Astrologer in Training – The New President (Part 2)

by Cindy Fadoir

Leo by Anna Blanchard

Leo by Anna Blanchard

We continue this month our review of the Zodiac Natal chart of the new President of the United States of America. The chart has some significant Zodiac placements in the sing of Leo, including his Ascendant or Rising Sign, his Mars and his Pluto. His Mars is conjunct his Ascendant which strengthens the protective and aggressive warrior aspects of Leo. These planets also contribute to his having an over-abundance of the Fire element in his chart. Per a previous article, too much fire can result in over confidence, tendency to burn out easily, restlessness, impulsiveness, acting at all cost. Too much fire can be offset by air and water elements in the chart. Below is further discussion regarding these three placements in Leo as reported in previous articles.

trumps-chartMars in Leo: Mars relates to our physical stamina and sex drive, and how we use energy. The Mars in Leo shows up in having a great love of life and a full, rewarding sex life. This pairing is dramatically assertive resulting in quick tempers and attraction to power.

Pluto in Leo: Pluto influences how we personally transform and regenerate. When Pluto aligned with Leo in 1937 through 1957, the desire for individualized self as apart from the collective was increased, domination and power are highlighted. The “me generation” was born, World War II occurs, the United Nations were formed. Individuals work extremely well for the common good but can become power hungry.

Ascendant/Rising Sign in Leo is characterized as being dramatic, prideful and ambitious. Since the Leo Ascendant portrays a similar personality to the strong Leo Sun sign, I am repeating a past article portion on the Leo Sun sign below.

Leo is the second Zodiac sign of the Summer season, so it is no surprise that the “planet” ruling Leo is the Sun, shining most powerfully this time of year, a fiery life force, the center of all. Being in the “center” of the Summer season means Leo is a fixed sign and as symbolized by the proud Lion protecting their lair, they are determined, unchanging, standing royally firm to their beliefs and opinions. Being of the fire element makes Leo intuitive, enthusiastic and passionate.

Our astrology training continues this month with the fifth sign of the Zodiac experience. Now in the teenage phase of the zodiac journey, Leo roars “I will” as they proceed to claim their territory preparing for adulthood. As many teenagers, their inner doubt is veiled by outer vanity or cockiness. Their actual shyness is offset by a confident demeanor and air of superiority. They might appear lazy and withdrawn, but are actually gathering solar energy for or just relaxing after a big hunt. Their above average intellect can result in appearing as know-it-alls.

Like the midday sun, Leo knows how to light up a room with their “sunny dispositions”, proving they are deserving of worship. Leos take prided in parenting their children well, expecting their children to excel and follow in their royal footsteps. Leo children need discipline to reign in their tendency for drama. Like the big hunt, Leos love to shop, as they appreciate and acquire larger and grander objects of status. Leos live life large and fortunately, they are ambitious enough to provide well for selves and family. They desire genuine compliments and truthful flattery, and know a lie when they hear one. They can be deeply hurt by criticism, especially Leo cubs, if not delivered with affection and humor. Firm beliefs developed in childhood are often held onto throughout life.

Leos rule the theater, dramatics and love being the center of attention and are natural actors. Leos rule children and playfulness. They are generous, trusting and loyal friends, expecting loyalty in return. Their fixed quality make them good organizers, giving Leos a sense of needed control over their lives, which can sometimes lead to bossiness.

Leo Sun signs stand out in a crowd with their luxurious manes of hair styled to impress, graceful walk, commanding stance, resonant voices, body generous and shapely. Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis is a great example of the Leo royal essence.

The sign of Leo rules the heart which, like the Sun to our solar system, is a central and powerful life force of each human body. Leo also rules the spine and spinal cord, another important command center of the human body.

Additional Leo traits are encouraging, intuitive, egocentric, naïve, dignified, bombastic, snobbish, arrogant, leadership, charisma, promiscuous, air of royalty, lacking humility, impulsive.

So, now you have read the influence of Leo placement in the new President’s Zodiac natal chart. I believe he receives his ambition and drive from Mars in Leo and his egotistical need to be in the spotlight from his Ascendant in Leo. More next time as we delve further into this natal chart. Until then, may the Sun shine optimistically and the Stars guide us to peace and tolerance.


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