Astrologer in Training – Moon Phases

by Cindy Fadoir

moon phasesAs I write this article, the second New Moon of September is approaching. New moons are a powerful time to set our intentions for the month. The second New Moon in a given month is considered a Black Moon. This is the opposite of the second Full Moon in a month which is referred to as a Blue Moon. This phenomenon happens every few years, the next Black Moon will occur in 2019. A Black Moon is just a bit more powerful than a normal New Moon, which may explain why I’m greatly inspired to share with you knowledge that I’ve recently acquired about Moon Phases.

Most of my knowledge on the Moon Phases comes from Heather Roan Robbins book Moon Wisdom (CICO Books, 2015). Robbins describes the Sun as our consciousness and outer structure; whereas the Moon is described as our unconsciousness and inner feelings. The moon is only, but importantly, a reflection of the Sun, our center, our soul.

Robbins describes the lunar cycle elegantly in Moon Wisdom, “The farther the Moon moves away from the Sun in its circle around the Earth, the more light we see reflected. Our night sky, symbolic of our inner world, our subconscious realm, becomes illuminated. Use the lunar energy of the waxing Moon to begin, initiate, plant, increase growth, gain, attract. The wind is in the sails and we can launch a journey. After the Full Moon, as the now waning Moon circles back toward the Sun, it reflects less, and the night grows darker. Instead of instigating new projects, this is a time to integrate, prune, review, complete, amalgamate, sort, come to understanding, and teach what we learned.”

moon wisdom

Since moon phases are a play between the Sun and Moon, lets recap the descriptions of each as previously described in my articles:

Sun: The Sun is the center of our solar system, so it should be no surprise that one key phrase is self-centered or center of attention. Other words relating to the Sun is soul, spirit, life force, personality, outgoing and inner self. The sun naturally rules the sign Leo and the fifth house which influences creativity, children, love affairs.

Moon: The Moon receives its light from the sun and therefore a key word for the Moon is receptive. Other words to describe the Moon are emotions, needs, nurture, reflection and “how” we express emotions. The Moon naturally rules the sign of Cancer and the forth house which influences the home, family, environment and nurture.

The lunar cycle starts with the New Moon, which is seen in the sky as the darkest night of the month with no reflection of the Sun. After a New Moon, while the reflection grows to point of a Full Moon, the cycle is considered to be waxing. A waxing moon is growing in light, from the right to the left as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. So when the Crescent or Half Moon is shining on the right side, then you know it is a waxing moon. After the Full Moon, the reflection lessens from right to left so that the Half or Crescent Moon is shining on the left side. The opposite occurs in the Southern Hemisphere.

From the stand point of the Zodiac chart, a waxing moon moves ahead through the six Zodiac signs from the Sun placement and the Waning moon pulls up behind through the seventh to twelfth Zodiac signs.

When the New Moon occurs, the Moon is closer to the Sun than the Earth. The Moon is conjunct the Sun. Therefore, the Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac sign at the exact New Moon moment.

If you were born under or near a New Moon, you are starting a life of exploration. You have an enthusiasm for life. The heart and mind seem to be without conflict and you easily find that one life purpose you are naturally good at. Given more layers and complexities as you age, you finish what your started.

When the Moon is Full, the Moon is further from the Sun than the Earth. The Moon is opposite the Sun. Therefore, the Sun and Moon are in the opposite Zodiac sign at the exact moment of the Full Moon.

If you were born under or near a Full Moon, opposites feel comfortable. Being with one parent at a time is easier than family gatherings. You may handle conflicts head on but are uncomfortable being near other people arguing. Emotional baggage may hinder relationships. You may need to respect the differences within yourself and strive to find balance in yourself.

When the Moon is showing as a Half Moon (also known as Quarter Moon), the Moon is square the Sun. Square aspects indicate stress between the resulting planets and their Zodiac Signs.

If you were born under or near a Waxing Half Moon, you will have plenty of challenges to build determination. Your parental guides may be quite different from each other. You learn to adjust and adapt by hearing varying viewpoints through your developing years. You make a good debater and advocate. You are a problem solver with a unique approach.

If you were born under or near a Waning Half Moon, you may have an uncomfortable life event during early childhood that gives you reason to develop compassion young. You make a great arbitrator or mediator. You can be very stubborn and not easily swayed. You work hard against the status quo for betterment.

