Astrologer in Training – The New President (Part 3)

by Cindy Fadoir
Donald_Trump_Laconia_Rally,_Laconia,_NH_4_by_Michael_Vadon_July_16_2015_19 (1)This is the third and last installment of understanding the chart of Donald Trump, the New President of the United States of America. I resist writing this, leaving it to the last minute. As much as I love learning the astrological reasoning behind this man’s demeanor, I resist knowing him at all. Why? I believe it’s because it puts a mirror up to myself to see where I am like him, where I am projecting my own misgivings onto him. Where am I also arrogant, impulsive, tactless and prejudice? I must respect that, right or wrong, he is taking a stand and trying to do something powerful. We may look back one day to see him as a great catalyst for change and unity. He has definitely sparked candid discussion and awareness.

trumps-chartTo recap the two previous articles, this natal chart shows a Gemini Sun and a Leo Ascendant as well as many other planets in both signs. The Sun being the inner soul and the Ascendant being the face he shows the world. The Leo Ascendant shows the proud Lion protecting their lair. They are determined, unchanging, standing royally firm to their beliefs and opinions. Mix that with Gemini Sun inquisitiveness resulting in questioning everything, even their own opinions, causing potential inconsistencies in their communications over time. Gemini are financially resourceful and Leos love to live large and, fortunately, are ambitious enough to support such a lifestyle. Gemini are often fair but tan easily, energetic and wiry. They have fair hair, slender arms and graceful hands. Leos have luxurious manes and resonate voices. Leos also display a sense of cockiness and an air of superiority and arrogance. Gemini says “I think” and Leo says “I will”. I believe these all describe the new President very well.

The President’s chart also shows Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in Cancer. His Neptune and Chiron are in Libra and his Moon is in Sagittarius. Below is further discussion regarding these placements as reported in previous articles, along with various Aspects explained.

Mercury in Cancer: Mercury influences how we think, study and communicate. With Mercury in Cancer, the memory, imagination and intuitions are heightened, possibly overly so. Living in the past is shaded with emotional memories resulting in sensitivity.

Venus in Cancer: Venus represents how we relate, what we value, how we handle finances, and our artistic nature. When Venus aligns with Cancer, security is valued and represented through home, marriage and family ties. Spendthrifts and savers may also be clingy, emotionally possessive.

Saturn in Cancer: Saturn is an expression of how we deal with authority and cope with serious issues personally, spiritually and societally. Saturn in the sign of Cancer results in protective boundaries for loved ones and finances. Emotional security is greatly desired and, if denied, can lead to depression and moodiness. Intuition is somewhat stifled.

Neptune in Libra: Neptune represents how we reveal our imagination and intuition and where our illusionary blind spots exist. With the watery Neptune in the airy sign of Libra, a generation is influenced to see marriage as an interdependent unity. Deception and delusions threaten romantic love. Peace is sought and fought for during wartimes.

Chiron in Libra: Chiron in Libra represents a wound in relationship to others, whether a rejection or codependence. Healing may come through grounding, balance and self-acceptance.

Moon in Sagittarius: When the natal moon appears in Sagittarius, emotions are expressed intellectually, confidently and optimistically. There is a great need for emotional independence. Security is sensed when a right path is chosen, until restlessness drives the search for another path, a greener pasture, possibly in foreign lands. Your gifts are gratitude, cheerfulness, connection with nature, international curiosity and honesty.

Moon Aspects:

Born near a full moon, his Sun is opposite his Moon, which can show difficulties with the people he deals with. He has a natural conflict between his ego and his emotions. This opposition can lead to impulsive acts followed by anguish and regret that the action was ill-advised.

His Moon is opposite his Uranus which allows for brilliance but “impulse control may be an abstract concept” per Heather Roan Robbins in Moon Wisdom. Robbins goes on to explain that one with Moon opposite Uranus can react so fast, people don’t feel listened to and heard. Also, one “can jump to conclusions and sound arrogant, whether or not you know what you are talking about.” One is “brilliant in an emergency but anxious when things get boring and stable.”

His Moon is trine to his Mars which adds power and assertiveness to his chart. Robbins also writes in Moon Wisdom that this placement tends to run roughshod over less assertive types, while still advocating for the weak and being comfortable with strong women

Mercury Square Neptune: This aspect may cause imagination to get in way of logic, resulting in a distorted sense of reality, becoming an escapist and fear of responsibility. Extreme sensitivity exaggerates superficial problems. Learn to focus on one thing at a time, otherwise too many interests will bring out weakness. Best to involve self in activities that serve others.


I believe it’s the planets in Gemini that give the President has strong family ties, as shown with his leaving his business to his sons and bringing his daughter and son-in-law his political circle. His Moon in Sagittarius supports the global nature of his business as well as his presidency.

He has his sun and many planets in the 10th House which is the house of Career, Purpose and Public Life. This is the Corporate and Big Government house. Adding his Leo Ascendant, it is no surprise that he would seek the most powerful public position in the country.

As I stated earlier, we may look back one day to see this President as a great catalyst for change. He has sparked discussion and awareness. The unity will come from us. If we think he is not listening to us, then it falls to us to listen to each other, coming together to show him what unity is. In the meantime, how are you like him??

Until next time, I repeat the sentiment: may the Sun shine optimistically and the Stars guide us to peace and tolerance.


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