house which influences creativity, children, love affairs.

Moon: The Moon receives its light from the sun and therefore a key word for the Moon is receptive. Other words to describe the Moon are emotions, needs, nurture, reflection and “how” we express emotions. The Moon naturally rules the sign of Cancer and the forth house which influences the home, family, environment and nurture.

The lunar cycle starts with the New Moon, which is seen in the sky as the darkest night of the month with no reflection of the Sun. After a New Moon, while the reflection grows to point of a Full Moon, the cycle is considered to be waxing. A waxing moon is growing in light, from the right to the left as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. So when the Crescent or Half Moon is shining on the right side, then you know it is a waxing moon. After the Full Moon, the reflection lessens from right to left so that the Half or Crescent Moon is shining on the left side. The opposite occurs in the Southern Hemisphere.

From the stand point of the Zodiac chart, a waxing moon moves ahead through the six Zodiac signs from the Sun placement and the Waning moon pulls up behind through the seventh to twelfth Zodiac signs.

When the New Moon occurs, the Moon is closer to the Sun than the Earth. The Moon is conjunct the Sun. Therefore, the Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac sign at the exact New Moon moment.

If you were born under or near a New Moon, you are starting a life of exploration. You have an enthusiasm for life. The heart and mind seem to be without conflict and you easily find that one life purpose you are naturally good at. Given more layers and complexities as you age, you finish what your started.

When the Moon is Full, the Moon is further from the Sun than the Earth. The Moon is opposite the Sun. Therefore, the Sun and Moon are in the opposite Zodiac sign at the exact moment of the Full Moon.

If you were born under or near a Full Moon, opposites feel comfortable. Being with one parent at a time is easier than family gatherings. You may handle conflicts head on but are uncomfortable being near other people arguing. Emotional baggage may hinder relationships. You may need to respect the differences within yourself and strive to find balance in yourself.

When the Moon is showing as a Half Moon (also known as Quarter Moon), the Moon is square the Sun. Square aspects indicate stress between the resulting planets and their Zodiac Signs.

If you were born under or near a Waxing Half Moon, you will have plenty of challenges to build determination. Your parental guides may be quite different from each other. You learn to adjust and adapt by hearing varying viewpoints through your developing years. You make a good debater and advocate. You are a problem solver with a unique approach.

If you were born under or near a Waning Half Moon, you may have an uncomfortable life event during early childhood that gives you reason to develop compassion young. You make a great arbitrator or mediator. You can be very stubborn and not easily swayed. You work hard against the status quo for betterment.

There is much more to know about this Sun and Moon relationship, as well as the relationship between the Moon and other planets. I hope to delve more deeply next time as I indulge my fascination with the reflective Moon. But for now, may the waning Sun highlight the colorful canvas of the great Mother Earth in Autumn and shine on Harvest Moon.


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