There is much more to know about this Sun and Moon relationship, as well as the relationship between the Moon and other planets. I hope to delve more deeply next time as I indulge my fascination with the reflective Moon. But for now, may the waning Sun highlight the colorful canvas of the great Mother Earth in Autumn and shine on Harvest Moon.


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Astrologer in Training – Moon Recap

by Cindy Fadoir

moon phasesI’ve been wanting to learn and share more about the moon phases and the impact on our lives, however, before I write in detail next month, I felt it best to recap the effects of the moon in your natal chart.

The Moon relates to emotions, nurturing, needs, and what makes us feel secure. What follows is a recap of characteristics when born with the moon under that sign. In addition, I included gifts of that natal moon as highlighted in Heather Roan Robbins’ book, Moon Wisdom (CICO Books 2015).

When the natal moon appears in Aries, the energy is expressed as emotionally impulsive and bold. There is a need to stir things up, to start new things, to feel passion or be passionate about things.  Physical activity is craved. There is pride in decisiveness and getting things moving. The energy also appears as being self-absorbed, craving instant gratification and disliking authority. Your gifts are initiation, energy, resilience, spontaneity and strength.

When the natal moon appears in Taurus, emotional security depends on having and maintaining material possessions, needing creature comforts and stability. This can lead to over indulgence, possessiveness and stubbornness. Guard against using your entrenched values as a self-protective wall. Your gifts are steadiness, abundance, cuddliness, good taste and good business sense.

When the natal moon appears in Gemini, emotions may be questioned, analyzed and not trusted. Verbal discussion is desired to sort emotions out or for emotional release. Rational thought often overrides emotional needs. Your gifts are verbal ability, sociability, adaptability, being a natural translator and ability to deepen conversation.

When the natal moon appears in Cancer, having strong family ties, being needed and nurturing are all desired. Psychic abilities and fertility are heightened. The desire to withdraw and side-step, like the Crab, occurs when hurt. Being overly sensitive, moody, worried and needy are all more apparent. Your gifts are community building, heart inspiration, nurturing, intuition, protectiveness and nesting.

When the natal moon appears in Leo, need for recognition, generosity and affection are heightened. The need to be admired, to shine, might be so great as to cause melodramatic behavior like overreacting and excessive vanity. The Leo leadership influence may result in being controlling, dogmatic or bossy. Your gifts are warm heartedness, loyalty, charisma, leadership, panache, heart-centered strength and skill in an emergency.

When the natal moon appears in Virgo, analysis of feelings and emotions occur, a need to be valued for services offered is apparent, and confidence can be lacking. Desires for perfection are directed toward self and home. Your gifts are gut intuition, work ethic, curiosity, writing and listening.

When the natal moon appears in Libra, avoiding discord and seeking harmony brings a feeling of security. A need for equality and partnership is heightened. Emotions are expressed in friendly, diplomatic ways but an overwhelming desire to be liked can result in evasiveness and peace at any price maneuvers. Your gifts are diplomacy, fairness and even handedness, pacifism, natural leadership, artistry and romance.

When the natal moon appears in Scorpio, emotions are focused, introspective and broody. The need for authenticity and boundaries are heightened. Solitude, but not isolation, is needed. Emotions, desires and sensitivities are increased but shown only to those they trust. Guard against being overly secretive or suspicious. Your gifts are depth and complexity, curiosity, concentration, self-direction and primal energy.

When the natal moon appears in Sagittarius, emotions are expressed intellectually, confidently and optimistically. There is a great need for emotional independence. Security is sensed when a right path is chosen, until restlessness drives the search for another path, a greener pasture, possibly in foreign lands. Your gifts are gratitude, cheerfulness, connection with nature, international curiosity and honesty.

When the natal moon appears in Capricorn, expressions of emotions may lack warmth but include wit. Structure, approval and respect is needed for emotional security. Your gifts are leadership, common sense, competitiveness, coolness and architecture.

When the natal moon appears in Aquarius, expressions of emotions are controlled which allows a step back so the big picture can be seen. A sense of freedom, especially of self-expression, is needed to feel secure. Friendships are important. Emotions can change in a flash with bursts of inspiration. Your gifts are networking, farsightedness, extroversion, innovativeness and ability to philosophize.

