Astrologer in Training – A New Year’s Message

by Cindy Fadoir

HeadPIC_astrologyReading the New Year’s astrologicial predictions is a tradition of mine. Mostly I look for my Sun sign, Aquarius, but also any overall forecasts for the year ahead. For many years, Heather Roan Robbins has contributed an annual overview to the We’Moon datebooks. This is how I discovered her, her weekly blogs (Starcode) and, eventually, her readings and trainings. We’Moon datebooks also include annual reviews for each Sun sign by Chani Nicholas. Along with their beautiful artwork and poetry, this datebook is my most favorite book to read in January and throughout the year.

I would like to share my New Year tradition with you by sharing a review of the year to come as presented in Heather Roan Robbins’ Starcode blog (December 30, 2016), which can be found in her website This is also paraphrased in the We’Moon 2017 datebook as part of a more extensive ‘Astro-Overview’.

“The astrological patterns of 2017 call for follow-through, innovation, and compassion.”

“Follow through: So many changes have transformed our world over the last five years that we are in a phase of reaction, a spring-back, but do not have to let go of the progress we’ve made. Many souls who contracted for the last chapter are choosing to leave, which can make this a hard transition. Any cultural or legal change, any positive change of personal habit, need to be exercised and guarded until they become a new habit, because these changes will be challenged. We need to follow through on the efforts of the last era as we get started on the new chapter.  And hug our beloveds in the process.”

“Innovation: Look for technological innovation and sociological experiments that stretch and test us as serious Saturn trines, and expansive Jupiter opposes, exciting, chaotic Uranus, now through the fall.   We need to pay attention to the consequences of our actions. This Saturn Uranus trine suggests the first round of changes will move the balance towards conservative saturnine restrictions in the name of security. But we can also use this trine to also build structure and organization into all our agencies of change. Jupiter opposes Uranus show the opposition to the changes expressed by the left, digging in their heels, but the real power will be not in resistance, but in refocusing the changes towards clear, healthy, Uranian-egalitarian, and specific goals.”

“Compassion (Transformation): Things do not settle down this year, the climate and ecosystems continue to change and politics stay in flux around the world. Many people will want steer the changes to benefit their ilk, but we can counterbalance that pressure and take a truly global approach to problem-solving. Jupiter in egalitarian Libra until October encourages us to find our people and work together to build healthy romantic partnerships and social justice allies. Dynamic compassion needs to be our guiding principle.”

“Throughout 2017: Pluto remains in Capricorn transforming how we use electrical, political, and personal power by showing us power at its most oppressive worst- and at its empowering best. Uranus in rebellious, quick-to-fight Aries continues to challenge, sometimes explosively, this power-wielding dynamic. Neptune stays in intuitive, spiritual Pisces and keeps water health, water rights, and wild weather in the headlines. This Neptune feeds our spiritual hunger and need for numinous magic, but it also can feed the religious attachment that creates wars. We need to honor the many paths to spirit.”

And from me personally, I wish you many happy stars, much patience and an abundance of peace in the year ahead.


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an edited version of this article will also appear in StarNations magazine . . .


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