New Moon in Leo Meditation

by Rodasi

leo new moon

With the New Moon in Leo, this is your chance to take some time for dreaming. What would you like to accomplish over the next few weeks and hope to see blossom by the Full Moon on August 20th? Short-term or long-term, it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is get the ball rolling to see momentum later. Go ahead and sleep on it for now.-Laura Hamilton

New Moon = New Beginnings, New Chapter, Newness. It is now that things are starting over, peeling back another layer of ourselves, our lives, relationships, success. When I think Leo I think luxury, beauty, luscious, juicy, lovely, spot-light, fun, and movement ahead while remaining grounded. Dreaming your dreams bigger and believing in them more deeply are a part of the energy this New Moon. Also, time to call on and give some love to your Tribe, Family, Community. Time to gather, celebrate and honor.  For some of you the comfort zone will be to light a candle and journal out your heart’s desire, examining and re-setting goals alone at home. For some of us, it will be a coming together to honor the energies flowing through us and around us now. A creative spark is afoot…we will use the energy wisely as we lead up to the powerful manifestations in the coming weeks surrounding the Full Moon.

Enjoy this time of self-nurture, self-care, home-care, family or community bonding. Take time to smell the roses, notice the miracles around you, and recommit to your path of spiritual authenticity. Welcome in new levels of success in your personal destiny/dharma – your life’s purpose. Ask for the courage and charisma of Leo to assist you as you ask for what you need, assist and serve those you meet, and say ‘yes’ to the good coming to you always.

meditation art pretty hs newsEnjoy this New Moon in Leo Meditation

Come to notice the breath…feel the sensation of the inhalation and exhalation.

Bring awareness to your heart center – the center of your chest/back. Imagine here a glowing pink light – the light of unconditional love. Let is infuse you with a warm, glowing sensation of being held, supported, and completely safe.

In this space of perfect trust, let the awareness now come to the crown of the head. The crown is open and receptive to the golden light of divine wisdom flowing abundantly, yet gently into your energy field and body.

Awareness now comes to the feet. Actively connected to the Mother Earth energy – emerald-green light of grounding stability flows up through your feet, legs, torso merging with the honey-like golden light pouring through you.

Awareness comes back to the heart – the connection between your human self and your divine self, the body and the soul, heaven and earth. Here listen deeply for your heart’s greatest desire – is it peace of mind, an experience of unconditional love, an openness to receive the abundance of success for your dreams come true. Whatever it is, let it come to the forefront of your experience. Feel what it feels like. Let it wash over you.

Listen more deeply for the sound of silence. Know that here is where you fortify, nurture, and keep connected to your life’s purpose, your highest good, and that deep heart’s desire. Here you can trust in the perfect manifestation for your life without need for management.

Return back to the breath. Notice how effortlessly it flows – like the river of life. Bring awareness back to the room – eyes with a soft gaze. Notice the sensation of your heart’s desire with you. Return back to it as often as you can remember. Enjoy.


The Pink Polka Dot God – or ‘Why We are Here’

by Charlotte Bengschpink dot hs news

Imagine the concept of ‘God’ in terms of a bright pink polka dot.  Seriously!  Check it out and tell me what you think:  ‘God’, in a linear time-frame point of view, existed as a bright pink polka Dot, once upon a time, and NOT, as some have speculated, as an aged and frequently angry man/god with a long white beard.  Same entity though … just a different ‘hair-do’ so-to-speak.  ‘God’, the Supreme Being … the source of all creation … the One.  Well, I think, this One bright-pink polka Dot, desired to create.  We won’t get into the ‘why’ of it just yet –maybe never – tra la la.   Dot, my new name for this same ‘g’od, was quite inventive and hyper divided/multiplied into many, many, many little pink polka dots … that’s why the Bible says we’re made in the image of God … in case you were wondering.  Ahem!  Now, to shake things up a bit and to add thousands of years of amusement (maybe), Dot adjusted their appearance by dipping each dot in other colors (water soluble) – each one unique … and, further, arranged for them to exist on the planet Earth at varying intervals of ‘time’.  All the dots that have ever existed, and will ever exist, contain the exact same bright pinkness of the first (and only) Dot.  It’s right there in their genetic make-up … their first coat … without which, they would cease to exist.  The illusion is that the dots are different.  The reality is, at their ‘roots’, they are the same … they are divine bright pink dots … with colored outer coats.  The dot’s innate nature to be curious about its purpose in life leads it on a path (if diligence and perseverance are employed) to the realization that it is, indeed, The Dot.  Gasp!  There.  I’ve said it.