When the natal moon appears in Pisces, emotions are expressed through intuition yet contradiction, imagination yet deception, compassion yet resistance. Retreating into privacy increases sense of security, guarding against oversensitivity. Artistic expression is strong. Your gifts are charm, psychic sensitivity, perception, lie detection and imagination.

I’m hoping that this knowledge of your natal moon will inspire you to exploit your gifts for the good of all. We are all part of this great story being played out in the world. Your gifts are to be shared and honored. Shine on Moon Glow!


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Astrologer in Training – The Storyteller

by Cindy Fadoir

Te Ata - 01As many of you know, I live in Traverse City, Michigan and, during the last week of July is the Traverse City Film Festival.  I was so wrapped up with the festival, concentrated on films with female directors and writers this year, as well as about female struggles and triumphs, that I almost forgot to write my article!   I’m glad, too, because on the last day of the Festival, I watched a movie titled Te Ata (TAY’ AH-TAH), a film about the extraordinary life of Chickasaw Nation citizen Mary Thompson Fisher (  The film was written by Chickasaw historian, Jeannie Barbour, and directed by Nathan Frankowski.  This film was not presented as a documentary, but as a full length feature film based on the life of a Native American woman who used her voice and stage presence to keep Native traditions alive by telling the stories through narrative, drumming and song. “I am Te Ata. And I am a storyteller” was a resounding phrase we heard often from the title character. The film covered Te Ata’s life from 1906 at age 10 through 1933 when she performed for President Roosevelt and his guests at his first state dinner. She lived to be almost one hundred years old, passing in 1995. Te Ata is said to mean “Bearer of the Dawn.”  Some accounts say it’s a Chickasaw word and some say it’s a Maori (New Zealand Aboriginal) word for “The Morning.”

My article is not intended to be a film review, but that statement “I am a storyteller” struck a chord with me.   I, as an astrologer, am a storyteller.  Mary Thompson Fisher was born December 3, 1895 in Emet, Chickasaw Nation (now Johnston County, Oklahoma). This means Te Ata was a Sagittarian woman, a fiery, optimistic seeker of truth and teacher who chose to teach about her traditional culture through story and song.  Sagittarians are also expansive, adventurous, playful. They like to commune with nature and animals. They love to travel, especially to foreign lands. They love to laugh, be entertained and will perform to have others join in the merriment.  Also in Sagittarius is Te Ata’s Mercury, the philosophical communicator who craves intellectual challenge. The Sun and Moon in Sagittarius likely influenced her pursuit of higher education in theater and performing arts. Having attended a women’s college in Oklahoma, she went on to Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and eventually appeared on Broadway in New York. Throughout this time, she performed her Native Storytelling as part of a traveling Chautauqu show. For a while, she performed only at private events when U.S. Law would make it illegal to do so in public. She eventually performed in the White House and for the King and Queen of England during their visit to the United States. Shortly thereafter, the law was amended to eliminate references to the bans on cultural dances, such as Te Ata’s performance, as well as the sacred Lakota Sun Dance and other customary practices. The Te Ata’s Sagittarian yearning for foreign travel was met when the Queen of England invited her to perform in England. During her career, she also visited Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Peru, Guatemala, Canada, the Yucatán and Mexico (per Wikipedia).

Te Ata’s Moon, Neptune and Pluto were all in Gemini, an intellectual sign of communication. Moon in Gemini meant she thrived on variety and change which may have been seen in her traveling and teaching across the country in new and varied locations. Neptune in Gemini allows imagination and spiritual issues to be channeled through logic and reasoning which can be seen in how Te Ata taught the Native ways through performance. Pluto in Gemini fosters regeneration through communication, which can be seen as Te Ata’s performances influenced the acceptance of native ways which had been suppressed in the country. Her Venus was in Libra which may be the key to her love of the arts, music and drama. Jupiter in Leo also supports her expression through drama and teaching in foreign lands.

Te Ata’s Mars, Saturn and Uranus are all in Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio results in drive and ambition. It also draws secrecy and formidable enemies into one’s life. Even though her performance of song, dance and drumming may have been seen as illegal by the U.S. Government (a formidable enemy), she continued to perform privately (in secrecy). Saturn in Scorpio can be seen by her bringing the native ways to light and in the open. Uranus in Scorpio is often compelled to bring about change through independence, emotion and intuition.

