Happy New Year 2013

http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/space/images/584336/title/space-wallpaperBe still. Wait for it. Stand for a moment at the top of the mountain before the first rays of the sun. Let yourself feel the potential energy in the magic moment before you release yourself to the vast unknown and you leap into this year. You have come from nothing into something; birthed from darkness into light again, and fear has no place in you as you fling yourself into another brilliant year of tumbling down the mountain with the innocence which comes from a pure heart. You have known great joy and great sorrow and you will again; you have built a good structure and you will again; you have been willing to change, and yes indeed, you will again. You are learning to love yourself, which is the beginning and the ending of all balance within and without, and you have come again to peek over the edge of the ravine below. Now it is time to take one more moment to rest. Inhale. Trust you can fly, and in that moment release your own kinetic energy by making one tiny movement with your foot on Mother Earth; the slightest acknowledgement of your willingness for embrace this new year. And the tiny rock, the smallest wedge, will slip from beneath the boulder and IT’S ON!


Happy Winter Solstice Guided Meditation

Greetings of the Winter Upon You!

This is the season during which we observe the longest day of the year, and so too, the longest night of the year and the return of the light, the sun, and the lengthening of daylight. It is the season during which our energies a naturally drawn inward – when we are inclined to sleep more often and to be more contemplative. If our lives do not support this, however we may need re-adjust our schedules and priorities. We may need to give ourselves permission to slow down, dream, go within. Whatever your situation, do allow yourself time for journaling, a nightly bath ritual, slow yoga practices or reading in bed. This is a great time to reconnect to that deep, ancient, quiet inner voice and your heart’s greater desire for a life lived in greater peace, joy and well-being. Honor it and if you need support, remember that the Higher Self Bookstore and our merchandise is here for you. Below find a simple guided meditation for this season – use it once a week til after the New Year if you are able and Enjoy!

Winter Solstice Guided Meditation

Get into a sacred, quiet space – a place where you will not be distracted for 5 or 10 minutes.

Breathe in the fresh air deeply into your belly, up into your lungs, into your upper chest. Breathe out of the upper chest, lungs and finally the belly. Breathe like this for 5 rounds (inhale plus exhale equals one round).

Focus on the area of the crown. Breathing in, imagine gold light filtering into the body from the crown. This light pours forth down into the spinal column and out into the rest of the body from here – out to the very tips of finger and toes, ears and nose. Imagine that this high frequency infuses your cells and enlivens your DNA. It’s honey-like consistency sticks around for a while and fills you up.

Imagine the wisest, most ancient aspect of yourself emerging from within and beginning to whisper to you it’s needs, desires, purpose for you. This aspect shares with you the perfection of your current state of existence and how to allow for greater degrees of peace, joy and gentleness – more love, grace, and fulfillment to enter into your life.

Once you feel complete with this information share, give thanks for the ability to tap into this wise aspect of yourself and intend that you’ll be able to do so (because you can) anytime you want from now on with great ease and clarity. Give thanks for the support and deep knowing you received here. Sit in the space of gratitude and consider what else there is to be grateful for. As these images or aspects of your life arise, stay in the energy of gratitude. This can be a swift process.

Lastly bringing the attention back to the breath, give thanks for this gift that so freely flows to us every moment of our life in these bodies. Let your attention take the breath deeper – 3 deep cleansing and refreshing breaths. Bring attention to fingers, toes and limbs, wiggling, stretching and bringing attention back to the room while remaining in-tune with this deep inner guidance system.

You may wish to write down whatever insights you’ve just gained.

Have a blessed Winter Solstice,