Astrologer in Training – Graduation Day

by Cindy Fadoir

HeadPIC_astrologyIt’s June and that means Graduation Day for many people. Whether it’s a graduation from High School or University, it’s a time for people to ponder the future as they embark on their careers. The question is, how can Astrology assist in this process? How can Astrology help us choose our careers? It’s not always obvious by our Sun signs but that is a good place to start.

Knowing the astrology of one’s natal chart assists one to play to their strengths. The following are strong career possibilities based on one’s Sun sign:

Aries – Fire – Cardinal: Aries love to initiate new projects and is great in a leadership and entrepreneurial role. A project has a chance of successful completion only if this Aries is passionate about it. They have a good head for business but also do well in armed forces, engineering and electronics. Because Aries rules the head, they may also do well in psychiatry and dentistry, Aries love physical movement and speed so a career in physical education, sports management and medicine, or as athlete, dancer or race car driver.

Taurus – Earth – Fixed: Taurus has a deep connection with the earth and love of substance may lead to careers in farming, land scape architecture, food industry, construction, and anything to do with money, as in banking, financial advising, economists, business. Beauty and form are also important to Taurus, so becoming an artist, jewelry maker, architect, or musician, especially singer.

Gemini – Air – Mutable: As an Air sign, they are driven by their intellect. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini do well in the communication field, writing, publishing, advertising, counseling. editing and sales. As a mutable sign, Gemini crave versatility and change which can lead to careers in commercial travel, navigation, civil engineer. Also, they may hold more than one job and might be a jack-of-all-trades.

Cancer – Water – Cardinal: Ruled by the Moon, Cancers are the Zodiac mother. They are uniquely suited for a career as a nurturer, nurse, home-maker, nanny, teacher, chef, gynecologist. Their emotional sensitivities and intuition allow them to excel at counseling, psychiatry, social work, real estate, sales, and as psychic healers. Gemini’s love of water also may result in careers as fisherman, boat builders, plumbers, swimmers and sailors.

Leo – Fire – Fixed: Leos are ruled by the Sun and they love to be center stage and in the public eye. Their charisma makes them natural actors, performers, politicians, teachers, fund raisers, sales persons and leaders. They do well in industries having to do with substance, luxury, glamour, precious gems and gold. Leo rules the heart, so Leos make excel cardiologists and heart specialists.

Virgo – Earth – Mutable: Virgos are related to routine jobs, health and service. They do well in social work, hospitals, hospice, medicine, health care, service industry, nutrition, public health and teaching. They are very analytical and efficient. They do well as scientists, analysts, statisticians, astrologers, personal assistants, accountants, inspectors, critics, specialists. They also do well as waiters, clerks, maids/butlers, sanitation workers and dental hygienists.

Libra – Air – Cardinal: Libras love balance, justice and harmony so they will do well as a lawyer, marriage counselor, negotiator, diplomat, wedding coordinator, accountant, photographer, editor or matchmaker. Their innate good taste may also lead to becoming a florist, interior designer, artist, architect, fashion designer, cosmetologist, image consultant, beautician, musician, or model.

Scorpio – Water – Fixed: Scorpios are truth seekers, uncovering what is hidden. This can lead to a career as detective, journalist, researchers, psychologist, medical professional or spy. Add their extensive intuition and they make excellent psychics, astrologers, occultists and mediums. Scorpios may also be drawn to any career dealing with death, sea and water, such as undertaker, cemetery worker, sex therapy, midwifery, past life counselor, scuba divers, submarine operator.

Sagittarius – Air – Mutable: Sagittarius’ love of higher learning and foreign travel can lead to a career as a professor, researcher, metaphysical writer, lawyer, entrepreneur, actor, philosopher, customs agents, theologian, airline pilot, astronaut, publisher, preacher, guru, importer/exporter, travel guide, spiritual counselor or traveling salesperson. Their also may enjoy careers having to do with horses and sports.

Capricorn – Earth – Cardinal: Capricorn is associated with corporate and government bureaucracy can lead to careers as a politician, administrator, entrepreneur, planner, civil servant, business manager, school principal, wardens, manufacturer, teacher or law enforcement officer. The Earth element can lead to careers in building, construction, engineering, geology or architecture. Capricorns also make good chiropractors, osteopaths and dentists.

Aquarius – Air – Fixed: Aquarius is the sign of invention and humanity. This, combined with the Air element, may lead to careers as a scientist, researcher, humanitarian, inventor, quantum physicist, sociologist, solar engineer, astronaut, psychologists, aviators, parachutist, futures trader, archeologist or ecologist. Their eccentric nature may also make them great filmmakers, actors, clairvoyants, artist, fiction writers, psychics, electricians, astrologers and revolutionaries.

Pisces – Water – Mutable: Pisces are highly empathic, compassionate and artistic. This may lead to a career as a spiritual counselor, artist, faith healer, actor, nun, psychic, monk, mystic, psychologist, physician, medium, scientist, poet, photographer, writer, charity organizer, volunteer, nurse or entertainer. Their link to addiction suits them well to becoming a psychiatrist, counselor, scientist, or hypnotist. Their water connection may lead to being a sailor, fishmonger or oceanographer.

The natal chart holds many more clues as to career possibilities. Besides the Sun sign, one might also look to planets in the practical, Earth based Houses. The Second House for the basics of what you value. The Sixth House for routine jobs, especially related to health care. And the Tenth House for career and vocation. Signs on the cusps of these house as well as the planets within each house can add depth to this discussion of career potential.

Happy Graduation Day. Until we meet again, may the Sun warm your fields and the Stars steer you home safely.


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