Astrology maps out the story of your life.  Astrology lays out the basic characteristics but you choose which traits to emphasize. By knowing your astrology, you can consciously downplay your weaker, less beneficial tendencies and play up the stronger traits. In some ways, your birth chart lays out the path to your soul’s desires, the basic drives and direction. The story is written by the stars and the planets, with various potential plot twists and turns. But you are at choice. You are the storyteller. Let your story shine. Be the storyteller of your life!

I hope you enjoyed the look into Te Ata’s life through astrology. I did not have the time of day she was born so I could not see her rising sign, and therefore, her elemental balance or house structure, but you can see there was still much information to garner from her birth date and place. Until next month, may your waters be calm, your air be breezy, your fires be bright and the earth around you be blooming.


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Astrologer in Training – Planets Revisited

by Cindy Fadoir


Happy Summer! The Sun is prominent during this warmest season of the year. And summer brings to mind vacation from school and rereading favorite summer paperbacks. So, I decided to bring back a refresher on the Sun and all the planets, as previously described so long ago.

The planets rule the twelve zodiac signs as well as the twelve houses. The house is the “area” of life being influenced by the planet and the sign is “how” the planet is expressed. The layering of influences lend to a deeper understanding of the Zodiac.

Sun: The Sun is the center of our solar system, so it should be no surprise that one key phrase is self-centered or center of attention. Other words relating to the Sun is soul, spirit, life force, personality, outgoing and inner self. The sun naturally rules the sign Leo and the fifth house which influences creativity, children, love affairs.

Mercury: This planet is the closest to the sun and Greek mythology calls this the “messenger of the gods”. Communication is a key word for Mercury. Other words for Mercury are perception, ideas, “how” we think. Mercury naturally rules the sign of Gemini and the third house which influences information, lower education, personal ideas, short distance travel. Mercury also naturally rules the sign of Virgo and the sixth house which influences work, routine jobs and health.

Moon: The Moon receives its light from the sun and therefore a key word for the Moon is receptive. Other words to describe the Moon are emotions, needs, nurture, reflection and “how” we express emotions. The Moon naturally rules the sign of Cancer and the forth house which influences the home, family, environment and nurture.

Venus: The planet Venus is the divine feminine relating to beauty, relationships, “how” we relate. Other words to describe Venus is inspirational, creative and value; that is, what we value both personal and physical. Venus is the natural ruler of sign Taurus and the second house which influences personal values, possessions and finances. Venus also rules the sign of Libra and the seventh house which influences one to one relationships, partnerships of all kinds.

Mars: The planet Mars is the opposite of Venus, the divine masculine, The Warrior. Mars relates to assertiveness, aggression, physical, image, projection, sexuality, earth, the masculine energy. Mars naturally rules the sign of Aires youngest sign of the zodiac and the first house which influences personal physical body and space, personal image, projections.

Jupiter: The planet Jupiter is the first of the two social planets and represents expansiveness, growth, expressions, optimism, and teaching. Jupiter naturally rules the sign of Sagittarius and the ninth house which influences teaching, religion, higher education, social ideas and long distance travel.

Saturn: The other social planet is Saturn, which is a bit opposite of Jupiter as the pessimistic rule keeper with boundaries and responsibilities. Other words to describe Saturn is parameters, cold, hardworking. Saturn naturally rules the sign of Capricorn and the tenth house which influences career, purpose and goals, my home in the world.

Uranus: The planet Uranus is the first of the outer planets, those not visible with naked eye from earth. Words to describe Uranus are individual, independence, detached, inventive, balanced, and humanitarian. Uranus is the natural ruler of the Aquarius and the eleventh house which influences groups, organizations, friendships, personal hopes and dreams, intended achievements, and technology.

Neptune: Another outer planet is Neptune for which spirituality and escapism are key words. Other words to describe Neptune are inner connection, empathy, understanding, social service, “we are the world”, psychic, intuitive, depression and addictions. Neptune is the natural ruler of water sign Pisces, and the twelfth and oldest house which influences behind the scenes, end of cycles, playing a supportive role.

