Astrologer in Training – Planets Revisited

by Cindy Fadoir


Happy Summer! The Sun is prominent during this warmest season of the year. And summer brings to mind vacation from school and rereading favorite summer paperbacks. So, I decided to bring back a refresher on the Sun and all the planets, as previously described so long ago.

The planets rule the twelve zodiac signs as well as the twelve houses. The house is the “area” of life being influenced by the planet and the sign is “how” the planet is expressed. The layering of influences lend to a deeper understanding of the Zodiac.

Sun: The Sun is the center of our solar system, so it should be no surprise that one key phrase is self-centered or center of attention. Other words relating to the Sun is soul, spirit, life force, personality, outgoing and inner self. The sun naturally rules the sign Leo and the fifth house which influences creativity, children, love affairs.

Mercury: This planet is the closest to the sun and Greek mythology calls this the “messenger of the gods”. Communication is a key word for Mercury. Other words for Mercury are perception, ideas, “how” we think. Mercury naturally rules the sign of Gemini and the third house which influences information, lower education, personal ideas, short distance travel. Mercury also naturally rules the sign of Virgo and the sixth house which influences work, routine jobs and health.

Moon: The Moon receives its light from the sun and therefore a key word for the Moon is receptive. Other words to describe the Moon are emotions, needs, nurture, reflection and “how” we express emotions. The Moon naturally rules the sign of Cancer and the forth house which influences the home, family, environment and nurture.

Venus: The planet Venus is the divine feminine relating to beauty, relationships, “how” we relate. Other words to describe Venus is inspirational, creative and value; that is, what we value both personal and physical. Venus is the natural ruler of sign Taurus and the second house which influences personal values, possessions and finances. Venus also rules the sign of Libra and the seventh house which influences one to one relationships, partnerships of all kinds.

Mars: The planet Mars is the opposite of Venus, the divine masculine, The Warrior. Mars relates to assertiveness, aggression, physical, image, projection, sexuality, earth, the masculine energy. Mars naturally rules the sign of Aires youngest sign of the zodiac and the first house which influences personal physical body and space, personal image, projections.

Jupiter: The planet Jupiter is the first of the two social planets and represents expansiveness, growth, expressions, optimism, and teaching. Jupiter naturally rules the sign of Sagittarius and the ninth house which influences teaching, religion, higher education, social ideas and long distance travel.

Saturn: The other social planet is Saturn, which is a bit opposite of Jupiter as the pessimistic rule keeper with boundaries and responsibilities. Other words to describe Saturn is parameters, cold, hardworking. Saturn naturally rules the sign of Capricorn and the tenth house which influences career, purpose and goals, my home in the world.

Uranus: The planet Uranus is the first of the outer planets, those not visible with naked eye from earth. Words to describe Uranus are individual, independence, detached, inventive, balanced, and humanitarian. Uranus is the natural ruler of the Aquarius and the eleventh house which influences groups, organizations, friendships, personal hopes and dreams, intended achievements, and technology.

Neptune: Another outer planet is Neptune for which spirituality and escapism are key words. Other words to describe Neptune are inner connection, empathy, understanding, social service, “we are the world”, psychic, intuitive, depression and addictions. Neptune is the natural ruler of water sign Pisces, and the twelfth and oldest house which influences behind the scenes, end of cycles, playing a supportive role.

Pluto: Last but not least, planet Pluto. Not technically a planet any longer but still enough of a celestial object to have impact on earth. Transformation is a key word of Pluto. Other words related to Pluto are death and rebirth, attachment and detachment, involvement, possessive, committed, releasing, transcending, mass emotion, mass psychology, and evolution. Pluto naturally rules the sign of Scorpio and the eighth house which influences death and rebirth, sexuality, our values, and mutual resources.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this ride through the Zodiac solar system. Until next month, may the heavens be kind and your summer be breezy.

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