Astrologer in Training – Moon Aspects

by Cindy Fadoir

planetsAs stated in a previous article, aspects helped to fill the missing sections on the paint-by-number portrait of an astrological natal chart, allowing the painting to be brought more sharply into focus.

The zodiac wheel is 360 degrees and each of the twelve Zodiac signs are 30 degrees. There are five Major Aspects commonly used by astrologers, shown as degrees apart by the comparing planets: Conjunction 0 degrees (same sign); Sextile 60 degrees (two signs apart); Square 90 degrees (three signs apart); Trine 120 degrees (four signs apart); Opposition 180 degrees (six signs apart).

Conjunction, Sextile and Trine Aspects are generally considered harmonious or supportive while Squares and Oppositions are considered challenged. Keep in mind that being challenged is not always a bad influence. Sometimes challenges are what get us to step up and face adversity head on. Some might say there are no challenges, only opportunities.

The aspect of the Moon to the Sun has already been discussed in the Moon Phases article. Moon to Sun aspects generally follow Moon phases. In other words, a New Moon means the Sun and Moon are Conjunct and a Full Moon means the Sun and Moon are Opposite. Half Moons are Square. The following are discussions of the rest of the planets in aspect to the Moon.

Moon aspects to Mercury: If born under supporting aspects, your mind and heart work together, home is harmonious, you are quick and witty but need in-depth study to grasp information. If born under challenging aspects, you may tend to focus on the past and what might go wrong. You have trouble shutting off mind for sleep, and you want to be heard but this may interfere with your ability to listen. Any form of stress relief can help with choosing between emotional and logical thoughts.

Moon aspects to Venus: If born under supporting aspects, you are sociable, affectionate, memorable and seductive. Relationships and family are important to you. If born under challenging aspects, you are not secure in yourself. You have charm and people are drawn to you, however social demands make you anxious. To counter the tension, consider being creative and affectionate instead of opting for retail therapy.

Moon aspects to Mars: If born under supporting aspects, you are emotionally courageous and passionate with an ability to stand up for self and weaker others. If born under challenging aspects, you can be moody, intolerant and overbearing. This can make a stern leader but needs to be tempered in personal relationships. Physical activity can help balance the flammable emotions.

Moon aspects to Jupiter: If born under supporting aspects, you are optimistic, trusting and lucky. You may not always respect others’ boundaries and naturally assist others to look for the silver lining. If born under challenging aspects, you are still optimistic but can overdo worry and obsession. Balance can be easily found if you consciously seek it.

Moon aspects to Saturn: If born under supporting aspects, you are a very responsible person and were even as a youngster. You take your responsibilities seriously which may get in way of developing relationships. You are a quick and skilled learner, faithful and reliable. If born under challenging aspects, you are driven to cover your sense of not being enough with accomplishments and possible depression is lurking at every corner. It will not come naturally, but learning to nurture yourself will go a long way to fuel your competence.

Moon aspects to Uranus: If born under supporting aspects, you are intuitive, independent and inventive. You learn in unconventional ways and you think for yourself. It takes work to have patience and connect with different-minded others. If born under challenging aspects, you can be brilliant in an emergency but impulse control escapes you. You are restless and you may sound arrogant to others. You may jump to conclusions and tend to look for greener pastures. Directing this energy toward work may allow for contentment at home.

Moon aspects to Neptune: If born under supporting aspects, you are extremely intuitive and connected with your loved ones. You are compassionate with a tendency toward self-sacrifice. If born under challenging aspects, you are emotionally sensitive and easily overwhelmed. You suffer from unrealistic fantasies or escapism. You may be susceptible to overindulgence so to counter this, stay away from drugs and alcohol and relax with calming bathes and good books.

Moon aspects to Pluto: If born under supportive aspects, you are inwardly intensely emotional and outwardly reserved. Your feelings run deep and you look trouble directly in the eyes. You can help others dig deep and get real. If born under challenging aspects, you are great in a crisis but have little patience for the ordinary world. Defense mechanisms include obsessive-compulsive streak; volcanic or implosive anger; and, solitude or isolation. You are especially triggered by oppression and abuse of the weak but working against these can help calm your soul.

These natal chart aspect descriptions can be tweaked to apply to the daily aspects which occur between the moon and other planets. On a day when the Moon is Square (challenged) to Pluto, we all have some of the same tendencies during that time as the person who was born under that aspect. In other words, we all may have the tendency to be obsessive-compulsive or seek isolation during that moon aspect.

Until next time, may we all have a joyous holiday and may the stars guide us all peacefully into the New Year!


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