Pluto: Last but not least, planet Pluto. Not technically a planet any longer but still enough of a celestial object to have impact on earth. Transformation is a key word of Pluto. Other words related to Pluto are death and rebirth, attachment and detachment, involvement, possessive, committed, releasing, transcending, mass emotion, mass psychology, and evolution. Pluto naturally rules the sign of Scorpio and the eighth house which influences death and rebirth, sexuality, our values, and mutual resources.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this ride through the Zodiac solar system. Until next month, may the heavens be kind and your summer be breezy.

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Astrologer in Training – The Nodes of the Moon

by Cindy Fadoir


planetsAs I continue to stretch beyond the typical planetary influences on the astrological natal chart, I find these two additional astrological considerations are not physical objects in the heaven at all. They are points in space indicating where the Moon crosses the ecliptic. That is to say, when the Moon’s monthly orbit around the earth crosses the earth’s annual orbit around the Sun (the ecliptic). Each orbital intersection is called a Node, occurring twice a year in opposite signs. Even though these points are considered Nodes of the Moon, they actually demonstrate the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth at the time of birth.

The Nodes move in a retrograde direction slowly through the Zodiac completing a full cycle in 18 to 19 years, or through each Zodiac sign in about 19 months. The North Node occurs when the Moon’s orbit crosses from south of the ecliptic to north of the ecliptic. When the Moon’s orbit crosses from north of the ecliptic to south of the ecliptic, the South Node occurs. The Zodiac sign and chart placement of the North Node is directly opposite that of the South Node.

There are various theories of how the Nodes influence our charts but the most common is that the North Node represents our Future Lives and the South Node represents our Past Lives. Some astrologers relate the North Node to positive, optimistic, expansive Jupiter and the South Node to negative, pessimistic, restrictive Saturn. Chinese astrology associate the North Node to a Dragon’s head taking in nourishment, striving for fulfillment and the South Node to a Dragon’s tail expelling waste, releasing and letting go; in other words, a taking in and giving out opposition. In Karmic astrology, the North Node is the path of evolution, moving toward the soul’s like purpose, and the South Node is the elimination of all that the soul has outgrown. It may also be said that the North Node represents people we are drawn to, as opposed to the South Node, which represents people we tend to avoid.

Balance between the two Nodes is a lifelong goal. It appears that the South Node represents the old patterns and prejudices that may need to be released, which are deeply ingrained, possibly too comfortable and limiting, like the easy way out. The North Node shows the potential growth, fresh outlook, even liberation from the past. It may take a lifetime to balance between the old, easy, South Node ways to the new, expansive North Node destiny.

The Zodiac sign of each Node are direct opposites. The following describe each pair of Nodes presenting what traits to grow (North) and what to let go (South).

North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra – Assertiveness and initiative result in self-sufficiency, leaving behind indecisiveness and reliance on others.

North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio – Strength and relentless drive pave the path to inner security, releasing emotional pain regarding power and sexuality.

North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius – Effective listening and meaningful sharing lead to inner truth, leaving behind dogma and a need to philosophize.

North Node in Cancer, South Node in Capricorn – Caring for self and others is the path of nurture, releasing ambitious drive and need to control.

North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius – Strength of will and compassion result in a heart centered soul, leaving behind eccentricity, rebellion and impersonality.

North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces – Structure and inner confidence lead to a path of selfless service, releasing martyrdom and escapism.

North Node in Libra, South Node in Aries – Cooperation and empathy result in balanced partnerships, leaving behind competition and self-centered tendencies.

North Node in Scorpio, South Node in Taurus – Power, transformation and intimacy result in self-mastery, releasing possessiveness and materialism.

North Node in Sagittarius, South Node in Gemini – Integrity, commitment and trust lead the seeker to truth, leaving behind being superficial and too logical.

North Node in Capricorn, South Node in Cancer – Discipline and structure lead to autonomy, releasing dependency and sensitivity.

North Node in Aquarius, South Node in Leo – Empathy, community and equality pave a path to evolution, leaving behind egotism and self-centeredness.

North Node in Pisces, South Node in Virgo – Compassion and mystery lead to enlightenment, releasing perfectionism and criticalness.

Keep in mind that traits to be released are ones that we naturally fall back on or use as the easy way out. They are ancient patterns and deeply entrenched. It’s a balancing act between releasing the South Node traits and initiating the North Node traits. Achieving that balance is achieving our destiny.

Until next time, may you gaze upon the heavens and see your balanced soul in the multitude of stars.


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Astrologer in Training – Chiron, the Wounded Healer

by Cindy Fadoir


chironI am being encouraged these days to stretch in my astrological abilities. Chiron, the Wounded Healer may sound like a dark, unpleasant place to stretch to but it is the next logical step to take. It is time to stretch beyond the normal nine planet solar system learned in elementary school. The latest planet to be accepted as having astrological influence is Chiron, which was discovered in 1977. Images of Chiron can be found as far back as 1895 which allows an accurate plotting of its’ orbit in our solar system. Currently designated a minor planet and a comet, Chiron has characteristics of both asteroids and comets and therefore is also considered a ‘centaur’ asteroid.

This minor planet was named for the Greek mythological centaur, Chiron. His father was the Titan, Cronos (Saturn), and his mother was nymph, Philyra. Both parents had transformed into the form of a horse when Chiron was conceived, resulting in Chiron being half horse and half human. Upon his birth, he was abandoned and rejected by his mother. The psychological wound was eased when Apollo took Chiron under his wing and tutored him in the healing arts, music, poetry and prophecy. Later, Chiron was physically wounded by Hercules. Even though he was now a great healer, the painful wound would never heal, and because he was an immortal creature, he could not die.

The duality of this centaur represents a blend of animal instinct and human consciousness. The orbit of Chiron is highly eccentric. Mostly, the orbit is between Saturn and Uranus, therefore, this minor planet pulls influence from the conventional, traditional Saturn and the unconventional, revolutionary Uranus. Chiron helps us move from the chains of the past and into the possibility of the future. Chiron helps us move through the pain and go on with life, accept what is, gain insight and integrate the wisdom into our lives. Often considered soul wounds, Chiron assists in finding the hidden gifts of self.

Some of the keywords of Chiron are wound, healing, suffering, fusion, dilemmas, integration, balance, acceptance, wholeness, paradox, instincts, gifts, fragments, and pilgrimage.

Where Chiron appears in our natal chart gives insight into where we feel wounded. It may be from a past life and therefore an experience we need to endure and learn from in this life. It may represent a wound from early childhood by someone we trusted. As a soul wound, it really doesn’t matter which lifetime the wound initiated. What matters is how we accept, learn and use the wound in this lifetime. Often, the best way to learn is to teach others. Often, the best way to heal ourselves is to learn how to heal others. The Zodiac sign in which Chiron resides reflects the type of wound suffered and it can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It’s a healing journey that may last a lifetime. The following illustrates the wound and healing through each sign.

Chiron in Aries represents a wound of the sense of self or worthlessness. Healing may come through self-discovery, assertiveness and self-valuation.

Chiron in Taurus represents a wound of the body, self-worth, or insecurity, whether emotionally or financially. Healing may come through balance of body and soul, or enhancement of self-esteem.

Chiron in Gemini represents a wound of being misunderstood, possibly being extremely shy. Healing may come from be more outgoing or building more self-confident.

Chiron in Cancer represents a wound of emotional basis, possibly feeling un-nurtured. Healing may come from recognizing needs and learning to indulge or nurture self.

Chiron in Leo represents a wound to the inner child, ego or self-expression. Healing may come through learning and teaching creativity and playfulness.

Chiron in Virgo represents a wound of imperfection either in health or work. Healing may come through service to others either by volunteering or working in health field.

Chiron in Libra represents a wound in relationship to others, whether a rejection or codependence. Healing may come through grounding, balance and self-acceptance.

Chiron in Scorpio represents a wound of loss, powerlessness or worry. Healing may come through empathy and development of an appreciation for life.

Chiron in Sagittarius represents a wound of belief, spiritual crisis or intolerance. Healing may come reprogramming beliefs through understanding and modest teaching.

Chiron in Capricorn represents a wound of workaholic, power seeking or being ignored. Healing may come through self valuation and acknowledgement or self and others.

Chiron in Aquarius represents a wound of societal rejection and sense of isolation. Healing may come through accepting uniqueness, teaching tolerance and using technology for self-expression.

Chiron in Pisces represents a wound of crisis at universal level, depression or addiction. Healing may come through helping others, self-examination and protecting psychic self.

Everyone has Chiron in one sign or the other and therefore we all are wounded in some way. Hopefully, understanding where you are wounded may assist you in accepting the wound and working toward a healing.

Until next month, may the Spring bring blossoms and the Stars bring delight.

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Astrologer in Training – Mercury Retrograde

by Cindy Fadoir

planetsMany of you have heard of Mercury Retrograde. Many of you fear Mercury Retrograde. But do you really understand what occurs when Mercury goes retrograde and then back direct again? We had just completed the first bout of Mercury Retrograde for 2016 when I started writing this in January, so it is very much on my mind. I started to investigate this phenomenon to uncover the truth, depth and breadth that affects us all three or four times each year.

So what is Mercury Retrograde, anyway? Let’s start by explaining the ‘Retrograde’ part first. No planet actually travels backward as it orbits the Sun. But since we are viewing the planets from Earth, which is also orbiting the Sun, the path of the planets give an appearance of crisscrossing. The illusion of a planet appearing to move forward (direct), seeming to stop (station), and then reverse direction (retrograde) happens to all planets at some time or another, except for the Sun, Earth and Moon. A retrograde occurs when a faster moving planet passes between the slower moving planet and the Sun, with one of those planets being the Earth. The closer to the Sun, the faster the speed of the planet. Mercury and Venus are closer to the Sun and pass between the Earth and the Sun more than once a year. The other planets are further away from the Sun than Earth so the faster moving planet is Earth, which passes between the slower, outer planets and the Sun once every year.

To illustrate this planetary phenomenon, imagine a fast moving car catching up with and passing a slower moving car. As the faster car approaches the slower car, it appears to slow down and match the slower car speed for a time. Then, it appears to sling shot forward quickly as it overtakes the slower car, which now appears to be moving backward in a cloud of dust in relation to the faster car. Simple? As I said, it’s an illusion.

As a planet, Mercury is the smallest in our known solar system and the closest to the Sun. Mercury completes an orbit of the Sun each 88 days versus Earth’s orbit of 365 days, therefore Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun generally three or four times each year. Astrologically, Mercury cannot be more than 28 degrees from the Sun so it speeds up during its direct, forward motion covering four Zodiac signs in three months and then slows to an apparent stop and retrogrades for three weeks waiting for the Sun to catch up.

So how does Mercury Retrograde affect us? Key words for Mercury are communication (in all forms including information gathering and computers), perception, ideas, and “how” we think. Mercury naturally rules the airy, intellectual sign of Gemini and the third house which influences information, lower education, personal ideas, and short distance travel.  Mercury also naturally rules the earthy, practical sign of Virgo and the sixth house which influences work, routine jobs and health. Miscommunications may occur or it’s just that our thinking is clouded by that speeding planetary dust. This can be as simple as frustrating arguments flaring up or the inability to complete a sentence effectively, so don’t take things too personally. Mercury retrograde periods are not good times to start new projects, sign contracts, make important moves, have surgery or start new jobs. During retrograde, check and double check travels plans. For the most part, Mercury Retrograde is a great time to slow down and internalize our communication, go within, reevaluate and reconnect to your deepest selves. It’s a good time to review and learn from recent experiences, reevaluate projects and tie up loose ends. We are encouraged to be disciplined and careful thinkers during this time. If worried about computers and other technologies, taking time to back up files and upgrade systems during Mercury direct is always wise.

Once Mercury shifts direct, an initiation of new thought and insights may occur as well as a change of retrograde-made decisions.

What does it mean to have Mercury in retrograde in your birth chart, as mine chart shows? Well, we think, communicate and learn differently, often more carefully than those with Mercury direct. We may feel as if we are inarticulate and easily misunderstood so we agonize over all forms of communication. We need to take our time to be sure we are authentic in our expression of ideas. We are deep thinkers, cautious decision makers and thorough students. This may explain why I’m always the last to submit my articles to Star Nations, making sure the writing clear and concise.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2016:

Jan 5 – Jan 25, 2016

Apr 28 – May 22, 2016

Aug 30 – Sep 22, 2016

Dec 19, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017

Hopefully I have succeeded in describing Mercury Retrograde so you are well armed to prepare for the next round of Mercury Retrograde. So start those projects, make that move, and back up those computers before April 15 and then surf the retrograde wave with confidence.

Until next month, may the Spring bring joy and the Sun bring blessed warmth.


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